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Quiet Creek Apartment Homes offers convenience, value and comfort. Beautiful one, two, and three bedroom apartment homes with spacious kitchens and dining areas, in-building laundry facilities, controlled access entry, and a large yard nestled in the tree line of Campbell Park.

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Outdated. Hallways stink from the old carpet.submitted by Melanie I. - |Recommended: YesParking is horrible. Rarely any guest parking available. The stove I have is ancient and overcooks everything and the surface not the burners gets extremely hot. Pay roughly 100 for the electric bill and half of that is for the boiler in the apt. Hot water doesn't even last long in the shower for paying that. The rent is cheaper than most other places, that's why I live here.
response from property -Hi Melanie, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. My name is Robert and I am the Community Director at Quiet Creek Apartments. If you are interested in discussing your experience with us in greater detail please do not hesitate to reach out to me by phone or email at (907) 562-2625 or quietcreek@weidner.com.
Comfortable.submitted by Rosemarie B. - |Recommended: YesLocation is great Apts are larger than most. The only downside is the parking.
It's okaysubmitted by Rachele H. - |Recommended: YesThe postives Nice layout It's quite when it comes to the neighbors. The negatives The neighbors steel packages that are left at your door. The city is nosy even when the window is shut. People sometimes take your assigned parking space.
response from property -Hello Rachele, We value hearing your feedback and while I realize this review is a bit older, I wanted to be sure and connect with you. We apologize for any frustration you have experienced and if you are still having any sort of issues please do not hesitate to connect with the on-site team so that they can assist you. The direct contact information is 907.562.2625 or via email at quietcreek@Weidner.com. Kind regards, Weidner Customer Service
Quiet for the most partsubmitted by Naomi E. - |Recommended: YesI love the large living room, bedroom oversize closets. It's quiet for the most part although I have a neighbor that is clearly obsessed with techno music. I can hear everyone walk through the main hallway as if there is no walls, overall I am happy and customer service is outstanding. So far, it is a safe place for me and my pets.
response from property -Hello Naomi, We thank you for your feedback and love hearing that you are receiving outstanding Customer Service from the Quiet Creek team! Please do keep us posted if you are in need of any assistance during your residency with us. Kind regards, Weidner Customer Service
Worst apartments i have ever lived in.submitted by Marina B. - |Recommended: NoFirst of all the outside look super bad, especially when people keep taking there dogs out to crap right by the entrance. In the summer the dog crap smells really bad around the whole building. the office never did anything . People park in your designated parking spot and you cant get there car towed unless the office approves it, but since they close at 5 pm well you're screwed till next morning. People always slammed doors , there was a few crackheads upstairs , the noise was a huge issue, the inside was like so 1970 , carpet had burnt wholes from tobacco. the doors on the inside were flipped and turned so that they don't have to change for new once some of them had wholes. people got in fights outside , it was like a place where cops hung out do to all the fighting and screaming, people spit on cars , my car along with other few got scratched with keys, THERE' NOT ENOUGH SPACE TO EXPLAIN HOW BAD IT WAS , and after i moved out the charged me over 400 on top of taking my deposit to fix the place . they counted up so much crap just to get money in there pocket to fix the whole building , AND WORST OF ALL IS THAT BOUGHT WINTERS THE HEAT WENT OF 3 TIMES , FIRST TIME ALMOST 2 WEEKS AND SAME WITH SECOND TIME AND 4 DAYS THE LAST TIME, I HAVE A BABY SO IT WAS THE WORST WHEN I HAD TO GO STAY AT MY PARENTS HOUSE and i asked if they could atleast take some money of rent since heat didnt work and they declined it .THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO MAINTENANCE , the floor and ceiling cracked so bad it felt as if you might fall through it , the toilet dripped all the time , hot water would run out after 20 min of dishes or shower, OH AND LAST THING ...BEFORE YOU MOVE THERE CHECK THE SIDE OF THE OVEN CAUSE I DIDNT AND WHEN I MOVED IN I MOVED THE OVEN AND THERE WAS LITERALLY MAGGOTS AND TERMITES EATING UP THE COUNTER BETWEEN THE OVEN . DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TOO ANYONE AND IF YOU DECIDE TO MOVE THERE... BRING A HEALTH AND BUG INSPECTOR WITH YOU , BECAUSE YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR ALL THAT CRAP AT THE END
response from property -Hello Marina, Thank you for posting feedback of your residency with us online. I am so sorry for any frustration that you may have experienced as that is certainly not our intent. I do wish that we had heard from you upon move in regarding your mention of pests as we have no record of any contact from you on this matter. We will be sure to have this item reviewed in your apartment home as not reporting pests of this nature can be a lease violation. If you have any questions what so ever on your move out charges, please do not hesitate to connect with me directly and I can be sure to go over the list with you and provide pictures to support the validity of each charge as items were indeed left behind and cleaning was necessary. If you have interest in discussing these items in further detail, I can be reached at 855.411.9343 or via email at customerservice@weidner.com at your earliest opportunity. Kind regards, Kristie - Weidner Customer Service
Good for familysubmitted by FALANISISI A. - |Recommended: Yesgreat place to stay
response from property -Hello FALANISISI, Thanks for posting along with your recommendation - we apprecaite hearing from you! Kind regards, Kristie - Weidner Customer Service
Apartments are decent if you can overlook the flawssubmitted by Kevin C. - |Recommended: NoNeighbors are nice, parking really sucks if you own more than one vehicle, dor buzzers dont work, maintenance for the most part is great, i would rate all in all about a 6 of 10.
response from property -Hi Kevin, Thank you for your feedback and giving us the opportunity to improve. I am glad to know that you do rate the community a 6 out of 10. I will be sure to pass your review along to the team. Take care, Wendee - Customer Service
Very quiet and peacefulsubmitted by Domonique L. - |Recommended: Yesit's great, widh they had an elevator and another laundry room on a different. Would be nice for the door buzzer to work
response from property -Hello Domonique, I am happy to hear that you are enjoying the peace and quiet and I appreciate hearing your feedback as it is important for us to know what matters to our residents in the community. Kind regards, Kristie - Customer Service
Nice Appartment, rest of the building is a dump.submitted by Monika M. - |Recommended: NoExcept for all the squeeking floors and doors it is a beautiful and spacious appartment. The cleaning of the building started out good, now it is non existent.
response from property -Hi Monika, thank you for your review. We like to hear the feedback from our residents even if it is not so good. I will be sure to pass your review along to the team. Take care, Wendee - Customer Service
Pretty Great, Parking Needs To Be Overhauled Thoughsubmitted by Matt P. - |Recommended: YesGreat sized apartments for the price, very quiet, and probably the best place that I've lived in Anchorage, and I've lived here for over twenty years. The parking situation is kind of a mess though, just because each apartment only has one assigned parking space regardless of the number of rooms or tenants. Would be a lot better with free-for-all parking because the parking lot is rarely more than three quarter's full, but the visitor spots are almost always taken up. If it was free-for-all, I would have little concern about being able to find a spot to park once the afternoon hits. When all of the visitor spots are filled up, you end up having to park in someone's reserved spot, and no one is a fan of that.
So far, awesome.submitted by Matt P. - |Recommended: YesRoomy, great value, and so far, pretty great. Parking is a challenge because when the visitor spots fill up, people might park in your reserved spot, but only been an issue a couple times so far.
Quiet Creeksubmitted by Michael M. - |Recommended: YesNot enough parking. Dated older apartments. Larger apartments than others in Alaska. Quiet Creek is a building without a consistent quality of management. Some managers are good and some are worthless. We have had so many managers over the years we have rented our apartment, we never know who is assigned this month. There are always notes taped to our door telling us and other renters what is wrong with a few renters, but never once have we been told that we are valued as clients. We have been a long term renter, always paying on time, and we have never been asked how Weidner could improve our apartment or add to our renting experience.
response from property -Hi Michael, this is Wendee from WAH Customer Service. Thank you for letting us know about your concerns and giving us the opportunity to improve. May I contact you directly about the issues you noted? For your convenience, you can also reach me directly at wendee@weidner.com. {Wendee}
Nice location,pleasant management, not so great everything else.submitted by Alex J. - |Recommended: NoPros: The location is great. It is really close to everything and having the park in the backyard is really nice. The condition of the apartments is decent. Not terribly dirty and they are pretty quick to fix any issues. The management is also very helpful. Cons: The parking situation is not good. There is very limited visitor parking which means that people are constantly parked in the fire lanes and even in the yard (classy!). Unfortunately there is no management on site so the rules of the complex are never enforced. Pets are allowed which is not necessarily a bad thing as I rarely hear dogs barking. However, this policy includes birds and I have the bad luck of having a neighbor with at least 5-10 of them that are constantly screaming. Ask questions about your neighbors before signing a lease! They may have unbearable pets! The laundry room is disappointing. There are few machines and they are coin-op which seems unnecessarily inconvenient given the technology available today. Finally, there are plenty of inconsiderate neighbors who are loud, smoke near your open windows, blast their music, stink up the building, etc. I am sure there are worse places to live but there are probably better places too.
response from property -Hi Alex This is Wendee from WAH Customer Service. Thank you for letting us know about your concerns and giving us the opportunity to improve. May I contact you directly about the issues you noted? For your convenience, you can also reach me directly at wendee@weidner.com. Hope to speak with you soon. Wendee
not that greatsubmitted by Deandra B. - |Recommended: Nonot that great. loud neighbors, pot stench often, just all around not a good place to live...
Quiet Creeks parking is not one of it's strong suits, but Iam sure that is not a surprise to this comment center. submitted by Jonnie N. - |Recommended: YesI would tell them the parking is poor, especially in the winter time.