Jul 16

Best Places to Grab Ice Cream in Tulsa

As summer heats up, there are many ways to keep cool, but none as sweet as grabbing a tall cone (or cup) of your favorite ice cream flavor topped with whatever you crave most. It’s a magical dessert that never fails to take you back to the childhood chant, “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!” The creamy concoction is a definite crowd pleaser and nothing brings residents of Tulsa apartments together better than a tasty treat from one of these local ice cream parlors.

1. Braum’s Ice Cream & Dairy

There’s one located in just about every Tulsa, Oklahoma neighborhood and you simply can’t go wrong with Braum’s. Oklahoma’s own old-fashioned premium ice cream parlor started back in 1968 when founder Bill Braum opened the first shop. Today, Braum’s is still the only major ice cream maker that milks its own cows. Stick with a classic favorite that brings back nostalgic memories or try something out of the ordinary, like Amaretto Peach Charlotte. Your sweet tooth will thank you!

2. Freckles Frozen Custard

Maybe you’re not an old-fashioned ice cream fan, but can’t say no to a delectable frozen custard. This gourmet treat got its start on Coney Island. Freckles Frozen Custard in Tulsa lets customers feast on their own creations. You can choose your own flavors, ingredients and toppings to transform your dessert into a personalized taste sensation. Get creative at either their 8011 S. Sheridan Road or 5138 S. Harvard Avenue location.

3. Peachwave

For frozen yogurt fans in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Peachwave has you covered. Fro-Yo lovers rejoice in an entertaining, self-serve experience with an array of non-fat and low-fat yogurt flavor choices and topping possibilities that provides thousands of mouthwatering flavor combinations. Gelato also coming soon! Create your own unique FroYo delicacy in the Tulsa Hills Shopping Center at 7388 S. Olympia.

Always rich, smooth, creamy and delicious, hot summer days are made for cooling down with refreshing ice cream (and yogurt or custard). Grab your fellow residents and beat the summertime heat at a delectable, local ice creamery.

You can also stay cool this summer with a cool dip in one of our crystal clear swimming pools. Call us today at 1-855-411-WEID to see what’s available.

Jul 16

5 Plants You Can Grow in Your Minneapolis Apartment

There is plenty to love about winter in Minnesota, including the natural beauty of fresh fallen snow and an abundance of recreational opportunities. However, when cold weather arrives, a lack of exposure to plant life may prove frustrating. Make your Minneapolis apartment an indoor jungle with these five plants:

5 Great Indoor Plants

  • Aloe. Both attractive and useful, aloe is a great plant to grow inside. It requires plenty of sunlight, so be sure to place it by your sunniest window. Dry soil is best for this practical succulent, so don’t water too often. If you get a minor burn while cooking or hanging out in the sun, you can snap off a small portion of the plant and rub the ointment on the affected area.
  • Rubber Tree. If you want some major greenery in your apartment, you’re the perfect candidate for the rubber tree, which can grow up to eight feet tall. If you’re on the hunt for something a little more subtle, you can always trim the stems to keep the plant on the smaller side. The plant’s large leaves have an attractive sheen that will breathe life into your apartment, no matter the season.
  • English Ivy. Elegant and easy to care for, ivy plants thrive in moist and slightly cool conditions. You can easily start a new plant for yourself or give one to a friend by cutting off a portion of the plant’s stem.
  • Snake Plant. If you tend to inadvertently kill off your houseplants, you just might be able to achieve success with the snake plant, an extraordinarily hardy succulent that will put up with a lot of abuse. Bright conditions are best, but the plant will also tolerate low light. Minimal watering is needed, and ideally, the surface of the soil will dry between waterings.
  • Ponytail Palm. Although it looks a bit like an indoor palm tree, the ponytail palm is actually a succulent. It can lend a tropical feel to your Minneapolis apartment, which you will greatly appreciate when winter arrives.

Your apartment already feels like home, but it will be even homier when you add a few houseplants to the mix. Reach out today to learn more about our floor plans and amenities.

Jul 16

3 Tips for Eating Healthy in Midland Odessa

Eating healthy is easier in the summertime, when fresh produce is in abundance, more than it is in any other season. If your diet could use some shaping up, consider our three tips for eating a healthier diet in the coming months.

Visit the Local Farmers Market

There isn’t anything better than a luscious, freshly-picked ripe berry fresh or a juicy, mouth-watering red tomato plucked right from the vine. The local farmers markets are great places to get the freshest produce at the most reasonable prices. The Midland Downtown Farmers Market and the Odessa, Texas Farmers Market host a wide variety of vendors weekly who bring the finest in West Texan produce, meats, dairy and eggs as well as specialty baked goods and artisanal food products.

Cook More at Home

The best way to control the foods you eat is to cook them yourself at home. Home cooking tends to be lower in sodium and fat than restaurant meals. If you are tired of your own cooking, spice things up by trying new recipes or simply choosing some new ingredients from the produce section.

When the summer temperatures soar, avoid dinners that call on your oven. Instead, try grilling outside, using a slow cooker or preparing a refreshing, cool summer salad to keep your residence’s interior cool. Many vegetables such as asparagus and corn take well to grilling. Pair them with marinated chicken or pork chops for a lean, delicious meal.

Make Smarter Choices at the Drive-Thru

Sometimes life gets busy and as much as you might like to, you simply cannot avoid hitting the drive-thru for dinner some nights. When this happens, opt for salads, grilled chicken dishes or veggie-packed sandwiches on whole wheat to limit the nutritional damage. Pair your dinner choice with a refreshing bottle of cold water to avoid the calories a sugar-laden soft drink would add to your meal.

Meals are always better when shared with good friends and our residents are some of the best people in West Texas. If you are looking for an apartment in Midland, call our office today to see available floor plans.

Jul 16

Take Your Pup to the Park Near Your Riverside Apartments

Puppies grow into well-adjusted adults when they are given plenty of time to run, play and learn at one of the many local parks in your area. Public park spaces feature grassy areas and paths you and your pup can explore time and time again. On each excursion, your pup will learn how to greet people, play with other dogs and behave in an open, potentially distracting environment. Here are three great reasons to regularly take your pup to the park near your apartments in Riverside.


Dogs need to stretch their legs and exercise in large, grassy areas, which are easy on the developing joints of young pups. If your pup does not yet have reliable recall skills, hook a fifty-foot lead to his or her collar before providing time to run and play. You can walk to and from the park to give your dog even more time to work out extra energy by wandering through his or her territory.


Heading to the park gives you ample time to train your puppy to respond to your commands. Puppies need to practice hearing and responding to specific commands to learn how to behave properly. At the park, you can help your pup master the sit, lie down, stay, heel, come and halt commands within a short period of time.


Whenever you leave your Riverside apartments with your pup, you provide immense opportunities for socialization. Puppies need to actively socialize with people and other dogs to become a well-adjusted individual. Otherwise, your dog could learn unwanted behaviors, including aggression, that are difficult to rectify later in life.

Venturing Out Of Your Apartments In Riverside

You will need to explore all of the parks in your neighborhood to find a few favorites for you and your dog. Once you establish your daily park routine, you both will likely look forward to heading out of your home to spend time together while surrounded by nature. If you would like to alter the scenery inside your home, you can contact the team at Weidner Apartment Homes to learn more about the available floor plans.

Jul 16

How To Decorate Your Abilene Apartment For Summer

It’s summertime, and the living is easy. So it’s the perfect time to give your apartment decor a bit of a quick and easy makeover that reflects the season. You don’t have to be a professional decorator to incorporate some expert-looking ideas. All you need is a little inspiration, so here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Pastel Colors

Toss off the darker wintry hues and allow lighter, summery-looking tones to make their entrance throughout your apartment. These can include pastels like soft pink, peach, blue, green and yellow. Other light colors like white, beige and tan look great when combined with pastels. These colors will automatically change the tone to match the warmer weather. Incorporate these colors throughout your apartment, such as in lightweight curtains, bedding and kitchen towels. Choose either solid colors or beautiful floral, polka dot or striped designs.

Beachy Feel

There’s no need to be right at the beach to give your apartment the look of the coast. Even Abilene apartments can feel like they’re mere steps away from the sand and surf. Give your decor beach like accents with glass containers filled with shells, a shower curtain or bath towels with tan and light blue coloring, or sea-themed artwork on the walls. Just take a trip to your local store that sells household items, and be on the lookout for items in beachy styles or colors.

Lightening Up

During summer everything is lightweight and carefree, whether that’s your clothing or your apartment decor. Try changing your bedding to something lighter, such as thin cotton bedspreads and sheets made of super-soft yet lightweight cotton. Choose lightweight window coverings, too, such as beautiful and sheer curtains that blow in the summer breeze. Apartments in Abilene turn out beautiful when you bring in these beautiful and seasonal touches.

These are just a few ideas to get your imagination going, and even better, you can implement them without spending much money. Use these suggestions as springboards to spark your own creativity. If you’re in the market for a wonderful apartment to call home and decorate in summery style, call our office today to see which floor plans are still available.

Jul 16

Tips Throwing the Ultimate Odessa Dinner Party

Many people think of hosting dinner parties as stressful ordeals that require massive planning and an abundance of time and patience. Fortunately, however, strategies exist to allow the average person to throw a successful dinner party with a minimum of anxiety. Following are several ways that residents of apartments in Midland and Odessa, Texas can throw a dinner party that their family and friends will remember fondly for many years to come.

Prepare Most Foods in Advance

Preparing most foods ahead of schedule saves time in the hours prior to the party as well as helps eliminate timing mishaps. Choose side dishes that can be enjoyed cold if your dinner party is slated for summer, or if you’re entertaining during the colder months, prepare side dishes that can easily be reheated. This will allow you ample time and opportunity to focus on preparing the main course. Desserts and salads can also be made ahead of time. Also, throwing a dinner party isn’t the right time for culinary experimentation, so stick with tried-and-true recipes that can be trusted to perform.

Keep the Beverage List Simple

If you’re going to be serving adult beverages at your dinner party, don’t feel as if you have to offer a full bar with made-to-order cocktails. Select a signature cocktail and stick with that. For instance, if your party is taking place in the early summer, you might choose mint juleps as a nod to the iconic Kentucky Derby. If your party has a southwestern cuisine theme, think cold margaritas. Always have nonalcoholic options on hand, and if you’re struggling with the wine list, don’t be afraid to describe your menu to your local wine shop professional and ask for recommendations. Anytime you offer cocktails, beer, wine or other adult beverages in your home, be gracious and offer guests a ride home.

Keep Lighting Easy on the Eyes

Few things make a dinner party seem like a cafeteria meal more quickly than lighting that’s too bright. By the same, token, lighting that’s overly dim creates a gloomy ambiance. Aim for just the right lighting by dimming the ceiling bulbs slightly and using candles.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on successful entertaining strategies in your apartment.

Jul 16

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Mall Of America

The Mall of America is one of Minnesota’s crown gems and greatest tourist attractions. Tourists and locals alike enjoy shopping at its many stores and visiting its indoor amusement park. Whether you’re a regular at MOA or have yet to visit its hallowed halls, you’ll be surprised when you read these interesting tidbits:

5 Interesting Mall of America Facts

  • The mall is home to a 1.2 million gallon aquarium, which houses thousands of species. The aquarium includes a 12,000 gallon ray tank that allows visitors of all ages to interact with several stingrays.
  • When the mall was originally constructed in 1992, it cost over $650 billion to build. A recent expansion along Lindau Lane cost another $325 billion. However, while it cost a fortune, the mall generates nearly $2 billion in revenue each year for the state of Minnesota.
  • It is possible to get married at the mall’s Chapel of Love. Since it opened over two decades ago, over 7,500 people have tied the knot or renewed their vows. The mall is also a top destination for many honeymooning couples who were married elsewhere.
  • There is no central heating system in the Mall of America. Although it is located in the frosty state of Minnesota, the mall is entirely heated by solar energy. Additionally, the heat generated by stores’ lighting fixtures also contributes to the mall’s balmy 70 degrees that is maintained all year long.
  • The Mall of America is one of the Twin Cities area’s biggest employers. During peak periods such as the holiday season, 13,000 people are employed by the mall and its many stores. The rest of the time, over 11,000 year-round employees work there.

The Mall of America is the ultimate place to spend a Saturday afternoon. Whether you prefer to shop ’til you drop, ride the log flume or eat at one of the mall’s many restaurants, you’ll have a blast. Best of all, it’s easy to get to; ride the light rail from your Minneapolis apartment all the way to the mall.

There’s always plenty to do when you live at the Weidner Apartment Homes. To learn more about our amenities and our proximity to local attractions such as the Mall of America, get in touch today.

Jul 16

5 Ways to Stay Hydrated in Seattle This Summer

Summer is often synonymous with sweat. As the temperatures soar, our bodies automatically kick into high gear to keep us from becoming overheated. Our body’s natural cooling system relies on proper hydration.  When it is hot and humid, rely on these five tips for staying hydrated throughout the day.

Choose Water Over Everything

Up to 60 percent of your body is made up of water. Throughout the day, you lose water through sweat and respiration. As you exercise, the rate of loss increases rapidly. Rely on water as the beverage of choice at meals and snacks to keep your hydration levels up.

Keep a Water Bottle Close at Hand

The best way to avoid dehydration is to drink water throughout the day. As soon as you feel thirsty, your body is signaling mild symptoms of dehydration. Keep a reusable water bottle handy during the day to head off feelings of thirst. Make sure your bottle is full before beginning your favorite outdoor summer activities.

Flavor Your Water

If you avoid water because you do not enjoy the taste, try flavoring your water naturally with slices of fruit, such as oranges or watermelon, a squeeze of fresh lemon or slices of cool cucumber. Be sure to add plenty of ice to create a cold, refreshing beverage.

Try New Water Based Beverages

Some long distance runners swear by a drink that was created by the ancient Aztecs of Middle America. Chia Fresca is a water-based beverage that combines fresh water with lemon, sweetener and chia seeds to create a protein-packed water-based beverage full of valuable Omega-3 fats. The chia seeds absorb water and release it slowly into your digestive system.

Supplement Your Water Intake

During periods of intense activity like running or hiking, your body loses important electrolytes along with water. If you exercise for more than an hour, supplement your water intake with a sports drink to avoid hyponatremia (low blood sodium) which can cause impairment or even death.

Summer is a great time to get outdoors. Contact us to learn about the great outdoor amenities offered in each of our beautiful Seattle apartment communities.

Jul 16

5 Tips For Better Sleep In Your Abilene Apartments

If you always wake up from eight hours of sleep feeling fatigued, you may need to slightly change your sleep habits to finally enjoy the rest you deserve. With a few subtle changes, you can ensure your mind and body finally take advantage of the time you have for rest. Use the five following tips to improve your sleep quality and quantity at your Abilene apartments.

Prep Your Bedroom

You can give yourself the best chance at enjoying an uninterrupted, full night’s rest by prepping your bedroom for sleep. Remove all electronics and install low wattage lightbulbs in every lamp to create a restful atmosphere.

Use Your Space Wisely

You can train your mind to prepare for sleep upon slipping into bed by only using your bedroom for rest. Refrain from studying, playing games or even reading in bed to avoid disrupting this important connection.

Establish A Bedtime At Your Apartments In Abilene

Your mind and body easily transition into a restful state if you establish, and stick to, a strict bedtime. You must remain dedicated to heading to bed at this established hour every night, even on the weekends, to continue netting the benefits.

Wind Down Before Bed

Create a bedtime routine and start winding down for rest about an hour before your established sleep time. You can take a bath, listen to soft music or read a book in the living room of your apartments in Abilene to calm your mind and body and prepare for bed.

Create A Wake Up Time

Sleeping in later than normal might feel good at first, but it can wreak havoc on your sleep later in the week. You can ensure you always feel rested by sticking to a regular time to wake up. Aim for at least eight hours of sleep each night to fully restore your energy for the next day.

After applying the above tips, you will likely notice your sleep quality and quantity approve without any other adjustments. If you desire a change in your sleep environment, however, you can inquire about the apartment floor plans available at Weidner Apartment Homes by calling 432-570-7585.

Jul 16

The Best 5 Skincare Tips for the California Sun

With record breaking heat on the forecast for most of California this summer, residents of apartments in Riverside are rethinking their summer skin care strategies. Studies have shown that overexposure to UV rays causes premature wrinkling and may be instrumental in the development of skin cancer. Following are five ways that you can protect your skin when things heat up this summer.

Don’t Skimp on Sunscreen

Most people are already aware that a daily application of sunscreen should be a regular part of their skincare regime. However, most people fail to use enough, while others don’t reapply the product often enough. If you’re spending time in the sun, particularly between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., slather on that sunscreen every two hours.

Wash With Products Containing Glycolic Acid

These cleansers are great at sloughing off dead skin cells, which can become a problem in summer due to increased usage of products containing heavy sunscreens. They also encourage the production of new skin cells and helps keep skin looking fresh and glowing. Glycolic acid generally does not irritate sensitive skin, but if you find that it does, use it at night only and smooth on a soothing cream after washing your face.

Don’t Forget Your Hands and Feet

Many people apply sunscreen religiously to most parts of their body but completely forget about their hands and feet. Use a hand cream with an SPF of at least 20, and slather some on your feet as well if you’re wearing sandals.

Stay Hydrated 

Failing to drink enough clean, fresh water is a sure way to end up with tired, dry skin. Always have water on hand when temperatures rise. For an added burst of flavor and nutrition, squeeze a little fruit juice into the water.

Stay Out of the Sun During the Middle of the Day

If at all possible, stay out of the sun during the middle of the day — this is when UV rays are strongest. If you must be outdoors during this time, don’t depend on sunscreen alone for protection. Wear a hat with a brim and slip on a pair of UV ray blocking sunglasses.

Please contact us for more information on having fun in the summer sun!

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