Weidner Cares Corporate Office Gets Their Day

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Recently, approximately 75 of Weidner’s corporate office employees participated in the Weidner Cares program. Since the charity-in-action formed more than three years ago, the corporate team has wanted to participate as they witnessed the program grow and form across Weidner’s state and local regions. Well, the corporate office finally got to show what they could do- right in their own backyard in Kirkland, WA, on a particularly sunny day in the Pacific Northwest. As the story goes on that sunny Thursday, there was a magical breeze coming off Lake Washington, just a few blocks from the corporate office. Because the exuberant Weidner team was so large, they decided they could support two organizations: The City of Kirkland Parks and Recreation and Gardens at Juanita Bay. The City of Kirkland Parks and Recreation is responsible for maintaining all the common areas within the city limits. Park Supervisor, Dave Johnson lead the team in efforts to spread mulch, remove invasive species and everyone’s favorite landscaping task- weeding. A significant number of planter beds received some much needed weeding that sunny day! Of great importance, the City of Kirkland has been experimenting with the use of non-invasive, nonchemical weed eradication in an effort to protect and support the open-space shoreline, and the many species of birds and fish that thrive in the area. Weidner was thrilled to be a part of this innovative approach to the eradication of weeds. As weeding goes…this is about as exciting as it gets. The Gardens at Juanita Bay is a nonprofit organization founded in 1925, dedicated to serving the needs of aging seniors in both Independent and Assisted Living. The property sits on more than 3.5 acres in a residential garden setting near Lake Washington. Maintaining a gardenlike setting for these senior residents is no easy task, and the Weidner team jumped in to tackle an extensive list of projects including pressure washing the parking lots, cleaning and repairing the gutters and roofs on two of the buildings, reinforcing an arbor and some of the raised planter beds. As you might imagine, there was also a tremendous amount of weeding to do, along with pruning, painting, staining, and the spreading of bark. There’s an old saying that never seems to go out of style: there’s more happiness in giving than receiving. That adage couldn’t have been truer during the Weidner Cares Corporate Office day. The heartfelt expressions of gratitude that our teams received from residents and staff alike were incredibly gratifying, leaving our team members beaming with pride. We’re grateful for the privilege to serve our community through Weidner Cares. As an added bonus, we can now add “Experienced Weed Eradicator” to our list of skills at the corporate office! Happy New Year, from the Weidner Team. What matters to you, matters to us.

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