Jun 17

Safety First on 4th of July, then CELEBRATE!

4th of July

Sweet wafts of smoke coming from the grill. Laughter and lounging, poolside. City parades and plenty of red, white and blue in the crowd. A glorious, extra day off work, and…fireworks! This is the celebration we welcome each year as the 4th of July.

As you might guess, there’s one detail in the description above that isn’t welcome at Weidner Apartment Homes, and that is – fireworks.

Fireworks are prohibited at any Weidner community.

Exciting and entertaining as they are, fireworks are strictly prohibited at any Weidner Apartment Homes community. For details on this important safety rule, please see page 7 of your resident handbook. Please note that we have a no-tolerance policy for discharging or displaying fireworks. please view this site for more safety tips on 4th of July.

Celebrations and Events Near You

Fortunately, most cities have meticulously planned 4th of July celebrations that are tailor-made for fun. Here are a few highlights of celebrations and events near you the entire family will enjoy:

Seattle Area

From scavenger hunts and festivals to concerts and 4th of July fireworks cruises, Seattle, and the surrounding area has a wide variety of events to enjoy. Head over to Whidbey Island for the fireworks show, or reserve your table at one of the many downtown restaurants and watch the fireworks while you dine on the sumptuous fare.

Phoenix Area

The Fabulous Phoenix 4th celebration attracts more than 100,000 visitors and boasts entertainment venues, festivals, food booths and arts and crafts to keep the entire family entertained. Or check out the Phoenix Zoo for their “4th of Zooly” event!

Minneapolis Area

Whether you prefer to watch the Minneapolis skyline light up from a nearby restaurant rooftop, or from Stone Arch Bridge or Gold Medal Park, this city has plenty to choose from. Or, find a space on the grass, lay down your blanket and enjoy the view from Nicollet Island.

Anchorage Area

With 19 hours of daylight to work with, 4th of July in Anchorage has a plethora of events to help you ring in Independence Day. Anchorage’s Delaney Park Strip hosts a pancake breakfast, where you can easily head over to the parade, and from there you can proceed on to the festival.  Or, head over to Mulcahy Stadium to catch the fireworks after the second game.

However you decide to celebrate Independence Day, we wish you and your family a fun, safe holiday weekend!

-The Weidner Team




Jun 17

Interview with Anthony Howe

Video Transcription:

Sam: Hey everybody. We are here at the Woodin Creek Village Apartment Homes in Woodinville, WA. we are about to see them install a brand new piece by artist Anthony Howe, let’s watch!

Anthony: The reason we are here today is because we installed a sculpture for a new development that is going in here in Woodinville. This piece is called In Cloud Light 4. This was the result of many smaller pieces that led to its larger size and its shiny elements that reflect the light. The process for installing this sculpture was first getting it here. This sculpture was fabricated in Germany and traveled across the oceans to get here, went through customs, had to be x-rayed & then delivered to the site. My part of this was gathering the tools needed to install it, getting the proper equipment, the lifts & crane to lift the sculpture up. I like metal as a medium, especially stainless steel, because it does not get old & it has a lot of inherent strength.

Anthony: I hope you enjoy the sculpture.

– The Weidner Team

Jun 17

Woodin Creek Village Kinetic Sculpture Installation

The sculpture, In Cloud Light 4, is by American Kinetic Wind Sculptor & Orcas Island resident Anthony Howe. This beautiful piece of art will serve as an attractive centerpiece for Woodin Creek Village Apartment Homes in Woodinville, WA.

In Cloud Light 4 was manufactured in Germany and is composed of 100% stainless steel. Mr Howe and his team spent over seven hours assembling the sculpture on-site at the apartment community. The piece is modeled after a similar sculpture he created for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. This is the second sculpture Mr Howe has created for Weidner Apartment Homes, the first is currently on display in a circular drive in front of the leasing office of Solara Apartment Homes in Moses Lake, WA.


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Jun 17

Weidner Welcomes Brookwood Village in Oklahoma City!

Brookwood Village

It gives us great pleasure to announce the latest addition to the Weidner family, Brookwood Village Apartment Homes. This Oklahoma City community ranks as the largest property in the Weidner portfolio at 1,128 units, and includes a horseshoe pit, miniature golf course, nine swimming pools and a 20-acre park. Just in time for summer, Brookwood Village is a staycation waiting to happen!

In keeping with Weidner’s high standard for quality apartment living, each studio, one, two and three bedroom apartment home features a private balcony or patio, fully equipped kitchen, central heat and air and ample living space.

To add to Brookwood’s extensive outdoor play list, residents can also enjoy a game of tennis on one of six tennis courts, or don their rollerblades for a turn on the rollerblade hockey court.

About Oklahoma City

Brookwood Village is conveniently located off the I-240 corridor, with easy access to downtown Oklahoma City, Bricktown, Tinker Air Force Base and the Will Rogers Airport. The University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma City Community College are also nearby. Employers that make their home in this vibrant community include FAA Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, INTEGRIS Health, and Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.

Residents will enjoy a wide variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment venues that cater to any style and palette. Oklahoma City Zoo, Science Museum Oklahoma and Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark rank high on the to-do list in Oklahoma City. Shopping enthusiasts will appreciate Brookwood’s close proximity to Penn Square Mall, Quail Springs Mall and the Outlett Shoppes at Oklahoma City. When it’s time to venture off the 20-acre parkland and explore even more nature, Oklahoma River Cruises and Oklahoma City Riversport are fun excursions.

We’re pleased to welcome Brookwood Village to the Weidner portfolio. There’s a little something for everyone here.  For a tour of this extraordinary property, contact us and find out how you can enjoy quality apartment living in Oklahoma City, OK.

-The Weidner Team


Do you have a multi-family investment opportunity you think we might be interested in? Please contact our Vice President of Acquisitions, Kevin Colard, at or 425-250-2955





Jun 17

Tips From Phoenix Residents on Keeping Your Cool

If you reside in and around Phoenix, you know there’s no such thing as actually beating the heat, but you can certainly negotiate with it. You can make friends and agree to keep things cool, calm, and collected and make it a season to remember for its fun, not its unwanted surprises.

With record-breaking 120-degree temperatures ahead, our Phoenix properties have a few tips n’ tricks for keeping your cool in the heat:

Air conditioning is your best friend. Treat it well. Since you’re best friends and all, no need to push your A/C to its limit by setting the thermostat too low. Air conditioners are actually designed for temperatures up to 95 degrees, so the best thing to do is set the thermostat in the low-to-mid 70’s and leave it there. Setting it any lower than that causes it to freeze up as it tries so hard to please you, only to leave you abandoned, with no a/c.

Drink water, even if you’re not thirsty. Hydrating is crucial to maintaining your body temperature. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty, however. By the time your body signals that you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. Avoid caffeine and alcohol during a heat wave, especially if you’re planning a workout.

Know the signs of a heat stroke. According to the Mayo Clinic, signs of a heat stroke include high body temperature, altered mental state or behavior, nausea and vomiting, and flushed skin. Immediate treatment includes moving the individual to the shade or indoors, cooling the body temperature down with cool water and ice, and removing excess clothing. Contact your physician as needed.

Don’t forget your pets are wearing fur coats. Pets are especially vulnerable to heat waves. Make sure they have a cool, shaded place to rest, plenty of fresh, cool water, and don’t take the dogs for a walk in the middle of the day when their paws can burn and crack on the hot pavement. Not to mention, they’re wearing fur coats. Check out the Humane Society’s tips on pet care during a heat wave and keep your furry friend happy and safe this summer.

Stay focused and calm. Rising temperatures can bring rising tempers. Stay calm and focused, allowing plenty of time to get where you’re going. Don’t let the heat rattle you. It’s going to be back again next year, so you two might as well get along now. Do the obvious to make it easier on yourself– dress in light-colored linens and cotton blends; allow enough time to get where you’re going, especially if you’d like to find that one last shaded parking spot; and stay focused. Staying focused during heatwaves helps to prevent tragedies that are so easily avoided by planning ahead and keeping your cool.

Mind the pool, barbeque, and recreation area rules. While some rules are made to be broken, pool, barbecue, and recreation rules are not. Get the full enjoyment out of your community pool and barbecue area by heeding the posted rules which are placed there for your safety. Don’t leave children unattended, even if they are great little swimmers. Let this summer be full of great memories, not mishaps.

With a little planning aka “negotiating,” this can be your best summer, ever. Post your summer fun photos at #LifeAtWeidner.


-The Weidner Team

Jun 17

Weidner Partners with University of Alaska Anchorage

Weidner Center for Real Estate Management

Weidner Apartment Homes has partnered with the University of Alaska Anchorage by contributing $600,000 for a dedicated classroom and study space for those students choosing the Property Management and Real Estate Concentration.

Construction of the Weidner Center for Real Estate Management began in May, with a scheduled completion date in time for the 2017 fall semester. The new space is located at 111 Rasmuson Hall and will feature five sets of collaboration tables, table-mounted computers, and a wall projector; Each table cluster will accommodate up to seven students on independent computers while sharing their work as a team. Students can also take advantage of a study lounge, an internet bar, and participate in group projects or enjoy individual study time.

“The idea is to create a collaborative, team environment in the classroom, then encourage that interaction among students to continue outside of class,” said Terry Fields, the Program Director for the Weidner Property Management and Real Estate Program.

The comprehensive program allows students to gain real-world, on-site experience by participating in job shadowing, paid internships, and local and national industry events, such as the annual education conferences held by the National Apartment Association. As a result of the connections they make during training, networking events, and exposure to this growing, diverse industry, students often receive job offers before they graduate. One such example is 2016 Property Management graduate, Robert Erickson, who manages the 387-unit Alpine Apartments community in Anchorage. “I think it was a well-rounded education that has given me the tools to succeed in this industry,” said Mr. Erickson.

With apartment assets valued in the $5 to $100 million range, the need for educated property management professionals with a bachelor’s degree is steadily increasing.

“Historically, it’s been a mom-and-pop industry,” said Terry Fields. “Over the last 25 years, it’s really started to mature professionally and financially. This track just opens up a lot of opportunities and provides greater depth for those with an interest in this area.”

The property track educates on leasing, investment and real estate law. Real Estate Principles, a 300-level course, doubles as pre-licensing and prepares students to sit for their Alaska real estate license upon completion of the course.

UAA’s Property Management and Real Estate Concentration was initially funded by a $4 million donation from Weidner Apartment Homes. Weidner is currently the largest private residential landlord in Alaska.






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