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 Summer is synonymous with barbecues. Whether you’re grilling on one of Weidner’s community grills or on your private deck or patio, here are a few recipes, rules and reminders to keep you grillin’ and chillin’ safely and with panache this summer! Weidner Grill Rules As you will note in your Resident Handbook, “A charcoal barbecue grill or other open-flame cooking devices may be stored on patio areas, depending on code restrictions enforced by the local municipality. Please refer to your lease contract for any restrictions regarding the use/storage of a barbecue on your patio or balcony. Liquefied-petroleum-gas-fueled cooking devices and containers, including portable camping-type containers, are NOT ALLOWED." See page 10 of the Resident Handbook. Mouthwatering Recipes Now that we’ve got that important reminder out there, here are some recipes to try out this summer season: Seafood: Seas the Day For those of you located in cities where the seafood is fresh and easily accessible, this recipe is sure to become a quick favorite. Your friends, family, and neighbors will think you labored over this all day, but this easy shrimp and pineapple recipe is ready in under 30 minutes. Steak: Holy Cow! A steak isn’t a steak until you’ve garnished it with seasoned butter. Check out this summer favorite for a real inspirational experience. Salad AND Chicken? Here’s a match made in foodie heaven: Caprese salad and grilled chicken! Veggies: Vegan Vibes Serve these amazing grilled veggie kabobs as a side dish or as the main course for the ultimate in fresh fare. Desserts: S'mores! No bonfire? No problem! This convenient recipe increases the happiness of anyone who eats them and decreases the amount of time for clean-up. Win-win. How to Grill Like a Pro: From cleaning the grill to attaining the perfect heat, to finessing fruits and vegetables, these tips will have you grilling like a pro in no time. Happy grillin’ and chillin’ from the Weidner team!

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