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Introducing Solara Apartment Homes in Moses Lake, WA!

Introducing Solara Apartment Homes in Moses Lake, WA!
Introducing Solara Apartment Homes in Moses Lake, WA!

To enjoy the ultimate of Moses Lake luxury apartments, combined with access to a bounty of nature, outdoor fun and relaxation, look no further than Solara Apartment Homes.

Solara Apartment Homes is a brand new, gated community featuring one and two bedroom apartments for rent, ranging from 740 to 985 square feet. From the bright, open floor plans with vaulted ceilings and designer appointments, to the spectacular outdoor ambiance, apartment hunting just got a lot easier.

The stunning interiors are designed for our residents’ comfort and convenience, without sacrificing any style or charm. Gourmet kitchens include a full appliance package, granite counter tops, and custom cabinetry. Nine-foot ceilings and tubular skylights complement the generous living space and the in-unit washer and dryer is the ultimate in convenience.

Solara’s community amenities speak to the outdoor enthusiast who relishes their downtime, and includes a resort-style pool, covered barbecue area with seating, and a resident lounge.

Solara Apartment Homes is located 2.8 miles from downtown Moses Lake right off I-90, making commuting a breeze. Moses Lake is known for its sunny disposition and offers a sublime mix of culture, outdoor dining, and above all, nature. Residents and tourists alike can enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, spectacular bass fishing, and small game hunting. Best of all, the lake is just minutes from Solara Apartment Homes!

For everyday needs, Solara is conveniently located near schools, grocery stores, banks and gas stations. Moses Lake High School, Chief Moses Middle School, and Garden Heights Elementary School are all within walking distance of Solara. Moses Lake Christian Academy is practically in the backyard!

Solara Apartment homes is also a pet-friendly community. Now residents can enjoy living in brand new luxury apartments with their four-legged friend by their side. For more on the pet policy, be sure to visit or call the leasing manager.

Solara Apartment Homes also has something that makes them truly stand out: a beautiful, interactive sculpture that was created by American Kinetic Wind Sculptor Anthony Howe! This sculpture was created after hours of work in a similar fashion to the piece the artists created for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics and the first of two sculptures created for Weidner Apartment homes by this artist.

We’re proud to be your choice for luxury apartments at Weidner Apartment Homes, and can’t wait to meet you at Solara Apartment Homes in Moses Lake, WA. If you’re interested in being part of this gorgeous gated community, feel free to visit or call the property directly!

Share your move-in picks with us at #LifeAtWeidner! Welcome home.

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Tips for Achieving Those New Year’s Resolutions

Tips for Achieving Those New Year's Resolutions
Tips for Achieving Those New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!

One of the best things about New Year’s Day is the opportunity to hit the reset button. The holiday festivities have come to a close, the friends and relatives have gone home, and the decorations are going back in the box. For many, New Year’s Day is a time of quiet reflection, taking stock of the past year, then leveling up for the year ahead with some nice, juicy resolutions.

Follow these New Year’s Resolutions tips to help you stay on track for all of 2018:

  • Get quiet and reflect on the reasons behind your goals. When you have a tangible reason for accomplishing a goal, it’s easier to attain it.
  • Stay positive. You’ve got this! You’ve got this because, in the next step, you’ll create actionable goals that deliver real results…
  • Create small, actionable steps for each goal. Goals that feel attainable become attainable. Make a list of baby steps – things you can do each day toward your goal.
  • Create a reasonable timeline that makes sense to you. Everyone has a different pace that they work at, metabolize food at, run at, etc. Be honest with yourself about how long it will take to accomplish your goal.
  • Consider hiring an expert. Coaches, mentors, and trainers all have one thing in common: helping you get to the desired result you said you wanted. Coaches keep you accountable and they’re also well-versed in what’s reasonable and what isn’t, based on years of hands-on experience. Think about it – you only have your own past results to measure progress. A professional coach usually has several case studies to refer to while creating your customized plan.
  • Be careful what you think and say in relation to your goal. We do as we believe, think and then say, so try to choose thoughts and words that support your cause. “I’ll never lose this weight,” or “I’m a lost cause,” is not conducive to your success. “I want to drop 10 pounds, and that’s why I’m walking an extra mile per week, eating more vegetables and drinking more water.” Before you know it, you will naturally seek all the tools needed to succeed because you are not in direct conflict with your own goal.
  • Visualize the desired end result. Athletes have touted visualization techniques or “mental rehearsal” as a pathway to success for many years. Picturing the desired end result helps the brain gear up for success, thus revealing the steps to achieve the goal. Shape Magazine reports, “And now experts are discovering that the perks of visualization go far beyond fitness. New research has verified its effectiveness for everyone, showing that the technique is extremely powerful at improving confidence, reducing stress, and boosting performance. That’s because your brain responds to visualization the same way your muscles do,” says Philip Post, Ph.D., the assistant professor of motor learning and sport psychology at New Mexico State University. “Best of all, it takes just 10 minutes a day of visualization to start seeing the benefits.”

Investing the time to plan for your success makes attaining your New Year’s Resolutions so much easier. Before you know it, you’ll be pulling out the holiday decorations, the relatives and friends will be back in town, and you’ll be looking forward to hitting the reset button all over again. Do you have any tried and true New Year’s Resolutions tips? We’d love to hear them!

Happy New Year, from the Weidner Team!

Dec 17

Announcing: Weidner Apartment Living 101 Video Series!

Based on the success of our “How to Keep Warm in Winter” tips video, we are proud to announce our Apartment Living 101 video series! This video series will be posted on our Youtube channel and social sites bi-weekly, covering a range of apartment tips such as how to save money, maintenance tips and suggestions, dealing with season changes and much more!

There is a wide array of images that come to mind when you think of the phrase “American Dream”. For many, these images include the classic white picket fence, 2.2 kids and golden retriever lounging in the front yard. In recent years, the American Dream has shifted, with a surprising increase in the number of people skipping suburbia and choosing a more urban setting. In fact, more than 30% of Americans were renting their homes in 2016 and almost 50% of those renters were living in a 5-unit or more building. Apartment living is on the rise as more and more people choose city living to the classic “American Dream.”

From newly independent renters to homeowners looking to downsize, the needs of the apartment resident are varied. However, there are some needs that every apartment dweller finds themselves experiencing. From building an apartment hunt checklist to fixing simple maintenance issues, there are certain milestones that everyone is sure to experience. That’s where we come in with some great apartment tips! This week’s video features a DIY draft stopper for your door, which can be used to keep out chilly winter air and keep some money in your pocket.


In today’s episode, we’re going to show you how you can make a Do-it-yourself door draft stopper with pool noodles, an old pillow case, and some safety pins.

First, you’ll want to place the noodle against the door so you can get the most accurate measurement. Grab a marker and draw out the line where you’ll cut the noodle. Then, cut it along the line using scissors. Remember, the noodle for the outside part of the door needs to be a little longer to ensure a sealed close. Repeat those same steps for the inside door, but make the interior noodle segment a little shorter to make sure your door can still open and close without any issues.

Next, stuff the noodles inside the pillow case, and roll one side nice and tight and secure with safety pins. After you have one side done, place the stopper underneath the door and roll the other side until you have a tight fit around the door. Pull out the stopper, and repeat with the safety pins to help secure it.
Now you can keep the cold air out, and the warm air in!

We know that apartment living is a completely unique experience, and we created our video series with that in mind. Whether you’re a past, present or future resident, we hope that you can watch our Apartment Living 101 video series and find apartment tips and tricks that will make your apartment yours.

Do you have a subject you think we should cover in an Apartment Living 101 video? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to subscribe so that you can be updated whenever we have new tips for your apartment living. Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll catch you in the next video!

Dec 17

Weidner Presents 4800 Excelsior Apartment Homes in St. Louis Park, MN!

Weidner Presents 4800 Excelsior
Weidner Presents 4800 Excelsior

Weidner is pleased to present 4800 Excelsior Apartment Homes, stunning new apartments inSt. Louis Park, MN. If you are looking to lease up in the Minneapolis area, these are the perfect new apartments for you!

4800 Excelsior offers studio, one and two bedroom apartment homes for rent, ranging from 557 to 1,406 square feet with amenities designed to help residents rest, rejuvenate, and enjoy life. Located just 13 miles from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, this stellar community offers a sanctuary that combines designer-style décor with modern conveniences.

Each apartment home boasts a generous amount of living space, accentuated by vaulted ceilings and hardwood style flooring. Chef-inspired kitchens feature granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances and pendant lighting. Designer extras include custom cabinetry with crown molding, ceramic tile in the bathroom, and mirrored walk-in closets. Floor to ceiling windows showcases sweeping, gorgeous views of the Minneapolis skyline. For added convenience, a washer and dryer are also included in every apartment home.

Community amenities include the ultra-convenience of an adjacent grocery store, Fresh Thyme Farmers Market. Now you can pick up your dinner, enjoy it on your private patio, and then head over to the resort-style pool and jacuzzi for the ultimate in relaxation. Or, head up to the rooftop terrace and enjoy the views from the fireside lounge.

Whether you are a single professional seeking spacious new apartments near work, or a family who needs stylish a new apartment near schools and parks, 4800 Excelsior is the ideal place to call home. Contact us to learn how you can become a resident of the best of St. Louis Park apartments.

About Your New Neighborhood

St. Louis Park, MN is a mere 5 miles from downtown Minneapolis and a 20-minute drive to the airport. Some locals call this city the “sweet spot” as it offers all the convenience of a major city without losing an ounce of that small-town charm.

Fun things to do include the Westwood Hills Nature Reserve, featuring 160 acres of marsh and restored prairie land to explore. Showplace Icon Theatres features the latest blockbusters and Pizzeria Lola will keep the family well fed on movie night. Other local favorite restaurants include Mill Valley Kitchen, Manny’s Steakhouse and Wok in the Park. Nearby Minneapolis is well known for their arts and culture scene including Minneapolis Institute of Art, Guthrie Theatre, and Gold Medal Park. The Mall of America is a mere 15 miles from St. Louis Park and offers hours of shopping, dining, and entertainment.

For more information on how you can lease up and join the happy residents at 4800 Excelsior, give us a call. We’re excited to meet you!


Dec 17

Happy Crossword Puzzle Day! Weidner 2017 Blogs Crossword Puzzle

We hope you enjoy our interactive Weidner Apartment Homes themed crossword puzzle, in celebration of Crossword Puzzle Day! Peruse our 2017 blogs for the answers, and reminisce on the exciting year we had, here with Weidner.

Hint: The dates are linked to the blogs that will give you the answers!

3. Weidner Cares Alaska partnered with this equine related nonprofit in 2017 (abbreviated) (28-Nov)
5. Weidner celebrates Residential Property Management Careers Month during the month of ______ (19-Apr)
8. Weidner Cares Oklahoma partnered with CAP Tulsa in 2017, which is one of the largest anti-____ agencies in the state (31-Aug)
10. Weidner acquired VIVE Apartment Homes in March 2017, located in ______, Washington (3-Mar)
12. The Arizona Multifamily Association awarded 2 Weidner associates in 2017. These are called the _______ Awards. (9-Aug)
13. What artist created the sculptures at Woodin Creek Village and Solara? (29-Jun)
15. Weidner Cares California partnered with this equine related nonprofit in 2017 (abbreviated) (23-May)
17. We have 3 main Weidner hashtags: #WeAreWeidner, #WeidnerCareers and #_____ (4-Jan)
19. Which property tallest high-rise in the Weidner portfolio? (27-Oct)
22. Weidner Cares, Midland, Texas partnered with Casa de _____ (17-Jul)
23. Weidner turned _____ years old in 2017 (number is spelled out) (24-Jan)
24. Weidner bought the naming rights to the stadium of this Colorado Springs Soccer Team (15-Feb)
25. Weidner Cares Colorado partnered with ______ Peak in 2017 to help homeless youth. (11-Aug)

1. Capitol Towers was acquired in January 2017 and is the only Weidner property located in this city (7-Jan)
2. According to the NMHC and NAA 4.6 ____ new apartment homes are needed by 2030 (5-Sep)
4. The bowling pin themed sign in Salt Lak City, UT will be the monument sign for this new construction community. (11-May)
6. Weidner was named the ______ largest owner by the NMHC in 2017 (number is spelled out) (12-Apr)
7. Maintenance Supervisor, Vladimir won the 2017 Weidner ________ Achievement Award (3-May)
9. Jessica won the Washington Multi Family Housing Association __________ Award for Community Manager of the Year. (13-Mar)
11. The new video series Weidner has started in 2017 is called _____ 101 (8-Dec)
14. Which state partnered with CORT to run a food drive in 2017 to help the state Mental Health Association (22-May)
16. What is the largest property in the Weidner portfolio (by number of units) (23-Jun)
18. There are 3 classes of awards for the W awards, Plaque, Crystal and ________ (24-Apr)
20. Weidner Center for Real Estate Management is being built in the University of _________ Anchorage (15-Jun)
21. This is the 11th US State where Weidner acquired properties (19-Oct)

Dec 17

Weidner Spotlight on Elaine Gough!

Weidner Spotlight on Elaine Gough!
Weidner Spotlight on Elaine Gough!

It’s time to shine the Weidner spotlight again and give an employee-appreciation shout-out to our latest rock star, Elaine Gough!

Elaine handles YARDI help desk tickets for Weidner’s Technology – Software Systems department, and is an essential asset to the Weidner team. You could say Elaine is a bit of a YARDI Superhero – when she’s not busy being an all-round Weidner rock star!

Elaine exemplifies the Weidner value of responsiveness in her daily interactions with everyone she comes in contact with. She is on call 24/7 and, as COO Jack O’Connor said it best, Elaine has the YARDI Help Desk operating as a, “truly, a well-oiled machine. Elaine provides fast, efficient and timely help. Her value to the company is indispensable.”

Elaine began her residential property management career at the age of 22. She began her career with Weidner Apartment Homes at Colonial Square Apartment Homes in Bellevue, WA, until she got offered the YARDI support help-desk position where she has been ever since! Elaine’s favorite aspect of her job is being able to problem-solve, and help identify a solution for the property teams.

Elaine handles between 1,600 and 2,000 support tickets per month, so being called a superhero by her coworkers is no understatement! No matter what the problem is, Elaine is there to save the day!

When asked about Elaine, Vice President of Operations, Lonna Torchia, stated that Elaine was a “YARDI extraordinaire! She responds to phone calls, tickets, and emails with urgency at all hours of the day and night. No ticket goes untouched for more than 24 hours when Elaine is around. If you’ve ever talked with Elaine, or been on the receiving end of her assistance online, you know that she is supremely efficient, that she’s definitely assertive, and that she takes a great deal of pride in her job. Elaine truly exemplifies the rules of successful management.”

“I have never met anyone who has a stronger work ethic than Elaine,” says Director of Software Systems, Jodie Wade. “She is an amazing team player, very trustworthy, always willing to help, and regularly goes above and beyond. I truly feel blessed to have Elaine on my team.”

In her downtime, Elaine loves to go fishing and hunting. Her favorite spot is Pot Holes in Eastern Washington where she goes bass fishing, and never fails to catch the biggest one. When at home, Elaine spends a lot of time with her rescue dog, Gunner and her three cats, Bass, Rocky, and Sissy.

Here’s two Elaine Fun Facts: she has a twin brother, and her husband also has a career in residential property management, working as the maintenance supervisor for Sunrise Lane Apartment Homes in Everett, WA.

Stand in the spotlight, Elaine! We applaud you and your hard work. Thank you for making the customer service to our communities just a little bit easier!

Do you have someone you’d like us to feature in an employee appreciation post? Let us know by sending a Zen Desk support ticket to PR!

-The Weidner Team

Dec 17

White Elephant Gift Giving Guide

White Elephant Gift Giving Guide
White Elephant Gift Giving Guide

Nothing says holiday party like having friends and family over for a white elephant gift exchange. To make your holiday life easier, we’ve compiled an easy gift giving guide geared towards the apartment home:

Gnomes never go out of style and they still get the biggest laugh. There are families that have been exchanging stranger-than-fiction gnomes for centuries. While they may be stored in a dark corner of the closet or garage for most of the year, it’s always good for a laugh during a Christmas or Hanukkah white elephant party. If the recipient of this gift is expecting it again this year, find new and strange places to plant your little friend: atop the toilet seat, inside the linen closet, lounging on the terrace. These little guys can be found almost anywhere online- eBay, Amazon, Target, etc.

Pop-star art from high-school days. There’s nothing like a little nostalgia for a good, hearty laugh. Whether your host or gift recipient is an avid Elvis, Beatles or Spice Girl fan, you can bet they’ll appreciate a life-sized poster of their teen idol. That doesn’t mean they’ll actually hang it anywhere, but it’s still considered a premium white elephant gift. Look for kitschy smaller memorabilia items too, like salt and pepper shakers, pillows and blankets, towels and glasses.

Go classy with a keepsake box. Not every white elephant gift has to be knee-slapping funny. Try a small keepsake box for jewelry, loose change, or keys. For an extra personal touch, start the box off with an item that’s important to your recipient. Are they a travel-buff? Add a small compass. Do they love Las Vegas? Throw in a deck of playing cards. A personalized gift tells the recipient you cared enough to think about their gift and plan it out, so whenever possible, go for the details.

Put those selfies to work. If you want a good laugh, take a selfie and get it printed on a coffee mug or pillowcase with a card that reads something like, “With you, ALWAYS.” These also make great sentimental gifts for friends and family.  Favorite family photos or pics of the kids can be printed on just about any surface or material. Send it to the grandparents for a gift they’ll swoon over. Try Shutterfly or for more ideas.

For generic gifts, there’s always scented candles, coaster sets, Hanukkah towel sets, Christmas platters or appetizer plates, wine glasses. Any of the gifts listed in this gift giving guide would go well with a small gnome, but you be the judge. When it comes to the white elephant gift, as long as there are laughs, smiles, and good cheer, you can’t go wrong.

Enjoy your time with friends and family this season!

-The Weidner Team

Dec 17

Weidner Cares Team in Canada!

Weidner Cares Team in Canada!
Weidner Cares Team in Canada!

‘Tis the season for giving, and as we at Weidner Apartment Homes reflect on our Weidner Cares events held in Canada this year, it reminds us that there truly is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.

The Weidner Cares team worked with two stellar organizations striving to make a difference in Edmonton, AB, and Saskatoon, SK. It was a privilege to stand shoulder to shoulder with these amazing people who are so knowledgeable and committed to making the world a better place for children, and for those in need.


In Edmonton, the Weidner Cares team partnered with the Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch. This wonderful Canada charity was founded by Ray LaBonte and Family and “is a long-term treatment center focused solely to help children who have been sexually abused.”

“The Be Brave Ranch program offers these children a place to heal and increase their chances of growing into healthy adults. Clinical supports are offered to children and their families for one full year.”

Children come to the Be Brave Ranch for over 200 hours of therapy over a one year period and three additional 14-day stays.

Throughout the year-long program, the multi-modal therapy for children and their families, run by clinical professionals, includes Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Expressive Art Therapy, Animal Assisted Therapy, Play Assisted Interventions, and Peer Group (cohort) Support. These therapy programs are enriched by a camp-like environment where the kids can have fun and connect with their peers who have had similar experiences.

The facility that helps these kids and their families heal was in need of some care and attention and that’s where the Weidner Cares team stepped in.

The Be Brave Ranch has several houses where the children reside while they are in treatment, in addition to a main office facility. The team spent the day completely removing and rebuilding three of the large outdoor decks on the houses which were in dire need of repair. They also organized several storage closets, prepped an area around a fire pit for seating, and undertook lots of landscaping. Several large shelving units were built in the garage space to store and sort supply donations. One team braved the Edmonton woods and some very “attentive” mosquitoes to clean out an old shed full of firewood so they could make room for more outside storage.

The time, effort, and commitment by our volunteers proved to be very successful at the Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch! Laurie Szymanski, Executive Director of Little Warriors commented, “As a charitable organization, we rely on volunteers to help us maintain the property and buildings at the Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch. When 80 amazing people from the Weidner team arrived at the Ranch to volunteer, their time and expertise for a day of work – this was invaluable. It would have taken us many months to complete this work. We are very thankful for their time and effort to help us have a safe place for children to come to receive treatment.”

You’re welcome, Laurie. Thank you from Weidner Apartment Homes for all the important work you’re doing at the Be Brave Ranch. You are indeed, warriors!


In Saskatoon, the Weidner Cares team partnered with the Saskatoon Food Bank Garden Patch, another great Canadian charity. Three times is a charm! This is our third consecutive year volunteering at the Garden Patch. The team was thrilled to return and get a close-up look at the progress of the Garden Patch and to see how their efforts are paying off.

The Saskatoon Food Bank Garden Patch mission is “to ensuring a food-secure community where all people have access to safe, affordable, and nutritious food.” Combining their values of respect, innovation, collaboration, and compassion, the Garden Patch’s vision is to “embrace its role as innovative and collaborative leaders in building an engaged, inclusive, healthy and empowered community for all.”

The Weidner team spent the day painting, weeding, harvesting, and building. The most ambitious part of the project was framing, constructing, and painting two large sheds and a fence. Previously, there was a small greenhouse shed made out of plastic and posts that was acting as one of their storage areas. As the Garden Patch continues to grow, their need for storage also increases, so the new sheds ensure continued growth and a safe haven for their supplies for years to come.

Gardens aren’t just for food – they can be a happy, peaceful, colorful, and inviting place for the community to enjoy. That’s where the Weidner team lent their painting skills and applied a much-needed coat of paint for a fresh, exciting look that encourages visitors to stay a while. Some team members were also taught how to build a willow fence,where willow tree branches are woven between posts to create a small barrier in the garden. Who knew willow trees were such multitaskers?

Both of these Canadian events made such a positive impact on their communities.

To all those who participated and volunteered during these two wonderful events, thank you for sharing your time and talents! To the terrific individuals at Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch and the Saskatoon Food Bank Garden Patch, we thank you for the opportunity to assist you in such important work in your communities.

Happy Holidays from Weidner Apartment Homes!

What Matters to You, Matters to Us!

Dec 17

Tips on How to Keep Warm in Winter

As we approach mid-December, the holiday season and colder winter weather are beginning to slowly creep into our everyday lives. The days pass by in a blink of an eye, with the sky darkening before our internal clock even has a chance to catch up! Early morning means a delicate frost across cars and grass, with young kids (and the young at heart) exhaling to see the wonder of their breath gather in front of them as a tiny cloud before rushing to the warm sanctity of home, already decorated for the holidays. Snow has even reached parts of south Texas for the first time since 1987!

There’s a lot to consider with winter “heating up” and we have some great home hacks to make sure you’re warm and toasty this season:

Turn your attention to your windows: Windows are the top culprit for letting cold outside air into your home. The good news? They’re also your number one ally to achieving your ideal winter climate. Closing your blinds or curtains is one of the easiest changes you can do to keep your heat inside. You should also make sure to check your windows for air leaks as that is the number one way to lose heat.  Turn off any fans or vents and thoroughly check the windows to see if there is any warm air leaving or cool air entering. If you do find a gap causing a leak, check the weather strip if there is anything is lodged there causing it. When all else fails, change the weather strip to ensure your windows are winter ready!

If you wanted a proactive window-treatment, you’ll find one with an unexpected source: Bubble Wrap.  Simply spray some water on the windows, apply the bubble wrap so that the bubbles are facing towards you and you’re done! The air inside the bubbles acts as an extra insulator since it is slower to react to temperature change, keeping your room temp high and your heating bills low!

Repurpose household items: Simply by changing the way you use common household objects, you can help add some heat to your home. This year, try switching the direction of your ceiling fans to counter-clockwise to push the warmer air down.

Whenever you use your oven this season, leave it slightly ajar once you’re done cooking to have it warm up your home. Just make sure that you’re keeping a close eye on any pets or small children and everyone in the home knows that the open oven is warm and not safe to touch.

While you may only use the air humidifier for sick days, it can also help during the colder months to heat your home. Similar to more humid locations, the added humidity makes your space feel warmer. In addition, it can help re-add some moisture you lose when you are blasting your heater’s warm, dry air.

Avoid the thermostat as much as possible: To save some money, hold back on the impulse to hike up the thermostat as soon as you come home. Instead, first layer up with warm sweaters, gloves, and a heated blanket. Winter weather is all about bundling up so we say have at it and get as cozy as you like!

It makes little sense to use the thermostat for your whole home when you’re planning to just sit in one room watching TV or reading a book. If that’s the case, a space heater is your best friend, effectively heating up one room without wasting heat in an unoccupied part of your apartment.

If you do end up turning on your heater, make some quick adjustments to your home to help it heat up. By closing doors to rooms you’re not using, you’re creating a smaller area for your heater to warm up, saving you some extra dollars. You can also opt to make or purchase some draft stoppers. By choosing your own colors or designs you can even have them become a complementary part of your home decor!

For more great apartment home hack tips and the latest Weidner news, make sure to follow our blog. From everyone here at Weidner, we wish you and your loved ones a warm Weidner winter!

Dec 17

5 Holiday Decorating Ideas for the Apartment Home

5 Holiday Decorating Ideas for the Apartment Home
5 Holiday Decorating Ideas for the Apartment Home

Holiday décor can be a challenge when you’re working with less space than say, a sprawling ranch in one of those romantic holiday movies, but with a little creative effort, your apartment home can be transformed into a festive hub of good cheer. Here are 5 holiday decorating tips to try this season:

  1. Wreaths aren’t just for front doors anymore. Hang them in the window, over your bed, in the hallway. Light them with battery powered string lights so you don’t have to worry about hanging it near an electrical outlet. Use damage-free hangers and tape and keep the maintenance staff happy!
  2. Hang indoor white lights around door and window frames. It adds a warm glow for very little cost and gives entryways a little pizazz.
  3. Get sentimental and gather photos of friends and family from past holidays and create a display on a designated shelf, tabletop or fireplace mantel. Guests will be delighted to “make the cut” and are likely to share stories and memories of past holiday events. Invest in some matching, holiday-themed photo frames and re-use them each holiday season.
  4. Create theme-based trees for each room. There’s no rule that says you can only have one Christmas tree. You can match the colors of your décor in the living room, and then do a beach-themed tree for the bedroom or office. You could go with traditional jewel colors and ornaments on the family room tree and a world-traveler tree in your guest bedroom featuring tiny maps and binoculars and ornaments from different destinations you’ve been to or dream of visiting. Kids love to decorate their own mini trees and it adds to the joy of the season to watch their imaginations take shape. Try a wood-based tree that’s specifically made to display ornaments for a simple, elegant look.
  5. Don’t forget the kitchen and bathroom. These are two rooms that are often forgotten in holiday décor. Seasonal towels for the kitchen and bath make a great gift and they add instant cheer. Not to mention they can be washed and used next year. Do replace them if they get faded or stained. For the kitchen, search bargain deals for holiday-themed plates, napkins, glasses, and silverware. Stop by your local garden center or grocery store and choose a small, live rosemary bush trimmed in the shape of a tree. Its fragrance will keep you in the holiday spirit and with a little water and care, you’ll have fresh rosemary at the ready for all your holiday recipes.

What are your holiday décor ideas? We can’t wait to see the holiday spirit come alive at Weidner Apartment Homes! Have a safe and happy holiday.

-The Weidner Team

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