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Embrace the Winter Wonderland in Anchorage, AK!

Anchorage, AK
Now is the time to have some fun in the snow in Anchorage, AK!

While we comfortably lounge in our apartments in awe of the winter games, we thought we’d visit Anchorage’s own version of awesome and check out some of the area’s winter entertainment. There is no better time to get out there; it’s National Polar Bear Day!

Whether you’re a fan of skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding or simply playing in the snow, there’s a winter wonderland adventure waiting for everyone near Anchorage, AK.

Hilltop Ski Area is a short distance from downtown Anchorage and offers skiing and snowboarding lessons on slopes perfect for beginners, while snowboarders that want to catch some air can perfect their skills on the Mongoline half-pipe. The Karl Eid Ski Jump complex is also nearby.

Set in Chugach State Park, Arctic Valley boasts eight inches of new snow this week and offers 25 powder-filled trails and four open bowls for skiers and snowboarders.

Alyeska Resort is Alaska’s premier year-round resort and is currently offering free skiing with a midweek stay. With 650 inches of annual snowfall, 1,400 acres of ski areas to choose from, and a 60-passenger aerial tram, Alyeska Resort has something for every level of skier and has a reputation for “steep and deep” powder that attracts skiers from around the world.

For the thrill-seekers, try the “Ultimate Alaskan Heli-Skiing Experience” in the Western Chugach Mountains where you can drop into powder bowls with a view of the Pacific and never ski the same line twice. Partnered with the Alyeska Resort, professional guides boast “the best ski day you’ve ever had.”

Our Anchorage properties would agree that National Polar Bear Day is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the fun and beauty that Anchorage, Alaska offers. So what fun adventure will you be embarking on today? Share your winter celebrations with us at #LifeatWeidner.

Happy Winter Wonderland!

-The Weidner Team


Feb 18

10 Healthy Fish Recipes NOT to Give Up

Fish Recipe
Try one of these healthy fish recipes for Lent!

While some people are more passionate than others about the origin, practices, and traditions surrounding Lent, the phrase, “I’m giving it up for Lent” has become commonplace in our culture. Traditionally, those observing Lent give up meat on Ash Wednesday and every Friday during Lent, but now this phrase seems to cover everything from chocolate, to well – whatever it is you crave the most. In honor of the original tradition, and because fish is so good for you, we thought we’d offer these 10 healthy fish recipes for you to try for the next 40 days and beyond!

Rosemary Grilled Scallops – this recipe includes Gruyère polenta, which for any foodie means, “you had me at cheese.”

Tasty Tilapia – this is a fish recipe you’ll often find on restaurant menus for its agreeable, mild taste. It’s all in the seasoning and of course, the sides!

Lemon Pepper Shrimp – add pasta, friends and family for the perfect evening!

The Ultimate Fish Taco – this recipe utilizes pink chili mayonnaise, along with a tangy mango salsa, living up to the word, “ultimate!”

Prince Edward Island Fish Cakes – if it’s good enough for Prince Edward, it’s good enough for us; not to mention the recipe is quite easy!

Tuna Noodle Casserole – who can deny the comfort value of the traditional tuna noodle casserole? Not us!

Baked Salmon Dijon – now here’s a recipe that will make you look like a gourmet chef, even if you’re not and it’s super simple.

Mediterranean Baked Fish – the combination of dry white wine and orange zest makes this fish something to dish about.

Smoked Salmon Spread – this Ina Garten appetizer recipe is sure to please guests while they wait, chat, and comment on what a marvelous cook you are.

Seared Mahi Mahi with Zesty Basil Butter – you guessed it…they had us at basil butter.

Whatever you’re celebrating, giving up, or not giving up, we’re always happy to hear about your life adventures. Share your favorite fish recipes or any other way you will be celebrating the tradition by tagging us at #LifeAtWeidner.

-The Weidner Team




Feb 18

Weidner’s List of 10 Best Cities –Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee Apartments
Milwaukee makes the list for one of the best cities to live in!

Ranking #8 on the Weidner Best Cities list and #47 on the US News Best Places to Live List, Milwaukee, WI, is widely known as the backdrop for two of America’s iconic sitcoms, “Happy Days” and “Laverne & Shirley.” But fictional fame isn’t the only thing that gives this historical town its prestigious ranking. For the nearly 600,000 residents who call the city home, The Milwaukee lifestyle offers an undeniable blue-collar charm, low-cost living, and an eclectic offering of dining, shopping, and entertainment.

Set along the expansive and picturesque Lake Michigan, the city offers sailing and windsurfing excursions in the warmer months, along with a long list of breweries to frequent all year long, including the iconic Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery, established in the 1800s.

Whether you’re in the mood for a stroll along the Milwaukee River, or a craft beer at the local pub, This city’s zest for fun is contagious and part of the everyday culture in the largest city in the state of Wisconsin.

Things to Do, See, and Taste in Milwaukee

The city is not only known for its beauty, but for being rich in arts and culture. Milwaukee Art Museum, Harley-Davison Museum, and the Milwaukee Public Museum are just some of the ways this bustling city expresses its creative side. For more than 30 years, the Historic Third Ward district has hosted their annual Gallery Night and Day event which lasts all weekend long and showcases the city’s love for the arts. The Milwaukee RiverWalk is a paved adventure through the heart of the city and features sculptures representing national, regional, and local artists.

The Pabst Mansion and Miller Park rank in the top 10 favorites for beer and baseball enthusiasts and the Henry Maier Festival Park draws an average of 1.5 million visitors each year to a wide variety of events, concerts, and festivals.

Aspiring chefs and their fans alike will enjoy Milwaukee’s restaurant scene, ranging from casual to fine dining, including Glorioso’s Italian Market, St. Paul Fish Company and Blue’s Egg. Or, grab a pizza to go from Transfer Pizzeria Café or National Pizza Pub & Grill. When it comes to retail therapy,  there’s everything from vintage and boutique shops to national chains including The Shops of Grand Avenue, Mayfair Shopping Mall, and Bayshore Town Center.

Education and Employment in Milwaukee

Several major employers make their home in Milwaukee, including AT&T Wisconsin, Aurora Health Care, BMO Harris, and Cooper Power Systems. The public schools’ system is the one of the largest in the United States by enrollment with more than 75,000 students enrolled in 154 schools. The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is the second largest university in the state with 12 schools and colleges under its umbrella, including a nursing school and school of the arts. Marquette University is the fourth largest in the state and includes a school of dentistry and a law school.

Weidner Communities in Milwaukee, WI

When you make your home to your Milwaukee apartment managed by Weidner Apartment Homes, you can count on quality Milwaukee apartments with well-maintained grounds and a hands-on management staff that cares about your well-being. Whether you’re a single professional seeking 1 bedroom apartments near the office, a student, or a growing family who needs 2 bedroom apartments, Weidner Apartment Homes is happy to welcome you home! Contact us to arrange your personal tour of one of our spacious apartments for rent in Milwaukee, WI.

-The Weidner Team





Feb 18

Apartment Living 101 – How To Clean Your Apartment

Apartment Living
Great tips on how to clean your apartment!

When you look outside you may not be thinking “it’s almost spring”! You’re probably more like us, snuggled up in your apartment trying to keep warm in these cold winter months. The fact is that spring is just around the corner and with spring comes Spring Cleaning!

Once the sun starts to shine the dust starts to become a bit more noticeable. Those streaks from rain and snow on your windows becomes more clear (or rather not so clear) and that oven you used all winter to bake holiday treats could use a good cleaning.

We know cleaning isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time so we have made it easy for you with our new Apartment  Living 101 video: How to Keep your Apartment Clean with these 7 easy tips!

Let’s begin!

  1. Vacuum with Baby Powder
    Just toss some baby powder on your carpet and vacuum those areas. The baby powder is great to help absorb the smells that may linger in the carpet. Plus it keeps you on track of what areas you’ve already vacuumed
  2.  Clean with an old toothbrush
    If you have an old toothbrush lying around, use that to clean in those small, hard to clean areas
  3. Use an envelope cutter to clean vacuum
    If you have hair on the bottom roller of your vacuum, try using an envelope cutter to slice through and free those caught up hairs
  4. Oven liners
    This is actually a great idea to minimize the time spent cleaning in the future. Be sure to only use approved oven liners at the bottom of your oven. The one we’re using here can withstand up to 500 degree fahrenheit! Using these will make cleaning your oven 10 times easier.
  5.  Melamine Sponge
    These things are like magic! All you need to do is add water, then you can use these to clean scuff marks, dirt, markers, and just about anything from walls, vinyl floors, and more. Plus, you can get a 20 pack of these sponges for $10! I’ll leave a link down below
  6. Home-made glass cleaner
    For this, you’ll make a 50/50 mixture of water and distilled white vinegar and shake the bottle up. I’ve also added some blue food coloring so I can quickly identify that this is meant for my windows

7. Newspapers For No-Streak Window Cleaning
Instead of using towels, try using some old newspapers. These help clean your windows and give you that no-streak window clean

Want more tips for apartment living? Visit the Weidner Apartment Homes YouTube channel for more tips on everything from soundproofing your apartment to creating a magnetic spice rack.

Feb 18

The Weidner Cares Team Partners with the YWCA!

Weidner Cares
Weidner Cares teams up with YWCA in Wenatchee, WA!

The Weidner Team recently partnered with the YWCA in Wenatchee, WA in the first-ever Eastern Washington Weidner Cares event!

The YWCA “focuses on the most relevant issues in our community. We strive to eliminate homelessness, end racism and discrimination, and provide life skills education and job training for women and women with children who are struggling with housing and getting a living-wage income.”

Comprised of a mighty team of 19 volunteers, YWCA was able to realize a much-needed renovation of their facility. The Weidner Cares volunteers worked all day to revamp as many areas of the facility as possible, including cleaning, painting, and remodeling just about every room.

In the temporary shelter area, the bathroom was completely remodeled and the team also replaced the kitchen countertop. Each room got a fresh coat of paint representing a bright, new start and a big welcome. Furniture was cleaned and rearranged, new curtains were hung, and inspirational artwork was put up throughout the facility to cheer on the women and children YWCA assists each day.

In the downstairs family and living room, YWCA residents were using old bookshelves to section off smaller play areas for younger children. The Weidner Cares team jumped in to enhance the space and built a semi-permanent pony wall to block off a portion of the room and added a large chalkboard to create a sturdy playpen for the kids and parents to enjoy.

Outside, the team repaired and reinforced an existing fence, painted and cleaned the outdoor furniture, and replaced parts of their security system. Doggie stations were also created for those residents with pets.

The Eastern Washington Weidner Cares team was thrilled to make a difference for this deserving organization and wish to thank the YWCA for the dedicated and important work they do in their community. Bravo, YWCA!

-The Weidner Team


What Matters to You, Matters to Us!


Feb 18

5 Secrets You Shouldn’t Keep From Your Landlord

Apartment Repair
Need an apartment repair? We’re here to help!

Let’s face it – everyone has a few secrets. But when it comes to adhering to your lease agreement, it’s in your best interests to be upfront with your landlord or leasing manager.

Lease agreements are designed to protect you, your neighbors, the property and its investors. When you’re renting from a management company like Weidner Apartment Homes, who specializes in keeping residents happy and has done so for more than 25 years, chances are – they have seen your secret before:

  1. “I’m just going to sneak my furry friend into my apartment home. No one will know.”

Ah, the furry friends. They can obliterate reasoning and common sense with just one look. Are we sure there’s not a human in there? The jury is still out on that one, however, for our pet-friendly apartments, there are pet policies in place to – you guessed it – protect you, your neighbors, the property and its investors. Detailed insurance policies are in place at each property that management companies are legally obliged to honor and therefore, must pass down to the resident within their lease agreement. It’s normal to think that this ball of fur with four legs who “wouldn’t hurt a fly” is a non-issue, but please understand that the pet policy is there for your protection and check with your leasing manager to see if your pet fits into the existing agreement. Besides, you and your pet are in need of a living environment where you can relax and keeping secrets is stressful!

  1. “I’m going to save so much money by having a roommate.” Or, “It’s only for a few weeks/months/years.”

The thing about communities is that they are made up of individuals who rely on one another for the common good of that community. In the case of apartment communities, neighbors know their neighbors and extra roommates will eventually be discovered. Weidner has a roommate policy which again, is designed to protect all those residents within the community. While saving money or “helping someone out for a few weeks” are both understandable and even honorable goals, it can put the community at risk. Check with your leasing manager to see what options are available to you.

  1. Neighbor Issues. “I’ll just handle this loud neighbor myself. I don’t want to cause problems with the property manager.”

Landlords and management companies can’t remedy an issue if they don’t know about it. So, do you want to know how to deal with loud neighbors? Don’t! If your neighbor is violating a noise ordinance or behaving in a way to purposefully cause fear and/or intimidation, let the property manager know immediately. While it’s important to acknowledge that people have different styles and tastes when co-existing in an apartment community, residents should never feel that their happiness or safety is at stake because of the unfortunate behavior of one or a few neighbors. Taking the issue on yourself could prove to be far more stressful than the original complaint – so let the landlord or leasing office take care of it for you in the most diplomatic way possible.

  1. “I have mold or water damage. I’d better keep quiet, or they’ll kick me out.”

When it comes to apartment repair, never hesitate to submit a maintenance request through our resident portal! Whether you think the mold or water damage in your apartment home is your fault or not, you should report it to your landlord or leasing manager because if you don’t – it will get worse with time. Something as simple as a small leak in a bathtub or faucet could grow into a huge issue in the ceiling of the apartment below. Unreported maintenance issues can cost far more than the original issue in both costs and time. Property managers and owners anticipate that from time to time, there will be maintenance issues, which is why they have maintenance professionals on hand. Willful damage to property and natural wear and tear on a building are two separate things, but either way, if the problem grows, it will eventually be discovered. In the case of apartment mold, for instance, its natural inclination is to spread with ruthless speed. The more it spreads, the more costly and time-consuming it becomes. Property managers and owners want to protect their investment – and it’s in their best interests to keep you, the resident, happy.

  1. “I have to move out, but I’m not going to tell my landlord until move-out day. Moving is already stressful enough.”

Move-ins and move-outs are commonplace in property management. They are budgeted for and anticipated. Also, there’s a long list of things that must take place to prepare the apartment home to be inhabited by the next resident. Often, residents don’t want to deal with the extra stress of giving exact dates of a move-out, or they’re worried that there’s damage in the apartment which they could be charged for. Regardless of what the issue is, the leasing manager is there to help and is specifically trained to assist in transitions like these. Moving is stressful – that’s why it makes more sense to let the experts assist you by giving them due notice as stated in the rental agreement.

Keeping secrets from your landlord and/or leasing manager is stressful. We encourage you to talk to us. We’re here to help!

What matters to you, matters to us!

-The Weidner Team




Feb 18

Weidner’s List of 10 Best Cities – Tucson, Arizona

Apartment in Tucson
Weidner’s Best 10 Cities List

Welcome back to the Weidner’s Best City List series!

Ranking #9 on the Weidner list and #62 on the U.S. News Best Places to Live, Tucson is situated in Arizona’s serene Sonoran Desert and offers residents a small-town feel with all the conveniences of big city living.

Artists and residents alike adore this city for its scenic backdrop and dramatic mountain ranges that surround this sprawling city. Much of the architecture dates back to the 19th century with restored mansions in the El Presidio Historic District and the adobe row houses that dominate the Barrio Historico district.

The International Festivals & Events Association recently announced that Tucson is among nine worldwide cities recognized as 2017 recipients of its IFEA World Festival & Event City award. “The award was created as a way for the global festivals and events industry to openly encourage, support, and recognize positive local environments for festivals and events worldwide.” Tucson is also the host of the annual Gem & Mineral Show.

Hovering at just over a half-million residents, Tucson offers a wide variety of entertainment, shopping, dining and outdoor excursions.

Things to Do, See, and Taste

Outdoor enthusiasts will have plenty of adventures to choose from in Tucson. Sabina Canyon, Catalina State Park, and the Mount Lemmon Scenic Byway are all rich in picturesque landscape and are a great way to appreciate the unique beauty of the desert. The Arizona Desert-Sonora Museum boasts a museum experience like no other with 85% of the experience being outdoors.  Among their 97 acres, 47 are developed and curated, along with 2 miles of walking paths, 16 individual gardens, 1,200 native plant species and 56,000 individual plants.

Old Tucson is a favored hot spot as one of Arizona’s top Wild West attractions with live action stunt shows, musicals, vintage train rides and special events and is also the location backdrop for several western movies. More than 400 films and commercial productions have been filmed in Old Tucson.

The chef in the family will appreciate Tucson’s panache for Southwest foods. The Tucson Tamale Company, Café Poca Cosa, and El Charro Café are among the local favorite eateries, as are Flying V Bar & Grill and Vivace Restaurant.

You won’t have to travel far from any of our apartments in Tucson to indulge in some retail therapy. Catering to styles all its own, the city offers an eclectic blend of thrift shops, boutique shops and upscale shopping malls including La Encantada Mall, Tucson Mall, and Tucson Premium Outlets.

Education and Employment

Home to the University of Arizona, Pima College and the Southwest University of Visual Arts. Three of Tucson’s schools were named among the top in the nation: “Basis Tucson North and Basis Oro Valley were ranked the third- and sixth-best schools in the country, respectively, while University High School was ranked No. 24. The list, published annually by U.S. News & World Report, evaluates data on more than 21,500 public high schools to identify which are best at preparing students for college and careers.”

University of Arizona, Raytheon Missile Systems, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, the State of Arizona, and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. are among the top 5 employers in the city.

Weidner Communities in Tucson, AZ

Weidner offers several types of apartments in Tucson, ranging from Downtown Tucson living, pet-friendly apartments to luxury apartments in Tucson. Whether you are a professional seeking a quality one-bedroom near the office, a student who needs an apartment close to campus, or a family who needs a little space to grow, Weidner is pleased to say “welcome home!”

Visit Weidner Apartment Homes for a complete list of all our apartments in Tucson.

-The Weidner Team





Feb 18

Weidner Celebrates Super Bowl LII!

Super Bowl LII
Super Bowl LII is here and Weidner Apartment Homes is ready for game day!


Ahh, Super Bowl Sunday! It’s here! The Philadelphia Eagles take on the New England Patriots at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota with kickoff set for 6:30pm EST. Airing on NBC for all the world to see, this event is only overshadowed by…perhaps nothing?

Really, even for non-football fans, this event is not easily ignored. From themed sales to snacks, to fashion trends, it’s #SuperBowlLII fever all the way. Even the Super Blue Blood Moon can’t eclipse the Super Bowl, and that hasn’t happened since 1866!

Weidner is excited to join in on the celebration from every community, but especially at the three communities located close to the stadium! Talk about a game day! 222 Hennepin Apartments, 7West Apartments, Vue Apartments will all be joining in on the Super Bowl spirit. At 7West, the parking lot will be open for Super Bowl parking.  Some local pubs and businesses in the area are celebrating with extended hours-some to 4am! For those residents lucky enough to be within shouting distance of the game, we hope you’ll share your pictures at #LifeatWeidner. We’ll start with the first one of two Weidner associates getting ready for the big game.

Unless you’re lucky enough to have seats at the game, going for upwards of $9,000 this year, chances are you’re probably watching the game from the comfort of your living room. If you’re like us you’re probably inviting your friends and family over to watch the big game, enjoy some good food and have fun! Be sure to prepare for your Super Bowl get together with enough snacks and drinks to last all day, plenty of seating for all and noise control. With this in mind, we bring you our next Apartment Living 101 video, How to Soundproof Your Apartment for The Super Bowl.

While your next door neighbors may be very understanding that you are having a few guests over, they may not want to hear a play-by-play of the game from your apartment. Noise control is no problem with the 7 tips and tricks outlined in our newest video. Try one if not all of the below, your neighbors will thank you!

  1. The first thing you can do is add some furniture like a couch, bookshelf, or buffet table. Big furniture like these can help absorb some of the sound. And for extra sound dampening, you can insert a thick piece of foam between the furniture and the wall.
  2. The next thing you’ll want to cover is your bare walls. Try covering them with a rug or a canvas print.
  3. If you don’t have the sound foams, you can try making your own sound dampening canvas with some cheap towels from your local thrift shop.
  4. Another area where sound can escape is through the windows. Most especially if your apartment has single-pane windows. If you have thick, heavy drapes, those would be perfect. If not, try hanging a rug, or a blanket as a temporary fix.
  5. And just like the windows, the doors are another area where sound can escape. This is where you find out just how valuable those blankets can really be. Try hanging those up.
  6. If your front door has a gap on the bottom, you can get a door sweep. This not only helps in reducing the sound coming out, but it can help reducing the amount of heat or cool going out the door. Another alternative to the door sweep is to have a door draft stopper. You can use a long sock, fill it with rice, and tie it up, then place it along the door. Or you can make your own DIY Door draft stopper.
  7. And last but not least, if your apartment has hardwood floors, simply getting a thick rug can really help absorb any sound.

Here’s to a safe and sound-proofed Super Bowl LII! Enjoy and don’t forget to share your photos with us at #LifeatWeidner!

-The Weidner Apartment Homes Team






Feb 18

Celebrating Black History Month!

Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, several cities are celebrating with special events including art exhibits, festivals, film screenings, and poetry readings. Celebrate Black History Month by checking out these educational, fun, and impactful events happening in Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and Seattle:

Phoenix Events:

Phoenix hosts The Black Horizons Festival, “a month-long celebration of arts and culture and a focus on filmmakers and creatives in Arizona and those connected to the state. An ongoing celebration of arts and culture from an African Diaspora perspective, the festival will take place at multiple locations in Tempe, Phoenix and Mesa, with Harkins Theatres (at Arizona Mills) as the host venue for the film screenings and workshops.”

Film Screenings begin on Saturday, February 10th and are scheduled at various locations throughout Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale and include such films as “1804: The Hidden History of Haiti” and “Black Love Matters: Celebrating #Black Love Day.” Check the detailed schedule, as some schedules are still being published.

Salt Lake City Events:

The University of Utah is hosting “Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise,” an event that explores the “last five decades of African American history since the major civil rights victories through the eyes of Henry Louis Gates, Jr., exploring the tremendous gains and persistent challenges of these years.”

The Utah African-American Chamber of Commerce is kicking off Black History Month with a live event, “Evening in Harlem” which includes a live band, dancing, and a casino. The UAACC’s mission is “being the key resource for African American and other minority as well as veterans and women-owned small businesses throughout the State of Utah and nationwide.”

Seattle Events:

Black Fashionista! The History of Black Women Fashion Designers event will be held at the Renton History Museum on February 8th.

The Museum of History and Industry will host the event, “Mary Henry and Jacqueline E.A. Lawson: Uncovering the History of Seattle’s Black Community.” This lecture event explores Seattle’s black community and “Seattle’s Central District as it was in the mid-20th Century, as well as the significant African American leaders who have shaped our region.”

Which Black History Month events will you be attending? Share the events happening in your community for Black History Month at #LifeatWeidner!

-The Weidner Apartment Homes Team


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