Sep 18

Cozying up with Fall-Inspired Decorations

fall décor ideas

While it might still feel a little warm out there to exchange soup recipes before we know it the leaves will be turning, the pumpkins will multiply, and those warm summer nights will morph into cozy evenings by the fire. Here’s your chance to get a jump on your Fall décor with these simple decoration ideas:

Wreaths compliment a variety of décor styles and can be changed out to represent each season. Gather some pine cones, colorful leaves, branches, and colored ribbon and make your own or check out Pier One, World Market, Amazon, or Homegoods for a bountiful supply on fall décor.

Plaid is synonymous with Fall and can be found in a variety of décor items from blankets and pillows to dishes and napkins.

Display and consume colorful apples, pumpkins, gourds, and squashes. Arrange in a glass bowl and enjoy a pop of natural color in your dining room.

Create a portable centerpiece with ingredients taken from your own neighborhood. Gather leaves, branches, dried flowers, and miniature pumpkins and arrange them on a rustic tray. Add to your display as the season progresses and the colors of the leaves change again and again.

Create a garland out of dried corn and husks. Who knew corn was so versatile? Check out this craft from Martha Stewart Living and greet your guests at the door with this colorful garland.

Add a pop of color to your fireplace with a row of pumpkin candles and mini pumpkins along the mantle.

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, now’s your chance to stock up and decorate with decorative wood baskets. Try placing them on corresponding accent rugs for an extra cozy feel.

Bling out a pumpkin with fall leaves that have been glued on to the pumpkin and painted with metallic glitter.

Change out pillows and add flowers for an instant seasonal update.

Create a dramatic entryway with multi-colored pumpkins.

Create a seasonal wall and decorate with warm, earthy colors, fall décor, and Thanksgiving photos and memories.

Now that you have a few fall decor ideas to get you started, what are you waiting for? Hashtag #LifeAtWeidner and show off your fall-inspired home decor, we’d love to see how it turns out.

From all of us at Weidner, Happy Fall!



Sep 18

Look Out, Hollywood! Weidner Prepares for W Awards

While Hollywood prepares for their awards season, so does Weidner! Planned for early 2019, the excitement is mounting as we prepare for the W Awards, a celebration of our most treasured asset – our people.

Weidner Apartment Homes is uniquely special in that our employees tend to stick around for longer than a bit and we feel it’s important to celebrate this at the W Awards with our 5, 10, 15, & 20 year awards of which there are many. Awards are also given out by employee nomination as well as through market data such as Lowest Delinquency and Exceptional Financial Performance. All of this fosters team spirit and reminds us all that not only does it “take a village,” but a connected family of experts to manage our properties with care.

Weidner employees will be nominated in the following categories:

  • 100% Audit Score
  • 5-year Anniversary
  • 10-year Anniversary
  • 15-year Anniversary
  • 20-year Anniversary
  • Service with a Smile
  • Weidner Rookie
  • The Apprentice
  • Above & Beyond
  • Best Curb Appeal
  • Best Team Player
  • Masters of Maintenance
  • Give ‘Em the Pickle – Customer Service Recognition
  • Golden Broom
  • Fantastic Four
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Best Overall Shop
  • Economic Occupancy
  • Lowest Delinquency
  • Excellent Financial Performance
  • Lifetime Achievement

To create a buzz and promote team spirit, a theme is introduced for the celebration and our sites create videos, skits and other fun projects explaining how their site incorporates this theme into their property on a daily basis. This is so fun and incredibly memorable. Last year, the theme was “Love Notes,” inspired by Peter Kageyama’s book, “For the Love of Cities: The Love Affair Between People and Their Places.”

The W Awards celebration gala will include guest motivational speakers, a buffet Lunch, and some special surprises! And, Weidner employees can likely expect to see Senior Leaders Jack O’ Connor (COO) and Dean Weidner (President) speak to the teams and present awards. The opportunity to come together as a team, celebrate one another, and share ideas on how better to serve our residents is what makes Weidner such a great place to work.

We’re honored to serve our residents and proud of each and every employee that contributes to our continued success. Look out Hollywood, here comes the W Awards!

The W Awards

-The Weidner Team





Sep 18

The Weidner Cares Team Goes to Oklahoma!

Weidner Cares Oklahoma

Recently, the Weidner Cares team gathered forces to partner with the YWCA of Oklahoma City.

YWCA Oklahoma City is part of the oldest and largest multicultural women’s organization in the nation. Across the globe, we stand with more than 25 million members in 106 countries, including 2.6 million members and participants in 300 local associations in the United States.

YWCA Oklahoma City works to break the cycle and empower new beginnings for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking in our community. Through our comprehensive crisis services, we provide an opportunity for renewed hope and a brighter future.”

A total of 94 volunteers took on several projects with the goal to improve the quality of the shelter. One of the many components of the project included a revamp of one of the buildings which they hope to convert into a long-term shelter. To accomplish this, the project was broken down into several teams, who contributed their skills on both the inside and outside of the shelter, including the area landscaping and the playground. The Weidner Cares teams also built and painted picnic tables, cleared and organized the office area.

Mary Cornelson, Director of Education, Outreach and Volunteer Services, was surprised by the team’s ability to complete so many projects in one day!

“YWCA OKC was very excited to host Weidner Cares Day this year. The team accomplished so much to jump start the refresh on our old shelter! Already our staff and clients are enjoying the freshly painted picnic tables and benches. Without the support and work completed on Weidner Cares Day, we would not be progressing as quickly as we are on renovating the space. Thank you for choosing YWCA Oklahoma City!”

Thank you, Mary! We appreciate the opportunity to give back to such a worthy and important organization!

Thank you to each and every volunteer that made this Weidner Cares event such a success. We’re so proud!

What Matters to You, Matters to Us!

-The Weidner Team

Sep 18

Where to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month

Each year, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15, by “celebrating the histories, cultures, and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America.”

With its inception in 1968, and later enacted into law on August 17, 1988, Hispanic Heritage Month begins on the anniversary of the independence of five Latin American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Mexico, Chile, and Belize also celebrate their independence days during September and October.

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time of celebration. Here’s a sampling of some celebratory events in Phoenix, Odessa, Tulsa, and Seattle.

Phoenix, AZ Events:

Arizona State University “observes Hispanic Heritage Month, by celebrating the histories, cultures, and contributions of the Chicanx, Latinx, Hispanic individuals and groups who identify with and strive to create a more inclusive environment for these communities.” Check out ASU’s calendar of events as they are updated.

The first Phoenix Latino Pride Festival will take place on October 13th at Corona Ranch and Rodeo Grounds and will feature two stages, a large dance tent with 12 DJ’s, an Art and Expression Tent and a Western Rodeo/Mexican Charreada with the theme of “Empowering our Voices for Respect, Justice and Dignity!”

Odessa, TX Events:

Odessa, TX hosts a month-long celebration every year. Check their calendar of events for upcoming details.

Seattle, WA Events:

In Seattle, the Sea Mar Seattle Fiestas Patrias festivals will begin on September 15th with a traditional parade and community festival in South Park. Guests will also enjoy a variety of Hispanic music, dance, food, art exhibits and a health fair at the Seattle Center.

“Fiestas Patrias is an expression of Latino culture: music, dance, food, folklore and many other traditions that have accumulated over the centuries. This is a fiesta to celebrate our history while taking pride in the new generations of Latinos that now call the United States home.”

Tulsa and Oklahoma City, OK

Tulsa Performing Arts Center will host the band, La Gozadera on October 3, 2018, and the 13th Annual Fiestas de las Americas will be held on September 29th on Capitol Hill, OK and attracts more than 20,000 visitors.

For more information on Hispanic and Latino festivals near you, try this calendar of events and let us know how you celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month at #LifeatWeidner!



Sep 18

Weidner Cares: Operation SafeHouse!

Weidner Cares

In keeping with the Weidner Cares tradition of devoting a single day where the Weidner Cares Team assists a non-profit in helping them to provide services to the community, we’re pleased to share our latest project in California: Operation SafeHouse.

The Operation SafeHouse mission is, “With Community Support, provides Emergency Shelter, Intervention and Outreach Services to Youth in Crisis.”

“When families come to us, they’re usually at their wit’s end—parents are frustrated and children don’t know where to turn. Our 21-day Emergency Shelter provides a caring staff that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for youth and their families who need help negotiating the often challenging road from childhood to an independent adult life.”

In addition to providing emergency shelter, Operation SafeHouse promotes mental well-being with their “Cup of Happy” program. “In partnership with Riverside County Department of Mental Health, the Cup of Happy program is a prevention and early intervention program focused on the destigmatizing mental health issues for youth 16-25 years of age. We focus on providing healthy lifestyles and emotional wellness through a number of different programs that include creative writing courses, open mic nights, youth leadership classes and LGBTQ support groups. We promote these activities through health fairs, school campuses, school clubs/organizations, Youth Opportunity Centers and local youth “hangouts.”

The Weidner Cares Team was pleased to lend a helping hand to this incredible non-profit organization by revamping the facility that has been home to so many during the past 27 years.

First, there was some organizing to do in the storage area. Maintenance Manager Adam Chadwick discovered that the area was overflowing and lacked a system, so the Weidner team led by Mandy Urfer, created that system so that it would be safe and efficient for supply storage.

Next, the Weidner Cares Team took on the landscaping and irrigation system, replacing an antiquated sprinkler system with a drip system for optimum water conservation and efficiency.

Doors, poles, and gates were painted, giving the facility a fresh and sleek new look. Resident apartments were deep cleaned, and carpets were replaced in the office.

As always, what was most rewarding for the Weidner Cares team was the residents’ reaction to the new and improved facility that now looked so welcoming. In fact, residents were so excited about the positive changes, they came out to help the volunteers.

Giving back to the community, coupled with the unforgettable experience of bonding with teammates to serve the community is what keeps the Weidner Cares Team at it again and again. There’s just nothing better than creating community through service.

Congratulations to all of the volunteers that helped make Operation SafeHouse that much safer. Well done!

-The Weidner Team

“What matters to you, matters to us.”



Sep 18

The Start of Football Season, Go Seahawks!

Football Season

Football season is among us and there are quite a few teams and players that are showing some promise for 2018. Even though the season has just begun, everyone is already putting in their predictions on everything from which teams are going to the playoffs to who’s winning coach of the year. 

Super Bowl 53 Prediction

While many teams are putting in work, it’s probably no secret that the Green Bay Packers have a really good chance of taking it all the way this year. One of the reasons Packers just might make it is due to their improvements seen in last few games from the last season and preseason by players like defensive lineman Kenny Clark, receiver Davante Adams, outside linebackers Clay Matthews and Reggie Gilbert. As a whole, the team should see some vast improvements since a handful of their players are no longer free agents. A happy player makes for a happy season.

MVP Prediction

It’s easy to want to throw Tom Brady’s name down seeing as how he’s the only player to have won this award four times, but this year it might just go to someone else. Eyes are set on Aaron Rodgers.

If the Packers win the Super Bowl, there’s a 99.8 percent chance that Rodgers is going to be named the MVP, and that 99.8 percent chance moves up to 100 percent if Rodgers wins the game on a Hail Mary, which is completely possible since he’s basically averaging at least one completed Hail Mary per playoff game at this point in his career.

Not to mention it’s common for the quarterbacks to win MVP after their team has won the Super Bowl.

North, South, East and West AFC and NFC

It’s hard to tell who will come out on top of the different divisions but this year’s predictions are in.  When it comes to the North AFC the Steelers are a heavy favorite. This team typically dominates this division and no changes seemed to have been made this year that would suggest otherwise. For North NFC the prediction goes to the Packers who have a team being lead by some strong players.

When making predictions for the South AFC it’s no surprise that the Jaguars are the team chosen to come out on top. With their star defensive core, they are a force to be reckoned with. In the South NFC the saints take the cake hands down.

Looking at the predictions for the East AFC it comes as no surprise to hear the Patriots name. They’ve been dominating this division for almost two decades now. If we look at NFC the team that shows the most promise is going to be the Eagles. While their season might start off a bit shaky, they are sure to dominate.

As for making the West AFC predictions, it was a little harder but the team that seems like it will come out on top is the Broncos. The Chiefs will make them work for it but Broncos will push through. If we’re talking about The West NFC, the team to be on the lookout for is the  Seahawks. This team is looking to make a comeback after they lost their chances of going to the playoffs for the first time last year in five years.

This season is undoubtedly going to be one for the books, and after waiting several months football fans are excited to get things started. Everyone grab your jerseys and let’s watch the magic unfold on the field.

As Seattle natives, we can help but cheer for our team, go Seahawks!

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