How To Compost In Your Apartment – And Stay Clean!

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Do you feel left out when you see a backyard composting guide going around since you live in an apartment? Not anymore. Welcome to your Apartment Life Composting Guide. Here are some helpful tips on how to compost in smaller spaces and keep your place smelling fresh!
What is composting? 
If you’re going one step farther than green, into the realm of zero waste, you’ll find that composting is the most powerful environment-saving way to make a big impact. More than 60% of landfills are filled with organic waste from more than 650 lbs. of organic trash that the average US household produces every year. And, since landfills are not aerated, the trash can’t break itself down. Instead, it becomes organic matter responsible for hastening climate concerns by releasing methane into the atmosphere. 
And to think we blamed the cows. 
Methane is 72% more powerful and harmful than CO2. That makes composting the most effective way to offset your carbon footprint. By removing compostable waste from your trash, you lessen the organic matter going into landfills.   
How do you become an environmentalist extraordinaire if you don’t have a backyard? These indoor innovations will get you going on the road to green. 
Worm Bin 
You can find endless tutorials on how to make a compost bin, or you can buy a worm bin. Worms are really easy to take care of and they happen to enjoy eating your food scraps. At the same time… having worms in the house might not be for everyone. 
Bokashi Bin
Is this option too good to be true? Sounds like it, but the fact that it works makes the Bokashi Bin a wonder. Just toss in all of your scraps (yup, even meat and dairy), mash it down, add in the magic activator mix, and voila! You’ll have compost 4 weeks later. 
Farmers Market
For the person who wants to compost but doesn’t want to compost. Most Farmers Markets have large compost piles where you can bring your scraps to add to the pile. Just be sure to inquire ahead of time to make sure your local market participates in such a program.
Whether you decide to find a local place to compost or you’re ready to set up a composting system of your very own, you can include “save the world” on your list of apartment-life “pros”. 
How do you Go Green? Share your tips and ideas with us at #LifeatWeidner.

-The Weidner Team

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