Creating a Reading Nook in Your Apartment

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In today’s fast-paced, modern world, we rarely have time to enjoy reading anymore… that is, if you don't count scrolling down your social media’s timeline to read lengthy captions! All the same, you know you long to dive into the fantastic world of a story or learn something new through a book. One great way to nurture your desire and motivation to read is by dedicating a space in your apartment home that calls to you to sit down and lose yourself in a fantastical fictional world or compelling nonfiction subject you care about.

Here are some fun and easy steps and tips for creating an inviting reading space in your own apartment home:


Pick an area in your apartment that's free from clutter. Quite often, we can get easily distracted at home and feel tempted to clean or play around items that are lying around. Designate the perfect spot that's light on decor and other potential attention-getters.


Choose a comfortable chair you know you sink into for hours at a time. Or, create a space on the floor or in a corner where you can pile up the pillows and relax into them to lose yourself in a book. You can also soften up a hard-backed chair by creating a cushion for your hips and back. Get as comfortable as you possibly can, and remember to take your stretching and restroom breaks.


When it comes to illuminating your reading nook, natural light is the best source and it can be gentler for your eyesight. If possible, try to create your space near a window so you can take advantage of the sunlight while you're reading during the day. Of course, after the sun sets, you want a well-lighted area that you can create with attractive lamps and vision-friendly light bulbs.

So, there you have it! Creating a reading nook in your apartment is easier than you might think. Now all you need to do is unplug from your electronic devices for awhile, and dive into that wonderful book you've been dying to read. What are some books you’d recommend? Share your favorites at #LifeAtWeidner

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