How to Decorate Using Rugs to Bring Your Rooms to Life

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Our floors handle a lot of traffic. A decorative rug can help protect them and add a beautiful focal point to any room. Whether your apartment has carpeting or hardwood flooring, rugs can go a long way in contributing to the overall appearance of your home. In addition, they can add dimension unmatched by any other decorative items. Read on to discover some great ways to decorate using rugs. 

Define Space
If you’re going to place a rug in your apartment, determine its purpose first. You can use a rug to define spaces. For example, if you have a studio apartment, consider placing a large rug under your bed to define a bedroom area that appears to be separate from the surrounding spaces. Add a rug when the dining area extends into your living room by positioning the rug to indicate where one area ends and the next begins. 

Add Color
Interior decorators often use rugs to tie together the color scheme of the homes they’re beautifying. They also employ them to add pops of color to rooms. If most of your d├ęcor has a neutral palette, try adding a brightly patterned rug to bring your room to life.

Shape it Up
When adding a rug to your home, you’re not stuck with using the traditional rectangular shape. Why not try a square one or even a circular rug? Different shapes can serve different purposes and even evoke a variety of emotions. Before purchasing another traditionally shaped rug, consider all your options to make the best choice for the space. 

Update Your Interior Space
Freshen up the look of a room simply by adding a rug. It’s a simple, small change that can go a long way in making a room feel brand new. As an added bonus, walking across a rug can stimulate your senses and provide a newfound sense of comfort. 

Now that you know a little bit more about decorating with rugs, let’s get started. Check out your local home decor store to see what they have available, and keep the above tips in mind when decorating your Weidner Apartment Home.

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