How to Incorporate Minimalist Décor in Your Apartment

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Spring is coming and it’s time to declutter. One great way to pare down your belongings is to embrace a minimalist mindset. You may find that the resulting cleaner-looking visual aspect creates a calmer, Zen-like environment. On the practical side, getting rid of clutter can make cleaning your apartment more manageable simply because you’ll have less surfaces and items to dust. 

If you’re ready to adopt a more minimalist approach for your apartment’s décor, here are some helpful ideas to get you started…

Assess your living room furniture.
How much living room furniture is too much? Most people want a comfortable place to relax and watch TV, as well as conversational seating. When choosing what furniture to buy or keep, be sure to focus on function and clean lines. Once these pieces are in place, you can use throw pillows and rugs to add pops of color, but keep them to a minimum to achieve a minimalist effect. 

Cut down on items.
Sometimes it can be tough to figure out what should stay and what should go. A popular method used by professional organizers is to remove everything from a space, assess your belongings one-by-one, and only choose to keep the essentials. Once this is done, consider investing in pieces of furniture that can double as storage to help keep items out of sight.

Brighten up your apartment.
Invite natural light into your living space by choosing curtains that are light in color and fabric. Furthermore, you might want to choose decorative elements that are lighter in color. Embrace white space on your walls rather then loading them with too many photos or art pieces. You can also incorporate mirrors into any room to increase light and enhance the perception of a larger space.

What are some ways you achieve minimalist decor in your amazing apartment? Please share your favorite tips in the comments section below. 

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