Top 4 Best Cat Breeds for Apartment Living

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Cats are wonderful. Their friendly faces greet us after a busy day and they adapt so well to our lifestyles. Did you know that some cat breeds are better suited for living in an apartment than others? 

Desirable Traits
If you live in an apartment and want to welcome a cute little furry roommate into your life, it’s wise to choose a breed that exhibits specific traits that mesh well with apartment living. You’ll want a cat that’s sociable, adaptable, easygoing and not highly active. 

Here are four of the best cat breeds for apartment living:

British Shorthair
If you love a snuggler, choose a British Shorthair. The beauty of this breed is that, while it enjoys affection and will happily lie next to you, it’s not needy so it doesn’t require constant attention. While it may follow you around from room to room out of curiosity, it does quite well on its own while you’re away for the day. 
Russian Blue 
The affectionate and independent Russian Blue has an ideal temperament for working singles. While some may be a bit shy, they love to play and are fiercely loyal to their pet parents. 

Ragdolls are laid-back and have a gentle temperament. They make a good lap cat and aren’t particularly demanding. They also flourish in an indoor environment, making them ideal for apartment living.

If you want a cat that’s calm and sweet-tempered, a Persian may just be the perfect choice for you. Rather than being constantly in motion, this docile breed enjoys lounging around and observing. 
In the end, though, it still comes down to personality. Do you two hit it off? That truly is the most important factor to consider. Also remember that any apartment community that understands how deeply we care about our furry family members will offer pet-friendly apartments. Who would consider living anywhere else? 

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