Nurturing Succulents in Your Apartment

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Gardening is a great way to brighten things up and boost your mood. When you pair those benefits with the simplicity of growing and nurturning succulents in your apartment, it's practically impossible to resist. Succulent plants don’t require too much effort, yet they contribute a colorful and textural richness to your apartment decor. Keep reading for some helpful tips and tricks. 
Brighten up your Weidner Apartment home with beautiful succulents!


As you probably already know, succulents are desert plants, which means less is more when it comes to water. Gardening experts suggest pouring enough water into the root area so that some comes out of the drainage holes below, then let the soil completely dry out. Do not water it again until the soil is bone-dry, and avoid watering directly on the leaves. A general guideline for watering succulents is every seven to ten days in the summer and once or twice a month during the winter. 


As desert plants, succulents love sunlight. Make sure they get at least six hours of bright, indirect sunlight every day. More mature plants can be slowly introduced to more extended periods of direct sunlight, but when they are younger, they are more prone to sunburn, which can cause irreversible damage. Rotate the pots every few weeks to encourage uniform growth. For more light, consider investing in a grow-light to help your little succulents come to fruition. 

Wintertime Care

When things get cold in your area, if you're growing succenlents on the patio or balcony of your apartment, you'll probably want to bring your plants inside and slow down on watering. Many succulents will go dormant in the winter and won’t need as much watering. If individual leaves start to dry or rot, remove them from the plant to help keep it healthy. 

If you want to bring some extra life and greenery into your apartment, consider purchasing some succulents. These adorable and easy-to-care-for plants are available at most gardening and home improvement stores, and even online. Please share your favorite succulent tips in the comments section below.

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