The Relocator’s Guide to Moving to Oklahoma City

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Oklahoma City is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US and consistently ranks as one of the best cities to live. With a thriving job market, top-rated schools, a diverse community, and plenty of opportunity for growth, it’s no surprise that more and more business professionals and entrepreneurs are putting roots down in Oklahoma.

If you plan to relocate to Oklahoma City in the next few months, you’re probably already started to research all your options in terms of where you’ll live, work, and play. Whether you’re just in the planning stages or you’ve already got your bags packed, this guide will help you understand the city a little bit more and help you make informed and confident decisions about your move.

The Job Market

One of the first things people ask about before moving to a new place is about the job market and local economy. The three most popular industries in OKC are energy, aviation, and healthcare, and the unemployment rate is lower than the national average. The state government and the University of Oklahoma are two of the biggest employers in the city, and compared to many other metropolitan cities, the job market continues to stay strong. Downtown OKC has a wide variety of retail, financial, administrative, and engineering jobs, and the OKC Chamber of Commerce is a trusted resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Whether you've already secured a job here or will be looking for one when you arrive, the healthy job market is one of the biggest reasons people relocate to OKC.

Real Estate

Once you’ve secured a job, your next mission will be to find a place to live. OKC has a diverse real estate market and offers both homes for sale and rent for almost any budget. And while OKC may be a great place to buy a home, buying isn’t always an option. That’s why people new to the city fall in love with many of the luxury apartment homes across the city. Newly renovated apartment communities like Indigo Apartments offer high-end appliances and modern community spaces and provide amenities that make it easy to live and work in the same place.

The average home price in OKC is around $273k, which is a 13% increase since last year. Students, busy professionals, and entrepreneurs who are just getting to know the city often opt to rent an apartment instead of buying. This allows them to learn the area and explore their options, while still having a safe, comfortable, and amenity-rich place to call home. 

Shopping and Dining

It’s no secret that OKC has one of the most vibrant and diverse scenes in the south including exciting art, food, culture, and music. Some have called OKC one of the most underrated food cities in America, and once you get here and start to experience all of the culinary goodness, you’ll understand why. From fine dining in OKC’s trendy art district to adorable cafes with open-air seating in downtown, there’s no shortage of great food in OKC. One of your first stops in OKC must be The Mule, a gourmet grilled-cheese shop that takes a childhood favorite and kicks it up a notch. Many notches. Vegetarians should check out The Loaded Bowl, and The Press is a must if you’re in the mood for good old-fashioned comfort food.

There are outlet shops, locally owned sidewalk boutiques, and all of your favorite retail shops throughout the city. Farmers Markets, bookstores, art galleries, and pop-up shops cater to a wide range of consumers, and antique stores are everywhere. If you want to live somewhere where retail therapy is always an option, you’re going to love OKC.

Outdoor Recreation

If you love the outdoors, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with all of the outdoor recreational opportunities you’ll have within city limits. There are public parks, walking and biking trails, and sparkling lakes perfect for boating, fishing, and water sports. OKC locals and visitors spend sunny spring days exploring the local nature reserves and trying bike tours, and the local golf courses are popular in the summer. Once you get settled into the city, Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory, Myriad Gardens, and the Wheeler District should be at the top of your “things to do outside in Oklahoma City” list.

Community Events

As you walk through Downtown OKC, you’ll see a diverse and vibrant group of people that call the city home. There are artists and musicians, small business owners, CEOs, entrepreneurs, workers and farmers. There are families and college students, retirees, and professional athletes. The city of OKC has events all year long designed to showcase some of the city’s best features and bring the community together. OKC hosts festivals, concerts, sporting events, art shows, wine walks, Farmers Markets, and other highly anticipated events.

All year long locals and visitors can participate in community events like 5Ks, charity events, live music events, classes, workshops, and brew tours. Whatever you like to do, there’s an event for it in OKC.

Welcome Home To OKC

OKC is a vibrant mix of history and modern design. It is a place where public parks meet history museums, and where people from all walks of life can live, work, and explore. If you’re planning to relocate to the area, we’d love to be one of the first places to welcome you home. Call us today to schedule a tour of one of our impressive apartment communities and discover exactly where you fit in OKC.

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