How to Get Your Roommates to Pay Their Rent on Time

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When living with roommates, you will sometimes discover that you and your housemates may have different methods to manage your expenses. For one person, rent and bills may be a top priority on their to-do list while the other person remembers the last minute. No one wants to take on the parental role and continuously remind their roommates to pay their bills on time, but it's best to tackle the issue head-on since late payments can affect all of you. Please keep reading to discover how you can get your roommates to pay their rent on time. 
Communication is key when living with roommates at your Weidner apartment!


It's essential to remind your roommates that their late payments affect everyone in the apartment. Regardless of whether they offer to cover any late penalty, the number of late payments on file can cause you to have issues when applying for a new place in the future. Since rent is paid monthly, it shouldn't be an awkward conversation, but rather one that happens like clockwork until it is no longer a necessary discussion. Opening communication lines is a great way to ensure your roommate will keep you informed about any rent issues in the future. 

Make a Chart and Calendar

Transparency is a great way to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Choose a spot in your apartment's common area, like the fridge, and create a calendar and chart. The chart should have a break down of the rent and a checkbox for each person. You can even add additional bills like the utilities and internet to keep everything in one spot. By looking at the chart, you should tell who has and hasn't paid their portion. Although it may be uncomfortable at first, it's a great way to ensure accountability. Then on the calendar, mark the days that any bills are due. This way, every time people open and close the fridge, they are reminded of their responsibilities and will be less likely to forget. 

Be Direct

Money can be awkward to talk about, but you shouldn't tiptoe around it. All too often, one roommate will pick up the slack and end up paying for their other roommates until they get back on their feet, leading to financial strain across the board. If you receive a late notice but know that you paid your portion, don't simply leave the note on your roommate's door. Address the issue directly. Personally hand them the letter and ask when they plan to pay it and remind them that it affects you too. You may feel inclined to avoid confrontation by leaving a sticky note, but this can come across as passive-aggressive. Direct communication is the best way to avoid issues.

Don't wait until your roommates' tardiness begins to affect you. Get ahead of the issues by communicating them clearly and directly. Do you have any questions about living with roommates? Please share them with us in the comments below.

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