Unique Ways to Make Your Space Feel Bigger

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Let’s face it; there’s no such thing as too much space in an apartment! Whether your family is growing, your belongings are increasing, or you simply feel like the walls are closing in with how much time you’ve spent indoors this year, you can actively make changes to make your space feel bigger without adjusting the square footage. Keep reading for some unique and simple tips to make your apartment feel larger.
Make the most of the space in your apartment by reading these tips.


Mirrors are a great way to open up your space. They will brighten the area by replacing the solid wall with a visual passageway elsewhere. Wherever you have an empty area, consider adding a mirror to create more visual space. You can even try to find some fun frames to add to the aesthetic of your home.

Pull Furniture Away From the Wall

While you may want to place your furniture against the wall to open up the center of the room, we actually recommend pulling the furniture away from the wall instead; this is a great way to make little pockets of space as opposed to one large gap in the middle of the room. We understand that this tip sounds a little counterintuitive, but give it a shot, and you will see that it instantly gives your apartment a facelift. 

Glass Tables 

When you utilize furniture that is light and airy, the layout will feel less cramped. Instead of having a bulky coffee table, consider opting for a glass one; your eyes might not even realize that it’s there! 

Don’t Forget About the Space Outside

All too often, residents forget to utilize the space outside their apartments, like their front porch and balcony. You can convert your balcony into another sitting space and even declutter by placing some furniture outside. If you have house plants that take up space, move them outside of your front door, where they will thrive with more sunlight. 

Everyone needs more space, and with the implementation of the tips listed above, you can make your apartment feel much bigger. Do you have any questions about maximizing the space in your home? Ask away in the comments below.

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