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5 Energy-Boosting Foods to Eat in Abilene

If you're finding yourself low on energy lately, your diet may be in need of a makeover. The following are five foods that residents of apartments in Abilene can incorporate into their daily meal plans to recharge tired batteries.


Besides simply tasting good, almonds provide valuable, energy-inducing nutrients such as B vitamins and magnesium. Best of all, they require no preparation — just grab a handful whenever you feel the need for a nutritious pick me up. Carry a small bags of almonds with you wherever you go for an instant boost.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is another high-energy snack food that doesn't require advance preparation. Simply spread some on toast, a stick of celery or make a peanut butter sandwich with whole grain bread. For extra flavor and nutrition, add banana slices and honey. Bananas also contain nutrients that promote optimal energy levels.

Wild Salmon

A lunch or dinner of grilled wild salmon with fresh greens is good for your heart as well as for your brain. You can also enjoy this amazing fish for breakfast by having it on a bagel or in an omelet. Rich in Omega-3s, wild salmon helps elevate mood and energy levels, helps keep bad cholesterol and blood pressure low and, because it's high in protein, it fills you up fast — making it an excellent choice for those on weight loss plans seeking healthy options.


Kale provides antioxidants, amino acids and fiber to help keep energy levels high. This versatile green can be enjoyed in a number of ways. Have it with your burger in the place of traditional iceberg lettuce, stir it into soups or steam or blanche it with garlic for a nutritious and delicious side dish. It also makes an excellent addition to pasta Primavera — just chop it and toss it prior to serving.


There's a good reason that this old classic is still the best way to start your day. Fiber-rich oatmeal helps stabilize blood sugar, leaving you focused and energized. Enjoy it with almonds or banana slices for an added energy boost. If you would like information about living in our Abilene apartments, which include the perfect kitchens in which to prepare energy-boosting foods, please feel free to contact our office at your earliest convenience.