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All-Inclusive Valentine's Day Ideas

You don’t have to be madly, deeply in love to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re head over heels for your significant other or you want to celebrate this day with close friends, here are some out-of-the-box ideas to show the love!

•    Those who learn together, stay together. Gather your loved ones and take a fun class together. Whether you want to learn how to make a flawless soufflé or speak a new language, knowledge is the power of love.

•    Organize a hike with a theme. You could center it around couples or single friends or friends with dogs. Research the trails and choose your adventure according to the fitness levels of your group. Throw some special treats in the backpack and celebrate love and friendship atop a mountain.

•    Gather some friends and play Twister™ on the beach!

•    Throw a dinner party for 14 people and ask each guest to write 14 things they love – about themselves, about each other, and about life.

•    Write a letter to your significant other, or your best friend, your parents, or someone who had a significant influence on your life like a teacher or a professor.

•    Be a kid again. Buy or make some Valentine’s Day cards and hand them out to the people that serve you on a regular basis like your postmaster, your banker, your hairdresser, and your gardener.

•    Write a sappy love song or poem for someone. Have lots of fun with it. Even if you aren’t that musical, it will surely give you a laugh and create fond memories.

•    Make a list of all the astounding qualities in your loved ones, frame it, wrap it up with some fancy Valentine’s Day-themed paper and give it to them as a present for the gift that keeps on giving through good days and bad. 

•    Plan a gourmet picnic with foods that represent the other person’s childhood and favorite foods. Don’t forget the cozy blanket!

We wish you an all-inclusive, fun Valentine’s Day filled with love, laughs, and friendship!

-The Weidner Team.