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3 Smoothies to Try in Your Kirkland Apartment

Whether you live in Kirkland, Washington or somewhere else in the country, what better answer is there to the summer heat than a delicious smoothie? Going tropical means you introduce a balmy breeze into your life, whether you are laying by the pool, picnicking with the family or heading off to work. Consider three of the best tasting smoothies to get you through the heat this month.

Pineapple Plus

If pineapple is your idea of a tropical treat, then this is the one for you. Start with one cup of frozen pineapple, preferably one without added syrup or sugar. Add to it an equal serving of chopped mango, frozen or fresh, and a sliced ripe banana. Put your fruit in a blender and mix in one cup of coconut milk and one cup of Greek yogurt. Blend it all until it is thick and smooth. Add a bit of honey to the recipe if you want it just a little sweeter. You can also change the flavor some by adding in vanilla or by using a vanilla flavored coconut milk.

Go Cranberry

Maybe you are more of a cranberry lover, but you still want something with that tropical edge. Fill your blender with one cup of cranberry sauce, one cup plain Greek yogurt and then add at least a cup of coconut milk, plain or flavored. The result is a smoothie that is just tart enough to get your attention. You can enhance this smoothie concept further by adding in some unsweetened apple juice. This turns your treat into a cranapple delicacy that will calm some of the bite out of the cranberry.

Strawberry Sunshine

If you are more of a smoothie traditionalist, how about keeping it simple with a little strawberry flavor. Mix about six chopped strawberries with one cup plain yogurt, 1 ¾ cup of milk and a handful of ice. Experiment with the recipe by adding in other fruits such as banana or mango. Check out the local farmers market, there is usually one within driving distance of most Kirkland apartments, to get fresh produce for your smoothie this summer. Give us a call if you need directions or if you want more information on apartments in the area.