Nov 18

Holiday Travel Trips from Weidner!


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If ever there is a time that holds equal parts joy and frustration, it’s got to be the holidays, and right behind that – holiday travel. Holiday movies center around the ups and downs of holiday travel and while we laugh at the classic, “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles,” if those mishaps befall us, it’s not quite as funny! Here are some timely reminders for making the most of your vacation days and traveling with ease:

Before you check in to flights, rental cars, and hotels, check in with yourself! The holidays have their own set of stressors, so best to check in with yourself and make sure you’re in tip-top shape for holiday travel.

Stay healthy! Get plenty of rest the night before your road trip or flight. Get in some good walks and exercise before you’re forced to be sedentary and make sure to drink plenty of water. Avoid catching a cold from your fellow travelers! Colds and flu viruses often live on handles, railings, and doorknobs, so avoid touching your face before washing your hands or carry a small sanitizer with you.  (2oz or less for TSA regulations)

Prep the car for a road trip. Take your vehicle in for a quick check-up, and/or check your car’s fluids, tire pressure, and battery charge before you leave. If you’re going off the grid to get to Grandma’s house, pack some extra water, food, and blankets. Make sure your phone is fully charged and if your GPS fails, that you still know how to get to Grandma’s house!

Prep your pets! If your furry friends are staying home for the holidays, double check with pet sitters ahead of time to make sure they’re still available to pet sit and that they have an inclusive list of instructions, including the vet’s contact information. If pets are traveling with you, here are some helpful traveling with your pet tips from TSA.

Pack wisely.  If you’re traveling to a different climate, it might feel like you’re going to need your entire closet, but with a little planning, packing gets a lot easier. Pack by Essentials first – underwear, meds, toothbrush, then move on to Temperature and Terrain – sweaters, snow boots or bathing suits, then by Events and Adventures – cocktail dresses or ski goggles, followed by Favorites and Extras – jewelry, perfume, your favorite socks. This categorized formula helps keep you focused on where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing and helps avoid packing more items than you’ll actually use.

At the Airport:

Arrive early. Expect delays during holiday travel and allow plenty of time. Generally speaking, allow 2 hours for a domestic flight and 3 hours for international travel. For up to the minute information, download the TSA app.

Double Check your Docs. Make sure your tickets are downloaded on to your phone and that the phone is charged up, or get boarding docs when you get to the airport as a backup. Double check to make sure your identification matches the name on your ticket, exactly. So if your legal name is Robert and your tickets say “Bob,” you could experience delays.

Know the security screening rules and save yourself a lot of headaches. Check here for TSA’s list of what you can and cannot bring through security.

Add extra kindness and patience to your travel. Emotions are heightened during holiday travel. Your fellow travelers might be pre-occupied with what’s going on at home or work as they travel out of town. For the best holiday travel, add a smile, add words of kindness, and offer to help where you can. We all share one thing in common during holiday travel – we’re all trying to get somewhere else. Sometimes, it really does take a village!

Plan ahead and enjoy your time with friends and family because before you know it, you’ll be right back on the road or at the airport on your way back home! The holidays go by so quickly; cherish and enjoy!

From all of us at Weidner, safe travels and happy holidays!

-The Weidner Team






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