How to Save Money on Moving Expenses

Moving can be a very positive thing, but it’s also listed as one of The Top 10 Life Stressors. Acclimating to your new apartment home in a new neighborhood, city or country combined with the task of packing and unpacking are all stressful enough. Add the rising costs of moving, and the stress increases exponentially. Here are some tips for lowering that stress level and , so the transition into your new apartment home is as smooth and economical as possible. 

•    Organize and donate first, then get to the packing. Consider a garage or yard sale to discard of items you no longer need and make a little money in the process. The less you have to move, the easier it is on your back – and your bank account. Separate your belongings into 4 piles: keep, donate, sell, and discard. Once you’ve done that, you’ll know how many boxes you’ll need, eliminating the risk of over-buying or collecting boxes you may not need. 
•    Plan your moving budget. Do you have the budget to hire movers and packers? Great! If not, you will need to budget for boxes, a moving truck and its fuel, hired help, water, and snacks for your hired help and volunteers (friends who help friends move are friends for life, as long as you buy the pizza!)
•    Save on boxes. Grocery stores and large supply stores are accustomed to people asking for their boxes and will often donate them to you. You’ll want to check those boxes for any lose items and discard before taking the boxes home. “Lose items” includes surprise spiders! If you would prefer to purchase your boxes, make sure to do a price comparison with each company. Some companies allow you to return unused boxes and boxes that are still in good condition. Also, check for ads in Craigslist and other such listing services for movers just like you who are all settled in and would love to donate or sell their used boxes. 
•    Save on packing supplies. Use towels, blankets, sheets, and bulky clothing to wrap your breakables. The more you can use what you already have in your possession, the less you’ll need to purchase. Popping the bubbles in bubble wrap is fun, but it’s not worth the cost. Use what you have first, then purchase just what you need from an office supply store, as storage supply stores are usually higher in cost. Also, don’t move empty containers. Utilize your Tupperware to transport spices and miscellaneous kitchen items and your suitcases to transport important documents and personal items. Leave your clothes inside your dresser drawers and save yourself from having to unpack again. 
•    Save on rental trucks. Check with each company for various discounts like AAA discounts, senior citizen, veteran and student discounts. Make sure to protect yourself when renting moving trucks and buy the additional insurance coverage. Also, work with the customer service department to make sure you are renting the right-size truck that will easily transport your belongings without too much room left over. 
•    Save on hired help and give back to local students. If you’re running out of friends who will donate their time and good humor to help you move, try your local college students.  Often, college students advertise their services to help weary movers just like you. They need the extra cash, and you need the extra muscle. 
•    Don’t forget to allocate funds for additional expenses like utility deposits, moving deposits, and unexpected costs like having to replace all your dairy items or an overnight stay for your pets at the pet spa…in the event they don’t approve of the move. 

Whether you are saying hello or goodbye to us at Weidner, we are grateful to have you as part of our community. What are your moving tips? Share them with us at #LifeAtWeidner. 

-The Weidner Team