Aug 18

Ideas for Cat Proofing Your Apartment Home

Cat-Proofing Your Apartment

It’s National Cat Day! With that said, we’re somewhat experts when it comes to living with pets, especially when it comes to our feline friends. These curious creatures like to keep themselves amused so a little preparation can go a long way in preventing injuries – to the cat, to you, and to your treasured belongings. If you live in one of our several pet-friendly communities, here are a few tips for cat-proofing your apartment:

  • To a cat, everything is a potential toy. Make sure you’re cleaning supplies, aerosol cans, and sharp objects like safety pins, etc. are safely tucked away.
  • Invest in some toys the cat will play with and recognize as their own – in an effort to distract them from your toys, that is. Lipsticks, jewelry, cuff links, sunglasses, and definitely any accessory containing feathers is fair game for a cat, so consider hiding those things away if you want to keep them pristine.
  • Start a DIY project with materials around your home. There is plenty of great DIY scratching post ideas to keep you and your cat occupied!
  • The grass is always greener – on one of your houseplants. Cats like to chew on plants, but most of them are poisonous to frisky felines. If your cat likes to graze on your houseplants, invest in some pet-safe houseplants or place them outside for some extra sun
  • Invest in Sticky Paws for your furniture! Cats love a supple leather couch or wicker chair to sink their claws into. Try Sticky Paws, a double-sided tape that repels cats. You can also try putting their scratch post near the couch with catnip dusted on it to direct them away from your furniture.
  • Clip their claws regularly. This should help with any accidental damage from kitty running around on furniture or carpet and getting their claws caught on a stray fiber.
  • Don’t leave windows open, even if there’s a screen when you’re not at home. Cats are escape artists and if you live in a high-rise, that could be dangerous for kitty, even though they do have an uncanny ability to land on their feet.
  • Tie up loose chords attached to blinds and drapes. Cats like to play with anything that’s dangling and if it’s attached to something, they can pull it down. If it’s not attached, they could get entangled in the chord.
  • Cats like a nice bathroom – so keep their cat box clean, or they might choose another surface to relieve themselves on.
  • Litterbox location is key to keeping your apartment tidy. Preferably, place it somewhere with light foot traffic and some privacy for kitty. A mat or rug in front of the box can make cleaning up stray litter a bit easier too.
  • Keep up with the trends on toys, supplies, and safety tips. From cat cameras to high-tech scratch posts, to remote-controlled mice, has something for everyone. You can also try Amazon, Petco, Target, Pet Smart and your local pet store for new trends that benefit you and your furry friend.

What are some of the ways you cat-proof your apartment? Share your cat-proofing ideas with us at #LifeatWeidner.

-The Weidner Team


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