Nov 18

Make Voting Fun!

Exercise Your Right to Vote this Nov 6th!

Exercising your right to vote doesn’t have to be a dreary task and it doesn’t mean you have to “get political.”  Simply, it means your voice deserves to be heard and the way to do that is to vote.

First things first – find your polling place. Check your local state for polling places near you and get out and vote! Then, go celebrate and make voting fun!

  • In keeping with the theme of making our voices heard, organize a group of friends and neighbors and head out to the local karaoke bar. Take a friendly bet on how many times “American Pie” will come up in the song queue.
  • Host your own event. Gather your friends, family, and neighbors and invite them over for an after-voting party. Add some snacks, drinks, and some music, and you’ve got yourself a party. #VoteTogether has some great ideas for hosting your own event and you can even register your event with them. Don’t forget the selfies!
  • Carpool together to your polling place and grab a pizza afterward.
  • Meet your friends at the polling place in coordinated red, white, and blue outfits and then go bowling after you vote. Again, don’t forget the selfies! We’d love to see those at #LifeatWeidner!
  • For crafters, create a “day in the voter’s life” collage, journal, or scrapbook. Gather with your community and post pictures and memorabilia of what it was like to vote this day, what the issues were that mattered to you most, and who you were with.
  • Search your local listings for public events near you and join in!

As a community both locally and nationally, we may not always agree on every issue, but one thing is certain, our history is always a shared event. Gather together, have fun, and get out and vote. Your voice matters!

What matters to you, matters to us!

-The Weidner Team

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