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Our Favorite Big Game Day Commercials! (in no particular order)

Part of the excitement of the Big Game is the commercials, many of which will go viral before the game is even over. Here’s a look back at some of our favorite commercials during football season and why we like them. Popcorn optional.
Melissa McCarthy for Kia

Melissa McCarthy is best known for her brilliant physical humor and impeccable comedic timing. In this Kia advertisement, she’s taking a stand – or a charge for a myriad of causes.

Bad Hair Day Dogs for Subaru

This dog tested, dog approved commercial from Subaru is one of our all-time favorites because well, they’re dogs and as humans, we’ve all been there.

The Talking Baby for E-Trade

Remember the Talking Baby? These babies are happy to share their financial wizardry with their audience. Warning: once you start watching the Talking Baby series, you may not be able to stop.

Betty White for Snickers

Actress-comedienne, Betty White isn’t taking any chances out on the field. When she’s hungry, she’s hungry for a Snickers. One of our favorites!

The Doritos Time Machine

Little Jimmy goes the extra mile to acquire a tasty bag of Doritos in this time travel piece.

Darth Vader - The Force for Volkswagen

We like this one because we think determination pays off in the end!

Teaching the World to Sing from Coca-Cola

Perhaps one of the most iconic commercials of all time is this Coca-Cola commercial from 1971. So iconic, the television show “Mad Men” used the ad as a backdrop for their series finale.

What are your favorites Big Game commercials? Tell us all about it at #LifeatWeidner and enjoy the game!

-The Weidner Team