Shorter Days After-Dark Safety Tips

Safety Tips As the sunlit days of summer start to shrink, it’s a good time to revisit safety tips and safety gear for those after-dinner walks, runs, and bike rides. Invest in reflective outerwear. Reflective wear is the first line of defense in low-lit conditions. For the dog, invest in a safety vest and beacon light. For yourself, you’ll find a great variety of reflective gear from vests to wrist and ankle bands to hats and tennis shoes at stores like REI, Amazon, and Stay in well-populated areas. Switch up your after-dark exercise routine to well-populated areas that are also well lit. Consider taking dance classes at night or adding the indoor mall to your favorite "trail." Tell someone where you’re going. Let at least one person know where you’re headed. Venturing out in nature alone is great for the quiet and calm, but could cause loved ones the exact opposite if they’re worried about your safety. Be aware of your surroundings. Assess your surroundings and notice when something feels “off” or out of place. Your intuition is finely tuned when you listen to it, so enjoy, but stay aware. Install a safety app on your phone. Safety apps aren’t foolproof, but they can add an extra layer of protection for you. Check out this recent report by Don’t listen to music while walking, running, or biking alone. It’s one thing to listen to your favorite workout playlist when you’re at the gym, but when you’re out for a walk or run alone, make sure you’re giving yourself every safety advantage by staying alert and aware. Organize a neighborhood fitness night. There’s safety in numbers! Invite some friends and neighbors to join you in an after-hours basketball game, neighborhood walks, silent disco party, or softball. Do you have a safety tip you want to share with the Weidner community? Let us know at #LifeatWeidner. Stay safe and have fun out there! -The Weidner Team