Aug 18

Start Getting Ready for Back to School

back to school

As summer vacation winds down and the back-to-school sales begin, it’s easy to get caught up in a flurry of activity. But not to worry, we have compiled a few tips  for a smoother transition into the new school year:

  • Say goodbye to sleeping in. This might be the most difficult part of the transition – going from the lazy days of summer to the alarm sounding off before the sun is even up. The good news is, sleeping patterns can adapt quickly with just a few practice runs. 2-3 nights before school starts, set that alarm and get yourself and/or the kids out of bet and ready to rumble. Take note – expect some resistance. You might want to have some pancakes on the grill as a peace offering.
  • Don’t shop til’ you dropmake a list instead. Back-to-school shopping can get exhausting and expensive very quickly. Making a list will help you stay on track in all the excitement. Organize the list by needs and then wants so your budget isn’t strained by too many wants and not enough necessities. Include the kids in the preparation – they’ll enjoy the excitement and it’s another opportunity to teach prioritizing and planning.
  • Set expectations. Going back to school can put a strain on the family because the routine is suddenly changed. Planning ahead for school and family activities, communicating and setting expectations can reduce the stress associated with changes in routine. If everyone knows what to expect, there’s fewer disappointments and miscommunications.
  • Set up a homework area with supplies. Don’t be caught off guard by homework assignments on the first day back – they happen. Designate an area of your home that’s known as the “homework zone” and fill it with supplies, healthy snacks, and a few inspirational notes. Engage the kids with a craft night to create the perfect space for the Homework Zone by decorating pencil and paper holders, etc.
  • Restock the lunch supplies. Nothing bursts a fun lunch bubble faster than a misshapen, haphazard lunchbox, container, or knapsack. Now is the time to re-invest in air-tight sandwich containers and other supplies while the sales are at their peak.
  • Organize the closets and drawers. Soon, the morning routine will be running at full speed and there won’t be as much time for finding those matching outfits. Consider categorizing outfits together in the closet by color and organizing drawers with the most-used items on the top.
  • Review past teachings. Doing a quick review of what was learned in the previous school year will help you and your child acclimate to the new lessons and bridge that “summer fog” gap.
  • Enjoy that last week of vacation! Set aside plenty of time to enjoy the sun at the beach or the pool, spend time with family, finish those summer projects and ease into the school year knowing you made the best out of your vacation!

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-The Weidner Team

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