The Weidner Cares Team in Arizona

Weidner Cares The Weidner Cares team recently set their sights on Arizona with great success! Tucson In Tucson, we partnered with the Primavera Foundation, whose goal is to “provide pathways out of poverty through safe, affordable housing, workforce development, and neighborhood revitalization.” Primavera helps ensure that every individual living in the Tucson area is provided basic human rights, livable income and safe, affordable housing. The Weidner Cares team helped out in the family shelter, which was built nearly 100 years ago. Families that reside in the shelter can stay up to 90 days at no cost to them while they regroup and get back on their feet. Men, women, children and pets stay in the shelter, and it was in dire need of a little tender loving care. The Weidner Cares team cleaned and painted the exterior units and helped to clean out the playground area, paint, and install new lighting in outdoor areas. Now the shelter is 6 months ahead of the maintenance schedule! To add to the festivities, we were privileged to celebrate Rob Hyden’s birthday, our Regional Maintenance Director in AZ. Thank you for an inspirational day, Primavera! Phoenix East In our East Phoenix region, we partnered with UMOM New Day Centers. UMOM relies on volunteerism “to prevent and end homelessness with innovative strategies and housing solutions that meet the unique needs of each family and individual.” With a group of just over 120 volunteers, the Weidner Cares team were able to cover a large area and assist with projects both big and small. The team sorted through clothing donations, dug out and built up new cement paths on their playground, and also helped with administrative tasks. Weidner Cares also painted a large lobby and common area at the entrance to their Wellness Center, in addition to all of the doors at the facility. UMOM offers free daycare to all of the families living in their shelters, so we also had a group helping to look after of some of the infants and toddlers throughout the day. The Weidner team put their gardening skills to use and weeded and cleared out the community garden and prepped it for a new batch of crops. UMOM also offers an onsite café where they train the residents living in their shelter how to work in a restaurant environment. Weider was able to hire them to cater lunches for both of our Phoenix events as an additional level of support towards their organization! Thanks for all you do, UMOM! Phoenix West Lastly, we partnered with StreetlightUSA, located in Gilbert, AZ. StreetlightUSA specializes in the care and healing of victims of child sex trafficking and sexual trauma throughout the United States. Their mission is to transition adolescent girls “from trauma to triumph” through awareness, prevention, and direct care. The Weidner Cares team spent most of the day repainting and repairing three small houses, or “casitas,” they currently use to house girls between the ages of 12 and 18. We also repainted the living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and bathrooms of each of the houses so the girls could get a sense of a new beginning in the updated environment. The team also worked on the curb appeal, clearing tumbleweeds, picking up garbage, and repainting fences and parking lots. Thank you for your dedication and service, StreetlightUSA! The Weidner Cares team in Arizona was so pleased to have the opportunity to contribute time, effort and determination to help make a difference in these communities and give back to these amazing organizations. What matters to you, matters to us! -The Weidner Team