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Happy Crossword Puzzle Day Weidner 2017 Blogs Crossword Puzzle

We hope you enjoy our interactive Weidner Apartment Homes themed crossword puzzle, in celebration of Crossword Puzzle Day! Peruse our 2017 blogs for the answers, and reminisce on the exciting year we had, here with Weidner.
Hint: The dates are linked to the blogs that will give you the answers! Across: 3. Weidner Cares Alaska partnered with this equine related nonprofit in 2017 (abbreviated) (28-Nov) 5. Weidner celebrates Residential Property Management Careers Month during the month of ______ (19-Apr) 8. Weidner Cares Oklahoma partnered with CAP Tulsa in 2017, which is one of the largest anti-____ agencies in the state (31-Aug) 10. Weidner acquired VIVE Apartment Homes in March 2017, located in ______, Washington (3-Mar) 12. The Arizona Multifamily Association awarded 2 Weidner associates in 2017. These are called the _______ Awards. (9-Aug) 13. What artist created the sculptures at Woodin Creek Village and Solara? (29-Jun) 15. Weidner Cares California partnered with this equine related nonprofit in 2017 (abbreviated) (23-May) 17. We have 3 main Weidner hashtags: #WeAreWeidner, #WeidnerCareers and #_____ (4-Jan) 19. Which property tallest high-rise in the Weidner portfolio? (27-Oct) 22. Weidner Cares, Midland, Texas partnered with Casa de _____ (17-Jul) 23. Weidner turned _____ years old in 2017 (number is spelled out) (24-Jan) 24. Weidner bought the naming rights to the stadium of this Colorado Springs Soccer Team (15-Feb) 25. Weidner Cares Colorado partnered with ______ Peak in 2017 to help homeless youth. (11-Aug) Down: 1. Capitol Towers was acquired in January 2017 and is the only Weidner property located in this city (7-Jan) 2. According to the NMHC and NAA 4.6 ____ new apartment homes are needed by 2030 (5-Sep) 4. The bowling pin themed sign in Salt Lak City, UT will be the monument sign for this new construction community. (11-May) 6. Weidner was named the ______ largest owner by the NMHC in 2017 (number is spelled out) (12-Apr) 7. Maintenance Supervisor, Vladimir won the 2017 Weidner ________ Achievement Award (3-May) 9. Jessica won the Washington Multi Family Housing Association __________ Award for Community Manager of the Year. (13-Mar) 11. The new video series Weidner has started in 2017 is called _____ 101 (8-Dec) 14. Which state partnered with CORT to run a food drive in 2017 to help the state Mental Health Association (22-May) 16. What is the largest property in the Weidner portfolio (by number of units) (23-Jun) 18. There are 3 classes of awards for the W awards, Plaque, Crystal and ________ (24-Apr) 20. Weidner Center for Real Estate Management is being built in the University of _________ Anchorage (15-Jun) 21. This is the 11th US State where Weidner acquired properties (19-Oct)