Oct 17

Weidner Cares Team in Minnesota

Weidner Cares Team in Minnesota
Weidner Cares Team in Minnesota

The Weidner Cares Team recently lent their time and talents to Community Emergency Service in Minnesota. CES provides “high-quality direct service to people in need. Through direct aid relief, advocacy, referral, guidance and prayer support, if desired, CES seeks to strengthen families and individuals. The goal of CES is to move them beyond crisis to financial stability, as well as emotional health, personal growth, and spiritual depth.”

The Weidner Cares team partnered with CES to plant flowers, install new Plexiglas on the stained glass windows and cleaned and painted just about every wall in the facility for a bright, new look. The food pantry also got a makeover where the team painted a mural.

Volunteers who were not busy cleaning and organizing helped with Meals-on-Wheels, a project very close to CES’ heart. Community Emergency Service Meals on Wheels (MOW) “is an important solution to both short term emergency and long term living situations and hunger facing many people in the community. It is designed to deliver a prepared, nutritious, hot noon meal—Monday through Friday—to homebound seniors and, in some cases, physically disabled non-seniors who are unable to manage their own meal preparation.”

In addition to providing hot meals to their neighboring community, CES also provides food to their animals through their “Animeals” program. Those who can’t afford to feed their pets are assisted with dog and cat food donations. The storage area for the Animeals program needed a little loving care, so the volunteers cleaned and organized the area to create more room for sorting the food to feed the furry friends.

We’re grateful to have the opportunity to help out this special organization and wish CES much success in all they do for this wonderful community. Thanks, CES, and great job, Minnesota team!


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