Mar 17

Weidner Cares, Texas-Style

Weidner Cares

The Weidner Cares team had the honor of volunteering for a few great organizations in Texas at the Permian Basin Mission Center in Odessa, and at the Salvation Army in Abilene.

Permian Basin Mission Center

At the Permian Basin Mission Center (PBMC) in Odessa, Weidner stepped in shortly after they had lost their funding and faced the challenge of laying off half their staff. This left only 5 people, including the new CEO, Hector, to serve nearly 200 people every day.

With a group of just under 100 volunteers, the Weidner Cares team worked in the sub-freezing temperatures to get their facility in optimum shape. Hundreds of pounds of donations were sorted and organized. The two facility bathrooms received two new floor installations, and they were cleaned and repainted.  To free up space in the waiting room, the Weidner Cares team built a framed window between the lobby and kitchen, where the secretary could easily meet with clients.

Perhaps the largest undertaking at the PBMC facility was to repair damage from huge floods that had ruined flooring, donations, and furniture. The team of volunteers sourced the cause of the leaks and removed and repaired hundreds of feet of siding and repainted the flooring throughout the facility. The appreciation and relief expressed by the PBMC was an inspiration to all, and the Weidner team was honored to be of service.

Salvation Army

In Abilene, the Weidner Cares team donated their time and talents to the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is a faith-based organization that offers humanitarian services to those in need throughout the world, including shelter and housing, in-patient drug and alcohol rehabilitations, and serving meals to those in need.

After overcoming some harsh weather conditions, The Weidner Cares team spent the day painting, organizing, and repairing several rooms throughout the Abilene facility. They also sorted and organized a storage room of emergency supplies, donations and decorations. One of the larger projects involved repainting and repairing the onsite chapel, which had been seriously damaged by flooding. After the repairs, the facility had a much brighter and welcoming presence and everyone was pleased with the results.

The Weidner Cares team thoroughly enjoyed being of service to the PBMC and the Salvation Army. Investing in the community and sharing time, talents, and good will is not only incredibly rewarding – it’s great fun. Thank you to all the volunteers and everyone at both organizations for making a difference to so many people.

What matters to you, matters to us.

-The Weidner Team


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