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Make your move to North Puget Sound when you rent one of the desirable apartments at A'Cappella Apartment Homes. This fantastic community sits conveniently in Lynnwood, with easy access to freeways like I-5 and I-405 for commuters. The Lynnwood location also makes it simple to drive to nearby cities like Everett, Edmonds or Seattle for shopping or entertainment. Our apartments are close to the park and the lake, plus surrounding neighborhoods in the Lynnwood area of Washington.

Our comfortable one-bedroom apartments for rent offer a balcony or patio and peaceful views of the courtyard. We also offer the convenient amenity of an in-unit washer and dryer. For more spacious apartments, choose from one of our two or three-bedroom floor plans. A’Cappella Apartments also supply a wood-burning fireplace, plus some walk-in closets and in-home storage space. Each apartment has large kitchens that open up to nearby dining space and a spacious living room, then off to the bedrooms. Our Lynnwood apartments are pet-friendly, too, so bring along your dog or cat when you choose to call one of our apartments home.

A'Cappella Apartment's amenities extend to an indoor pool for WA winters and an outdoor swimming pool as well. Residents also enjoy a comfortable theater room, an on-site fitness center, and a resident lounge. There’s a playground for younger family members, plus the option of parking under carports or in garages.

Near Lynnwood, WA, you can find plenty of mountain hiking trails and places for water sports. For shopping, head to Lynnwood's popular Alderwood Mall. A'Cappella Apartments combines a great location with generous amenities and a friendly community, giving you everything you need to call Lynnwood home. Call Weidner Apartment Homes for more information about renting an apartment at this comfortable property in Lynnwood, WA! We'll check current apartment availability and give you a tour of our pet-friendly complex. Come tour our available floor plans and find the right home to rent at A'Cappella.

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It is GOOD submitted by Yana C. - |Recommended: YesI like living at Acappella apartments. Beautiful, well maintained grounds, friendly and professional staff.
Decent, but not the bestsubmitted by Chelsey B. - |Recommended: NoParking If you get here before 5pm, it's fine, but after 5 you're on your own be ready to walk a block or two to your place. Had to reserve a carport for 40 a month, which is more than we can afford, but the comfort of knowing we don't have to carry our carseat and arms full of groceries all the way across the complex makes it worth it. Noise On the bottom floor, I can hear our neighbors walking around and going about their day, but can only really hear them when it's silent in our apartment. However, apparently they can hear us really well, because simply playing music at a normal level at noon on a Saturday was enough to prompt a call to the office, so maybe you can hear more on the second floor. However, the groundsmen don't allow you to sleep in if you happen to be home during the week. Grounds Beautiful. The only thing to complain about is that there aren't sidewalks, and the people here drive like jerks, so be extra careful when walking with your little ones, it can be quite dangerous. Construction Our apartment is always incredibly hot and damp on the first floor, even though we air it out all day. Layout has a few annoying quirks opening fridge and cabinets slam into wall because of placement and style . Fluorescent lights in the kitchen cause headaches , and the smoke alarm goes off every time I cook. We have had a pretty bad problem with ants, but management has been fairly responsive. Maintenance - although there in a timely fashion, we have had to have maintenance come multiple times because the doorknob has once become stuck, us unable to leave our apartment , and shortly after literally came off in my hands. Although we insisted that we need a new door, they have still just replaced the doorknob. We will see how long this one lasts. Like I mentioned earlier, we have had a problem with ants. They have an exterminator that comes every two weeks, which is a sign that I'm not the only apartment that has had bug problems. The exterminator seems knowledgable, but says that other tennants using chemicals is what is making them come back. They aren't here currently, but they've been back more than once. Staff - Most of the time I don't feel like we are really being heard when we have complaints, and also feel slightly misled. We were given gate keys and explained how that worked at the beginning, and they failed to mention that the gate was actually broken, and had been for some time. We've lived here for two months and they finally got the gate fixed, but there are things we feel would have changed whether or not we would have chosen this place that we were not informed of. Overall - I would not recommend this place to a friend only because the problems that we have experienced while here make it very hard to justify how much we spend on rent. We are a 1 income family with a child, and chose to live here despite the cost because we thought it would be a really nice place. While overall we can't truly complain, we have a roof over our head, but were expecting more from a place that looked so beautiful.
Good experience for first time rentingsubmitted by Hailey K. - |Recommended: YesFor this being my first time renting my own apartment I have had a good time here so far. I am really busy with work I haven't used any of the facilities but I know they are available and the community gatherings are something that I believe are a great way to show how the staff is dedicated to the tenants. I only have a problem with the parking situation. I signed the lease stating no car should be parked without moving for 7 or more consecutive days and there is 2 cars parks outside my building that haven't moved in over 3 weeks.
response from property -HI Kimble, Thank you for your feedback. I am glad to hear that you are having a good time living here. I wil be sure to pass your feedback along to the team. Take care, Wendee - Customer Service
SaSha You are Awsome 5 STAR FOR Usubmitted by Muhammad S. - |Recommended: YesDefinitely Recommend To others...
response from property -Hi Muhammad, Thank you for the kind words. I will be sure to pass this along to the team. Take care, Wendee - Customer Service
I love Acappella submitted by Katrina A. - |Recommended: YesI left Acappella due to unforseen occurrences and wouldn't couldn't think to chose any other place to live when I moved back to the Seattle area. Honestly the rent is expensive but the amenities are almost worth it.
response from property -Hi Katrina, Thanks so much for your kind words and we are so gald that you choose to come back. I think we can all agree that rents in our region have increased due to the market. I will be sure to share your feedback with the team. Take care, Wendee - Customer Service
Not as ghetto as it used to be.submitted by Paul M. - |Recommended: NoThe place seems ok. This is the first time in my life i've moved into an apartment that wasn't on the bottom floor and found there was an ant problem. The bathroom, and kitchen have hundreds of them crawling around all the time. Also, the sheer volume of hidden fees make this Affordable place not so much. Basically they advertise lower than everyone else, but then charge for everything nobody else does, and have a convenience fee for it which makes them actually more expensive. It's disgusting, actually.
response from property -Hi Paul, Thanks for the feedback and info. I have checked with the Community Director and she let me know that she has reached out to you regarding your review and never heard back from you. If you can give the office a call they are more then willing to take care of any concerns you may have. Hope you give them a call at 425-742-1311. Take care, Wendee - Customer Service
Home-ysubmitted by Cassandra A. - |Recommended: YesThe area I should sketchy, but the neighbors are nice, no noise complaints, I can only hear the people and dogs upstairs, but if I wanted to only hear my noise, I'd live in a house. My only complaint, is dog poo. And owners not being responsible of their pets, letting them walk around unsupervised and not a leash. I can't walk through any grass without stepping in don poop. It's not the apartments fault, it's pet owners and their laziness
response from property -Hi Cassandra, Thank you for your feedback. I completly agree with you regarding the pet waste. I do not understand that when a person takes on the responsiblity to be a pet owener that they don't clean up after their pet. Makes me wonder if they had/have children if they clean up after them. I will be sure to pass your review onto the office. Thanks again for your feedback. Take care, Wendee - Customer Service
Great Place to Live, Problems Worth the Pricesubmitted by Timothy G. - |Recommended: YesIt's a great place to live. It's always pretty quiet and the office staff is great. The property doesn't have enough parking for the the number of apartments, so parking is always a problem - get a garage or a carport. Sometimes it takes a couple of calls to get things fixed, but they will get it done if you bug them. The indoor pool is great. The workout room is cool but the equipment is a little busted up. It's a great price and the apartments are comparable to something that rents for 20 more just a few miles away.
response from property -Hi Timothy, We love to hear from our residents and know where the opportunity is to improve. I will be sure to send a copy of your review along to the office. Take care, Wendee - Customer Service
Very nice family communitysubmitted by James M. - |Recommended: YesWe have had a pretty good experience, so far. The only thing is on the weekends there is no parking. Spent a half hour wandering, looking for parking.
response from property -Thanks James for the review and feedback. I will the team know where there is opportunity. Take care, Wendee -Customer Service
Ok. But not great. Expensive. submitted by Jon B. - |Recommended: NoWith my dog breed it is VERY hard to find an apartment that will accept us. Even then I have to pay extra. My dog is more well behaved then 90 of the kids that live here. Yet I am penalized and have to pay extra for it. Parking here sucks. Get home before 5 pm or you are parking on the street.
response from property -Hi Jon, Thanks so much for letting us know of your conerns and giving us the opporunity to improve where we can. Ufortunately our company does have a breed restriction. I am sure your dog is a very good dog but the team has to follow the compaines policies and proceedures just as you do at your place of employment. Take care, Wendee - Customer Service
Kind friendly staff, proficient maintenance, clean grounds submitted by Mary M. - |Recommended: YesI enjoy living in the Acappella Apts. The staff is friendly and very helpful. I like the property because it's kept clean and I love all the shade trees in the summer. The only negative thing about living here would definately be the lack of parking spaces. It's terrible to have to park on the street, a quarter mile away from your apartment, and walk.
response from property -Hi Mary, thanks for the great review; we will share it with the on site team and their managers as well! We'll also pass along your note about parking, which can be challenging.
Decent Property, Change Termssubmitted by Jennifer D. - |Recommended: NoMy roommates and I were told we were able to have two uncovered parking spaces and could rent an additional space to fit our three cars since there's three of us who all have jobs we have to drive for. This was one reason we chose this apartment complex, however the terms have changed so that there are only two cars allowed per apartment which makes no sense when two and three bedroom apartments are being leased out to more than two adults. This was a lovely place to live, however we don't appreciate this change and is cause enough for us all to want to move out. Don't rent unless you only have two cars. Too much of a pain.
response from property -Hi Jennifer, Thank you for your feedback. I found you in our system and took a look at your parking addendum. I see the assigned spot as well as the two permits that were assigned. The most parking spots that are gaurenteed to come with an apartment is one space. If you would like to discuss this matter in greater details please call me at 855-411-9343 or email customerservice@weidner.com. Take care, Wendee - Customer Service
3 month estimatesubmitted by Tricia P. - |Recommended: YesIn the time that we've lived here, we have enjoyed our unit, and always got prompt help with service orders or questions. The hours in the office are fantastic, open late for convenience, which I love. Staff also replies to emails quickly. The frustrations that I have are that the parking is a bit terrible, but I see that is something that is a working progress. Also, one of the residents in my building have a big scruffy dog which they do NOT keep up after, and it poops in our walkway, on our patio, and right in front of our front door step. Numerous complaints have gone unheeded. Notices on the door are okay reminders, but not doing the job that needs to be done to enforce the policy. It happens practically daily.
response from property -Hi Tricia, So glad to hear that you have enjoyed your home and that you received prompt help. I have to acknowledge that the parking is a bit of a challenge. That is so awful that a pet owner is not more responsible to look after the pet. I will be sure to pass this along to the team. Take care and thank you for giving us the opportunity to improve. Wendee - Customer Service
Apartment needs up dating.submitted by Frankie M. - |Recommended: YesLiving here is great, but the fixtures are old and need up dating.
response from property -Thanks Frankie for the feedback. I will let the team know your thoughts. Take care, Wendee - Customer Service
Parking and loud neighborsubmitted by Helen K. - |Recommended: NoLack of parking availability and loud and pot smoking neighbor. I would smell marijuana smoking and the neighbor is too noisy at late night with people.