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At Las Colinas we make the difference by offering quality apartment home living with our generous sized floor plans. We are surrounded by a great community, close to Midland's best schools and shopping. Of course, all of our offerings are wrapped in quality service provided by our excellent staff. Welcome home!

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It's a lovely place to live - it has older features, but is maintained well.submitted by Aimee T. - |Recommended: YesIt's very quiet, people are friendly and feels very private. I really enjoy living at Las Colinas.
Needs to be updatedsubmitted by Laquita T. - |Recommended: YesSpacious apartments could have paid same amount in rent for newer apartment, but not as big as Las Colinas but needs to be updated inside and out. The complex is clean and quite but needs lighting outside and under covered parking. Even with all of this, I would still recommend to friends and family.
Great apartment to staysubmitted by Qing G. - |Recommended: Yesgood location, quiet living surroundings, and convenient location.
response from property -Hi Qing, thank you for taking the time to post online regarding your residency with us. We value hearing your feedback and knowing that you are having a positive experience at Las Colinas community - welcome home! Best, Weidner Customer Service
All in all, pleased submitted by Adrian W. - |Recommended: YesI love the staff at Las Colinas and love the area in which the apartments are in. The whole property is a little run down and the grounds are in a dilapidated state. I know this is from being a smaller Weidner property and not having the same larger budget as some of the larger complexes. However, the apartments are decent, the pricing is good, and the grounds are quiet and clean. Weidner just needs to spend a little money on the complex and it would be a fantastic place all around.
New landlord is very understanding.submitted by Greta S. - |Recommended: NoThe ground suck There is a huge pot hole next to the gate no grass but worst then that there is a million goat heads. my dogs feet are always covered in them but we track them into the house everyday. AC it took months and an angry phone call or two to finally get someone to do something about the upstairs AC. Worst of all the master bathtub. my husband and i have fell getting in it, there is silicone that filled the broken jets. If that wasn't bad enough the bottom of the tube started to crack and the maintenance guy used silicone to fill the crack on the bottom of the tub. the new landlord seems to be understanding of the issue. But nothing gets done until I call her and get angry.
Hidden Problemssubmitted by Peter P. - |Recommended: NoTwo of my windows fell out. The faucets are jammed, only allowing for showers. Plungers in sinks don't function. Hot water doesn't last long. Closet mounts for holding clothing have fell. Not happy at all.
Not Badsubmitted by Brice O. - |Recommended: YesAt the time of signing the lease it was the best bang for your buck. The better rent price was counterbalanced by age state of the complex. Due to its elderly age, compared to other complexes in the area, we had to fill out maintenance requests regularly, but they were always handled promptly. The landscape was kept up gingerly at best. When a lawn service did come it was never completely finished, especially around the back of the complex. There are potholes everywhere in the parking lot. The previous landlord I'm sure received numerous complaints, and managed to fill maybe 5 of the potholes in area. The parking lot is unpaved in some areas, one area in the most northwesterly corner even has rebar sticking up out of the ground. Overall, I did not mind living there however, the previous landlord was not the most helpful at times. The landlord that replaced her is fantastic though. At the time of moving out it looked like a lot of updates were happening around the complex i.e., peoples' appliances were being replaced, or new carpet being installed , and more people were moving in. I have high hopes that the complex is in better management hands and will be an a-ok place to call home.
Overpriced and looks good at first glance but once u get to know it the apartments are way overpricedsubmitted by James M. - |Recommended: NoUnorganized overpriced and you could probably find something better for a better price
Spacious But in Dire Need of Updatingsubmitted by Jacqueline S. - |Recommended: NoYou get a lot of space and assigned parking. But they are in serious need of updating, The property grounds are really not kept well, lots of tree trimming needed, there are more weeds than anything else. The inside of the apartments are very dated and the things that they've put bandaids over are very noticeable. Cabinetry is all original and needs to be updated. Not enough lighting inside the apartments due to poorly placed can lights. I've had 4 floods in my apartment due to dated water heaters and bad plumbing.
I love living at Las Colinas, just wish it wasn t so costlysubmitted by Melva A. - |Recommended: Yesit s very peaceful, considering right next to a busy street, it would be nice if the security gates worked , entering as well as exiting.
response from property -Hi Melva, this is Wendee from Customer Service. Thank you for your review. We love the feedback from our residents. I will be sure to take note of your concerns and pass them along to the site. Take care, Wendee
Spacioussubmitted by Krista B. - |Recommended: YesI live in a 2x2.5. It s very spacious unlike most apartments. The covered assigned parking is convenient. Also it is in a good neighbor hood. But, it could use more dumpsters, I have to walk all the way to the other side of the complex to throw out trash and normally it s always already full and overflowing! Th a maintenance is quick and efficient but the office staff is not exactly always on her A game. Only the exit gate works the entrance stays open all the time. When I asked why that was I got a crap excuse about waiting on someone from regional office to get back to her. That was months ago! I don t think it would take them this long to help program the gates. Communication between the tenants and office staff is a rare thing. Many times I ve called with no answer and anytime I go up there she s never in the office therefore email is about the only way to get a response but even that takes some time. All in all the apartment itself is decent but the people who run it could use some help.
I am disappointed, the standard is way low!submitted by Victor B. - |Recommended: NoIt is not a pleasant experience at all.
Property is beginning to fall apart. All Building need repairsubmitted by Steve S. - |Recommended: NoProperty is not kept clean, parking is not adequate, buildings are all in need of repair and updating. Grounds are not kept up and property management does not respond to needs in a timely manner.
Very nice, spacious, and friendly.submitted by Zachary G. - |Recommended: YesOne of the better complexes in the Midland Area actually, however, parking is often a problem, as many neighbors are disrespectful of regulations regarding where they can actually park, or park large oversized trucks in ways that prevent others from easily accessing their assigned parking spaces. Also, considering the rent prices here, many of the fixtures and appliances are not exactly of equivalent quality. And for a gated community, the gate has only worked for about one week in the past five months, and what would normally function as a way to keep the speed of traffic in and out of the complex down to safe levels is now actually contributing to a general lack of safe driving in and out of this community.
response from property -Hi Zachary, this is Wendee from Weidner. Thanks so much for the feedback, we appreciate hearing from our residents! Thank you again, Wendee
Comfortable and peacefulsubmitted by Jose D. - |Recommended: Yesquiet, comfortable. A bit expensive. excellent maintenance personnel.