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From cactus gardens to poolside oases, Phoenix, Arizona, is a unique place unlike any other. With cool dining experiences and one-of-a-kind picturesque hiking trails, Phoenix is an incredible city to live in. If you're ready to make the Sonoran Desert your home, then Weidner's Motif Apartment Homes is a great option for you.

Motif Apartments offers one, two, and three-bedroom floor plans that are move-in ready. Each apartment is equipped with the amenities you'll need, such as a washer and dryer, air conditioning, full-sized refrigerator, large closets and plenty of storage space, and modern granite countertops. We also offer other amazing amenities in our apartment complex that you're sure to find useful. We provide our renters with complimentary covered parking, a state-of-the-art fitness center with cardio and strength training equipment, four refreshing swimming pools, on-site maintenance and management, and so many other perks catered to your lifestyle.

Phoenix has many things to offer, and Motif Apartments is in a great location so that you can easily access work and fun. Close to Interstate 17, Motif Apartments is located in North Phoenix, just 12 miles away from the action of Downtown Phoenix. Check out local and well-known acts at the Crescent Ballroom, take a trip to outer space in the IMAX theater located at the Arizona Science Center, and shop and savor the essence of Downtown Phoenix at CityScape. However, you don't have to travel far to find entertainment or shopping if you live at Motif. If you love golf, you'll be just three miles away from Cave Creek Golf Course. Phoenix is home to more than 35 breweries, so take your time to sample them all. Castles N' Coasters is just a few minutes to the south, and this 10-acre park has four 18-hole miniature golf courses, go-karts, rides, and an indoor arcade. But life can't always be fun and games: you're also within ten minutes of Target, Metrocenter Mall, In-N-Out Burger, and Fry's Food & Drug for those everyday necessities.

If you're looking for a Phoenix apartment, be sure to check out Motif Apartment Homes. We have great apartment amenities, our staff is friendly and helpful, and our prime location has everything that you'll need or want nearby. Contact Weidner today to learn about how you can rent one of our beautiful apartments in North Phoenix.

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Apartment is goodsubmitted by Steven L. - |Recommended: YesGood to live here and but parking is ok feel like people have too much car and keep old car to got up spot. People are driving too fast in parking.
response from property -Thank you for the positive recommendation, Steven!
Very Nice apartment complex.submitted by Robert L. - |Recommended: YesYes its a good place to live.
response from property -Thank for the positive feedback, Robert!
This is a decent place to live.submitted by Michael H. - |Recommended: YesNice property but thin walls and easy to hear your neighbors conversations on all sides, above and below.
response from property -Thank you for sharing your feedback and the positive recommendation, Michael!
Not roommate friendlysubmitted by Michaela A. - |Recommended: NoThere is limited parking near your home and at times you may have to park on the other side of the complex. They started to do parking passes but will only give you one. So as a roommate if someone gets home late the other has to walk the pass down to you. If you have an issue they will not budge and try to assist you. Getting into the apartment was just as horrible, often times we were told one thing and then when we went to sign the lease things changed.
response from property -Hi Michaela, thank you for taking the time to post a review. I would love to hear more about your experience at the Motif Community. If you have interest in elaborating on your residential experience, please do not hesitate to connect with our Customer Service department at your earliest opportunity (855.411.9343 or via email at so that we can discuss your residency in further detail and take this opportunity to work toward improvement.
Weidner is the bestsubmitted by Micki S. - |Recommended: YesThe apartments themselves are really nice and the staff is friendly and helpful. It's a quiet complex which I like because I work night shift and sleep during the day. Parking is a nightmare and is impossible to find sometimes. I never invite people over because I know there's never open spaces for someone to park.
response from property -It's an absolute pleasure to have you as a member of our community, Micki. We so appreciate you taking the time to write us a review and share your feedback. Take Care, Weidner Customer Service
Everything is nice except parkingsubmitted by Kristen M. - |Recommended: YesThe apartment is nice so far I havent had any problems except the parking. It's a little stressing not being able to find a parking spot but it seems like their is a lot of covered parking not being used. Please do something about the parking
response from property -We appreciate you taking the time to post a rating regarding your experience with us at the Motif community. We welcome hearing our valued residents feedback and if you have interest in elaborating on your residential experience, please do not hesitate to connect with our Customer Service department at your earliest opportunity (855.411.9343 or via email at so that we can discuss your residency in further detail and take this opportunity to work toward improvement. Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you!
I do not recommend.submitted by Quentajah P. - |Recommended: NoThis place isn't what it's made up to be. The breakfast is bad, they don't fix things properly and the leasing office is always trying to get over on people. Stay away from Motif
response from property -Hi Quentajah, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We are thankful you took the time to share your living experience. We would love a chance to address your concerns. Please do not hesitate to connect with our Customer Service department at your earliest opportunity (855.411.9343 or via email at so that we can discuss your residency in further detail and take this opportunity to work toward improvement.
The breakfast is great also Thursday'ssubmitted by Charlentae B. - |Recommended: YesI'd tell them they feed us for free I'm the morning that's so cool the staff are really nice as well.
response from property -It's an absolute pleasure to have you as a member of our community, Charlentae. We so appreciate you taking the time to write us a review and share your 5 star recommendation! Take Care, Weidner Customer Service
Needs work, but wonderful and understanding staff members.submitted by December R. - |Recommended: YesParking is horrible, I thought about giving 1 star for that ranking, however, I managed to make it work and was able to park on the street by the freeway most of the time, so I gave 2 stars. Noise - The neighbors that lived below us were very loud throughout the night. Constantly arguing and fighting to the point where cops were called multiple times by other residence. There were also multiple break in attempts, a few times I have witnessed. Many people in and out of that apartment, which lead me to believe they were drug dealing or making drugs. Their windows on their apartment had cameras pointing in every which direction which made my 8-year-old daughter uncomfortable. At one point I do not remember when the neighbor was being loud at 1am in the morning during a work week so I stomped to try to get their attention to turn down their sound system that was playing loud music and they came to my door to yell at me for stomping. It was a heated argument but ended with me shutting the door. After this incident they did quiet down, so I did not report it. I understand living in an apartment can be a hassle and if you want silence you should rent a home or buy a home. Apartment living is not quiet in the least bit. Other than the neighbor below me, the overall noise in the surrounding apartment grounds was very quiet. You could barely hear the freeway traffic and after a few days of listening to it, you just zone it out completely. Grounds - Dog poop everywhere, however, I always saw maintenance walking around picking up trash and cleaning the grounds, so I gave this 3 stars. It's a large complex and you can't control the messy neighbors unfortunately. Construction - Horrible. Everything in that apartment broke. The dishwasher, the dryer, the AC unit, the doors, the cabinets in the kitchen. I had multiple work orders to fix the same door 3 times. Most of the time the maintenance team would fix it, but it would be a horrible fix that didn't last long. The cabinet drawer in my kitchen fell apart and their way of fixing it was to use a white putty that didn't hold very well. Cabinet drawer wouldn't fit in the slot after they fixed it either. We also received APS electric bills of 600 during the summer months which is more than my entire family pays for their houses. The Livingroom vent for the AC is over by the dining room area and has to cool off the entire Livingroom using that one vent. During the summer, the AC would run constantly and would never shutoff because it wouldn't hit the desired temperature I had selected, which was only 78 degrees. I will never live on a third story facing the sun again. Lesson learned. Maintenance - Though they didn't fix things well, they did very well at completing the requests submitted in a timely manner. When the AC broke the day I moved into the apartment, the maintenance person gave us a portable AC unit to help us stay cool. The last complex I lived in took over a week to fix our AC unit and did not provide us with the portable AC either. So, I gave this 5 stars. Staff - I love the staff at Motif and honestly if it weren't for the staff, I probably wouldn't have renewed my lease. When my lease was almost up I approached Jessica who is now part of the cafe with all my concerns and she resolved every one of them and even found an upgraded apartment for me that was cheaper than most, so I could renew my lease and just transfer at the end of it. I would have to say my favorite staff member is Jessica by far. She is wonderful and very understanding of my concerns. I felt bad for pouring my anger on her, but she handled it well and I left with a smile on my face, excited for the new upgraded apartment. Overall - I gave 3 stars. I have just a few additional things to add 1. When I first looked at the property for a potential 2 bedroom for my daughter and I, I was told we could put up outdoor rated sun shades to protect my back door from the sun, which was the main reason why I signed a lease for the third story apartment facing the sun. After moving in and putting the sun shade up bought from Home Depot for 40 - , I was told that it was not allowed, and I would be fined if I did not take it down. I was very angry considering what I was told during my initial visit of the property, but I adhered to the lease and removed the sun shade. My APS bills skyrocketed after removing that sun shade. When I complained to the office about the miscommunication from a staff member later found out that person no longer works there , they did give me a 50 gift card to Olive Garden to make up for the troubles and miscommunication, which I appreciated considered I didn't realize deserve it since it does state right in my lease that sun shades were not allowed. 2. Roaches Again, during the initial visit to find a 2 bedroom, the lady that did the tour told me that it would cost me money to have a bug guy come in and spray per month. When I signed my lease not reading it thoroughly of course , I decided I would spray myself, pour bleach down drains at night and plug them, and basically do my own bug management. The second day after moving in is when I realized the place was already infested with roaches. The neighbor across from mine and just below had dogs in their apartment that they NEVER walked. Each time I walked past their door, it smelt horrible, almost as if they allowed their dogs to urinate inside and they didn't seem like the type of cleanly people that cleaned it properly. This might have been the main source of the roach infestation and I had reported it multiple times but no resolution for months. Shortly before I was transferring to my new apartment in a separate building, they moved out. My recommendation would be to NOT rent that particular building until you are able to bomb it. Middle of my lease when I complained of roaches, I was told that I pay an additional 2 per month for the bug guy to come out twice a month to spray and treat the apartment. The entire lease, I thought I had to pay for it which is why I never said anything. I'm a single mom on low income. I can't afford much and most of the time my savings would go to my APS bill during the summer. When I moved out, I had to throw away my couch, beds my daughters and my own , all of my food in the pantry because they were nesting in the boxes of cereal of other things, and my coffee pot yes, they were in the coffee pot, you could see at least 5-6 babies in the coffee pot a day . I killed likely 10 roaches a day. Mainly in the kitchen and bathroom where there was water moisture. Just before we moved out though, we did get bombed to try to help save some of my stuff, but unfortunately nothing worked. I was present when the guy was bombing the place and right after he sprayed it in the kitchen, nearly 100 roaches came out of the cracks in the walls and scattered everywhere dying. It was absolutely disgusting. But regardless, I lost of lot of money being in that apartment, between the APS bill and needing to throw away most of my stuff so I didn't bring the roaches with me to the new apartment. Not to mention buying extra moving tape so I could ensure they wouldn't nest in my moving boxes while I was trying to move. Overall, I was NOT happy with this apartment. 3. Water Issues Granted it's all old piping so I can understand having issues, but the water was constantly shut off during the hours that I needed it. I had to shower at my mom's on multiple occasions and at one point I even boiled water on the stove just to take a bath. 4. Security Some of them walk around and check stuff out, but there was one guy I saw often that would sit around by the back entrance of the complex of the access road for the I-17 on his phone for most of the night. I once left to go grocery shopping at 8pm and came back around 9 00pm and he was still standing there on his phone. Not to say he didn't walk around, but I wouldn't doubt he was just sitting there the entire time. 5. Tow Company They are the slowest tow truck company I have ever had to deal with. I came home one night and found a car in my spot. Normally I will just drive around and find another parking spot because I'm not a very lazy person and I have no issues walking. I know parking is limited, but it was late at night so unfortunately there were no other parking spots except by the access road for the I-17. I had groceries to bring inside and didn't want to walk half to complex to bring my groceries inside I had about 3 trips to make , so I called the tow truck company with help from security the security guard that didn't stand around and do nothing . We waited nearly 3 hours and the tow truck never came. In the meantime, the security guard watched my car while I brought my groceries upstairs and I left my car running downstairs. After an additional 30 minutes of waiting, the lady who parked in my spot came down and moved her car. I called the tow company to cancel the tow, but they had nothing to say when I asked them why it was taking so long. Even the security guy said this is typical for that tow company. So, you might want to investigate getting a new towing company that might be worth it. I could probably think of some other things to say however, I don't want this review to create any issues. I just hope that you can read this and understand that the complex itself needs some work and a little TLC. I would be more than happy to come into the office to review this further if you have more questions or concerns. I did not post my review anywhere on the internet as my concerns were handled by Jessica very well. As of right now, I would still recommend a friend to Motif but I would warn them about the issues I had and ensure the friend that you would handle them appropriately when concerns or issues arise. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I understand it's a lot to take in. Have a great day
response from property -Hi December, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We are thankful you took the time to share your living experience. The Motif Office team has reached out to you to further discuss your concerns. Please feel free to contact the office directly at 602-870-7800. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to improve and we look forward to hearing from you soon!
Overall I am well satisfied submitted by Lakevia S. - |Recommended: YesMy one bedroom was comfy and quint. No bug problems at all.
I love living here submitted by Sarah B. - |Recommended: YesI enjoy living here. There was one loud apartment and as soon as the office knew about it they took care of it. I have had maintenance out 2 times one for the microwave and one for the A c freezing. The issues were handled that day. I love the convenience of filling out the request on the website. I love that I can pay my rent online I had an apartment complex lose my check once and it was horrible The pools are clean and the management is very friendly. My only complaint is that the water gets shut off A LOT. I keep several jugs of water since there have been several emergency shut offs since I moved in. Almost one time each month. They give you warnings but warnings don't flush the toilet.
Maintenance is always on the ballsubmitted by Brittany B. - |Recommended: YesI really enjoy living here the place looks beautiful when things are broken maintenance is always really quick to fix it.
response from property -Hello Brittany, We value hearing your feedback and knowing that you are having a positive experience while residing at the Motif community- welcome home! Kind regards, Weidner Customer Service
New Beginningssubmitted by Tunisia R. - |Recommended: YesI would advise them, that this is an awesome place to live. But i would advise them that on New Years ppl in the community like to shoot off guns which is not safe and management should have advised this was a no no especially since there were kids still outside while the shooting was taking place. That was horrible, do better.
Very clean buildingsubmitted by Malik R. - |Recommended: YesVery nice place to live repairs fixed in a timely manner
Great appartmentssubmitted by Robert T. - |Recommended: YesOnly thing alot of covered parking not used or seems like it but thats the only bad thing great apartments and customer service feel like they care about us and thats all i ask for