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Meet the Team

Our leadership team brings a wealth of industry experience to Weidner Apartment Homes which allows us to buy properties at the right time, hire the most talented people to manage them, and invest in our neighborhoods. At Weidner, we care about providing great places to live, and, from our residents to our associates to the members of our communities, we care about people.

Team Members

Home Office

  • Dean Weidner

    Chairman and Founder

  • Eric Moselle

    Chief Economist & Chief Risk Officer

  • Peter Kim

    Chief Information Officer

  • Kevin Colard

    Chief Investment Officer

  • Ben Keaton

    Senior Vice President, Finance & Acquisitions

  • Robert Carr

    Senior Vice President, Operations

  • Lonna Torchia

    Vice President, Operations

  • Cynthia Schwartz

    Vice President, Operations

  • Robert Johnseine

    Vice President, Construction & Design

  • Greg Cerbana

    Vice President, Government Affairs

  • Jodie Wade

    Vice President, Software Systems

  • Lis Klabo

    Vice President, Design Services

  • Yong Zhou

    Vice President, Accounting

  • Josh Draughn

    Vice President, Marketing

  • Jolene Stallman

    Director, Payroll & HR

  • Andrey Strok

    Director, National Maintenance

  • Monica Williams

    Director, Recruiting

  • Jason Guerrero

    Director, Security & Communications

  • Tim Puishis

    Director, IT

  • Gina Perkins

    Manager, Commercial Assets

Regional Leaders

  • Kris Figurski

    Regional Vice President, Canada

  • Amanda Hirtzel

    Regional Director, Minnesota & Wisconsin

  • Ryan Schmittinger

    Regional Director, Alaska

  • Tynia Thoreson

    Regional Vice President, Washington

  • Michael Malone

    Regional Director, Colorado & Utah

  • Alex Garcia

    Regional Director, North Dakota

  • Shannon Mitchell

    Regional Director, Washington

  • Stacey Searl

    Regional Director, Arizona

  • Kris Curtis

    Regional Director, West Texas

  • Jes Karl

    Regional Director, Dallas/Fort Worth

  • Rachel Maginnis

    Regional Director

  • Saycha Roderick

    Senior Area Director, Oklahoma & Arkansas

  • Nichole Carboun

    Senior Area Director, Arizona

  • Lisa Stoss

    Area Director, Arizona

  • Crystal Sevilla

    Area Director, Arizona

  • Miles Diaz

    Area Director, Oklahoma

  • Rob Hyden

    Regional Maintenance Director, Arizona

  • Joshua Hayes

    Regional Maintenance Director, Oklahoma

  • Janai Knox

    Area Director, Washington

  • Matt Kikta

    Area Director, Wisconsin

  • Janika Ramirez

    Area Director, Arkansas

  • James Epps

    Area Director, West Texas

  • Angelica Abila

    Area Director, West Texas

  • Britany Holder

    Area Director, East Texas

  • Brittany Ali

    Area Director, Oklahoma

  • Augustine Frimpong

    Area Director, Edmonton

  • Fahimeh Behrang

    Area Director, Edmonton

  • Eva Tyson

    Area Manager, Prince Albert

  • Shanda Deakin

    Area Manager, Winnipeg

  • Jenna Lutz

    Area Director, Saskatoon

  • Eric Stalwick

    Area Director, BC, Regina & Saskatoon

  • Amanda Martinez

    Area Director, Oklahoma

  • Mandy Mittasch

    Area Director, Oklahoma