Nov 18

Embracing the Cure with No-Shave November!

No-Shave November “is a month-long journey during which participants forgo shaving and grooming in order to evoke conversation and raise cancer awareness.”

With increased hair growth comes increased awareness around the cure for cancer. In November 2007,  Matthew Hill, father to 8 children, lost his battle with colon cancer. A few years later in 2009, members of the Hill family decided to take the No-Shave tradition public in an effort to raise money for the web-based charity, raising more than $2 million dollars to date.

The concept is simple, “The goal of No-Shave November is to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free. Donate the money you typically spend on shaving and grooming to educate about cancer prevention, save lives, and aid those fighting the battle.”

Participating in No-Shave November is easy. Abandon your razor for the month, grow your hair, document the process on social media, and donate to the cause. Individuals and organization can also set up their own fundraiser page through No-Shave November by registering and/or contributing to someone else’s fundraising event. You can also download the No-Shave App for updated information on events and all the “hairy details.”

With an estimated 1,735,350 new cases of cancer diagnosed in the United States in 2018 alone, the need for education, prevention, and research funding continues to be a crucial part of the race for the cure.

“We want every participant to embrace their hair for the many cancer patients that lose theirs due to vigorous treatments. We believe that together, anything is possible, and we’ll get closer to eradicating cancer one whisker at a time!”

We at Weidner know about the power of togetherness to heal, to help, to educate, and to elevate. We encourage you to do what you can for this important cause and share it with us at #LifeatWeidner.

-The Weidner Team



Nov 18

Growing Leaders: Weidner’s Manager-in-Training Program

Nearly a decade ago, Weidner CEO, Dean Weidner approached Marie Virgilio, VP of Recruiting, with the idea to set up a Manager-in-Training (MIT) program. The concept was to train and promote from within so that as the company grew, so would their leaders.

Marie hired a few MITs to launch the program, and Mr. Weidner said he’d consider the program a success if they recruited and trained at least 15-20 people per year, so Marie hired more people. Today, two of those original hires are now highly respected Regional Directors and several more individuals have grown into Area Directors across the country, and are leading business development in states including Washington, Alaska, and Minnesota.

Most Area Directors today have some affiliation with the MIT program; if they weren’t recruited as part of the program, they served as mentors to MIT candidates. This Certified Mentor program was launched as a subset of the MIT program, in order to spread best practices to the next generation of leaders.

MITs are generally recruited from colleges. Weidner invests heavily in RPM programs at universities like Ball State, Stout in Wisconsin, and the University of Anchorage in Alaska, as they are committed to not just building in-house talent, but raising the standard of leaders in the industry, as a whole.

Program Managers set out to find those individuals who were doing exceptional work and bring them into Weidner headquarters for 3 days of training. In turn, those stellar leaders would train MITs via a 5-module learning platform created specifically for this purpose.

During the first six months of the MIT program, MITs partnered with their assigned mentors, serving as an ‘extra person’ on the team, rather than a specific role. They cover the 5 training modules and then move on for their next 6 months at a different property. This intuitive leadership program encourages and builds resourcefulness and versatility among the candidates.

By the end of the year, the MITs are ready to run a 100-unit small property on their own as a Community Director or Assistant Community Director for larger assets.

The SIT program (Service Technician-in-Training) was created to mirror the MIT program, and though it is in the early stages,  it promises to be a great success. The SIT program focuses on locating individuals with construction backgrounds and machinery experience. The new SIT is then placed with a certified mentor who works as a Maintenance Supervisor or Service Technician at a Weidner property. The end result goal is that each SIT will be ready to serve as a Service Technician at a Weidner property with little supervision.

As the business grows, so does Weidner’s commitment to foster great leadership so that Weidner residents experience the very best in apartment living.

What Matters to You, Matters to Us!

Nov 18

Make Voting Fun!

Exercise Your Right to Vote this Nov 6th!

Exercising your right to vote doesn’t have to be a dreary task and it doesn’t mean you have to “get political.”  Simply, it means your voice deserves to be heard and the way to do that is to vote.

First things first – find your polling place. Check your local state for polling places near you and get out and vote! Then, go celebrate and make voting fun!

  • In keeping with the theme of making our voices heard, organize a group of friends and neighbors and head out to the local karaoke bar. Take a friendly bet on how many times “American Pie” will come up in the song queue.
  • Host your own event. Gather your friends, family, and neighbors and invite them over for an after-voting party. Add some snacks, drinks, and some music, and you’ve got yourself a party. #VoteTogether has some great ideas for hosting your own event and you can even register your event with them. Don’t forget the selfies!
  • Carpool together to your polling place and grab a pizza afterward.
  • Meet your friends at the polling place in coordinated red, white, and blue outfits and then go bowling after you vote. Again, don’t forget the selfies! We’d love to see those at #LifeatWeidner!
  • For crafters, create a “day in the voter’s life” collage, journal, or scrapbook. Gather with your community and post pictures and memorabilia of what it was like to vote this day, what the issues were that mattered to you most, and who you were with.
  • Search your local listings for public events near you and join in!

As a community both locally and nationally, we may not always agree on every issue, but one thing is certain, our history is always a shared event. Gather together, have fun, and get out and vote. Your voice matters!

What matters to you, matters to us!

-The Weidner Team

Oct 18

Weidner Cares Team at Work in Colorado Springs

Weidner Cares Colorado

The Weidner Cares team in Colorado recently partnered with the El Pomar Boys and Girls Club of Colorado Springs. El Pomar Boys and Girls Club offers more than 30 programs to youth in the 6-18 age group. Their mission is, “To empower every Club member, through safe and impactful experiences, to graduate high school with a plan for college or career, contribute to their community and live a healthy life.”

The Club programs and services aim to “promote and enhance the development of boys and girls by instilling a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and influence.” It is with this renewed sense of hope and opportunity that these at-risk youth can focus their energies on self-improvement and having a place to go to learn, make friends, and share ideas.

The Weidner Cares team gave the club a much-needed makeover. In one day, they tackled several projects including the construction of an obstacle course, cleaning, organizing, and painting various areas of the building, as well as a major landscaping project in front of the building. Raising the curbside appeal and raising the vibe, the Weidner Cares Team and El Pomar BGC couldn’t have been happier with the results.

Jrace Rider, Senior Director of the club said, “We are so grateful for [the] Weidner Apartment Homes partnership. We want to say a huge THANKS to all the volunteers for the work they did on Weidner Cares day at our El Pomar Club! The skill level, expertise, and quality of work this team brings always exceeds our expectation. This project has had a positive and vital impact on our Club from safety to aesthetics. The group who came out was highly motivated and an absolute blast, with all the great personalities, to work with. We collaborated with Weidner in 2014 and now in 2018 and you all are hands down, one of our favorite teams to work with! My heart is full of gratitude! Thank you for your dedication to your community, our Boys & Girls Clubs, and our local youth.”

We’re so happy for the opportunity to help this important organization and help create a fun and nurturing environment for the youth community of Pike’s Peak, Colorado. Thanks to everyone on the Weidner Cares Colorado Team and El Pomar Club for all your hard work!

-The Weidner Team

Oct 18

Introducing Weidner’s Lead Start Program

Lead Start Program

Weidner is excited to present the Lead Start Program, an interactive training program that introduces new employees to their support teams at the corporate office and helps them acclimate to the exciting multifamily industry.

Company founder and CEO, Dean Weidner introduced the Lead Start program almost a decade ago. Since its inception, it has evolved from a 3-day training to a 5-day program. New associates are flown in from all over the U.S. and Canada to Weidner headquarters in Kirkland, WA, where mentors in the industry pool their talents and experience to create a truly inspiring week of training.

During the training, new associates engage in specific training such as selling skills, marketing, leadership, and understanding Weidner’s core values. Through teamwork exercises, activity base-training, culture, and software training, new associates get a full view of what’s expected in their new position and where to find support when they need it. In the inclusive, family environment, associates have the opportunity to bond with their fellow teammates, learn from each other, and build relationships with colleagues across the country.   New employees are then given a tour of the flagship property, Tower 12. This is followed by a graduation ceremony and more celebrations!

Mr. Weidner rarely misses an opportunity to come and speak to the group during the Lead Start training and opens the discussion up with a question and answer session where no question is off the table! When he created the Lead Start program, his main objective was for Weidner employees “to think, act and analyze, and make decisions as if they were in charge of the whole business and act as if they own the property.”

Through the Lead Start training, new associates not only get a lead start in their Weidner Career, but the best start in the ever-changing, rewarding career of multifamily.

Welcome to the team! What Matters to You, Matters to Us!


Oct 18

Boo! Halloween Decor for the Office

Halloween Decor

Who says the office is safe from Halloween antics? Just in case you thought that placing a plastic pumpkin head filled with candy would suffice for a Halloween decoration, we thought we’d share some fun, festive ideas to welcome the trick o’ treaters.

  • Head over to Office Depot for these Halloween crafts, from a giant spider web made of yarn to a black wreath, here are 8 DIY ideas for the office.
  • Try a black decorative mini-tree and light it with pumpkin-shaped mini lights. Invite co-workers to hang their favorite handmade Halloween ornaments and give out a prize for the most creative ornament.
  • Invest in some battery-operated candles and place them inside lanterns and disburse around your office area for a spookier look.
  • Anything with black cats or bats is always in style.
  • Hang up some winged-creature art like bats and moths. Put them on the corners of the cubicle, the edges of bookcases, and if you want to scare your boss, inside of a folder.
  • Hang up some vintage-style Halloween posters and then accent the décor with a few pumpkin displays.
  • Set up a chair in the office to seat a special “guest.” Form a scary character out of some old sheets, blankets, and pillows and dress it in an old hat, wig, suit or dress, add some black boots and prop your creation up in a chair. Place the candy bowl inside or for some extra laughs, a few old office reports.
  • Make your own mummy and place it in the break room or next to your chair.

Martha Stewart has a long list of Halloween crafts if you’re feeling creative. If crafting isn’t your thing, but you enjoy the festivities, there’s always Party City and similar outlets for plenty of Halloween décor for the office and home.

Whatever you do, have a scary good time and share your Halloween pictures and antics with us at #LifeatWeidner.


Sep 18

Weidner Welcomes River’s Cove Apartments

River's Cove

Weidner is pleased to announce the acquisition of River’s Cove Apartments in Germantown, WI!

River’s Cove is the epitome of tranquil living, offering expansive views of the Blackstone Creek Golf Course and the Menomonee River. Picturesque walking and jogging trails are just some of the perks of this pet-friendly community. Residents also enjoy superb landscaping and grounds that feature a pond, courtyard and picnic area.

Ranging from 907 to 1,200 square feet, each two and three bedroom apartment home features exquisite designer touches including a wood-burning fireplace, vaulted ceilings, walk-in closets, and a chef-inspired kitchen. From the convenience and style of the stainless-steel appliances to the sweeping views off the balcony, River’s Cove offers residents upscale apartments for rent in Germantown, WI.

Out and About in Germantown, WI


River’s Cove is a community where residents can relax and enjoy the breeze from the Menomonee River without sacrificing the conveniences of city-life. Located in the Northwest Suburbs of Milwaukee, the community is a short distance from major shopping, dining, entertainment, parks and businesses. Downtown Milwaukee is a short drive away and offers a bevy of museums, breweries and pubs, and plenty of landmarks to explore. Check out the Bronze Fonz, the Milwaukee Art Museum, and the Harley Davidson Museum for some local culture, and then head over to Lakeshore State Park and Oak Leaf Trail for some quality outdoor time.

Large employers in the area include AT&T Wisconsin, Aurora Healthcare, and Kohl’s department stores. Residents with families will appreciate the close proximity to Rockfield Elementary, Kennedy Middle School, and Germantown High.

From the stunning views to the modern, convenient amenities, River’s Cove Apartments is a great place to call home in Germantown, WI and we couldn’t be more excited to say, “Welcome to the Weidner Family!”

-The Weidner Team

Sep 18

Cozying up with Fall-Inspired Decorations

fall décor ideas

While it might still feel a little warm out there to exchange soup recipes before we know it the leaves will be turning, the pumpkins will multiply, and those warm summer nights will morph into cozy evenings by the fire. Here’s your chance to get a jump on your Fall décor with these simple decoration ideas:

Wreaths compliment a variety of décor styles and can be changed out to represent each season. Gather some pine cones, colorful leaves, branches, and colored ribbon and make your own or check out Pier One, World Market, Amazon, or Homegoods for a bountiful supply on fall décor.

Plaid is synonymous with Fall and can be found in a variety of décor items from blankets and pillows to dishes and napkins.

Display and consume colorful apples, pumpkins, gourds, and squashes. Arrange in a glass bowl and enjoy a pop of natural color in your dining room.

Create a portable centerpiece with ingredients taken from your own neighborhood. Gather leaves, branches, dried flowers, and miniature pumpkins and arrange them on a rustic tray. Add to your display as the season progresses and the colors of the leaves change again and again.

Create a garland out of dried corn and husks. Who knew corn was so versatile? Check out this craft from Martha Stewart Living and greet your guests at the door with this colorful garland.

Add a pop of color to your fireplace with a row of pumpkin candles and mini pumpkins along the mantle.

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, now’s your chance to stock up and decorate with decorative wood baskets. Try placing them on corresponding accent rugs for an extra cozy feel.

Bling out a pumpkin with fall leaves that have been glued on to the pumpkin and painted with metallic glitter.

Change out pillows and add flowers for an instant seasonal update.

Create a dramatic entryway with multi-colored pumpkins.

Create a seasonal wall and decorate with warm, earthy colors, fall décor, and Thanksgiving photos and memories.

Now that you have a few fall decor ideas to get you started, what are you waiting for? Hashtag #LifeAtWeidner and show off your fall-inspired home decor, we’d love to see how it turns out.

From all of us at Weidner, Happy Fall!



Sep 18

Look Out, Hollywood! Weidner Prepares for W Awards

While Hollywood prepares for their awards season, so does Weidner! Planned for early 2019, the excitement is mounting as we prepare for the W Awards, a celebration of our most treasured asset – our people.

Weidner Apartment Homes is uniquely special in that our employees tend to stick around for longer than a bit and we feel it’s important to celebrate this at the W Awards with our 5, 10, 15, & 20 year awards of which there are many. Awards are also given out by employee nomination as well as through market data such as Lowest Delinquency and Exceptional Financial Performance. All of this fosters team spirit and reminds us all that not only does it “take a village,” but a connected family of experts to manage our properties with care.

Weidner employees will be nominated in the following categories:

  • 100% Audit Score
  • 5-year Anniversary
  • 10-year Anniversary
  • 15-year Anniversary
  • 20-year Anniversary
  • Service with a Smile
  • Weidner Rookie
  • The Apprentice
  • Above & Beyond
  • Best Curb Appeal
  • Best Team Player
  • Masters of Maintenance
  • Give ‘Em the Pickle – Customer Service Recognition
  • Golden Broom
  • Fantastic Four
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Best Overall Shop
  • Economic Occupancy
  • Lowest Delinquency
  • Excellent Financial Performance
  • Lifetime Achievement

To create a buzz and promote team spirit, a theme is introduced for the celebration and our sites create videos, skits and other fun projects explaining how their site incorporates this theme into their property on a daily basis. This is so fun and incredibly memorable. Last year, the theme was “Love Notes,” inspired by Peter Kageyama’s book, “For the Love of Cities: The Love Affair Between People and Their Places.”

The W Awards celebration gala will include guest motivational speakers, a buffet Lunch, and some special surprises! And, Weidner employees can likely expect to see Senior Leaders Jack O’ Connor (COO) and Dean Weidner (President) speak to the teams and present awards. The opportunity to come together as a team, celebrate one another, and share ideas on how better to serve our residents is what makes Weidner such a great place to work.

We’re honored to serve our residents and proud of each and every employee that contributes to our continued success. Look out Hollywood, here comes the W Awards!

The W Awards

-The Weidner Team





Sep 18

The Weidner Cares Team Goes to Oklahoma!

Weidner Cares Oklahoma

Recently, the Weidner Cares team gathered forces to partner with the YWCA of Oklahoma City.

YWCA Oklahoma City is part of the oldest and largest multicultural women’s organization in the nation. Across the globe, we stand with more than 25 million members in 106 countries, including 2.6 million members and participants in 300 local associations in the United States.

YWCA Oklahoma City works to break the cycle and empower new beginnings for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking in our community. Through our comprehensive crisis services, we provide an opportunity for renewed hope and a brighter future.”

A total of 94 volunteers took on several projects with the goal to improve the quality of the shelter. One of the many components of the project included a revamp of one of the buildings which they hope to convert into a long-term shelter. To accomplish this, the project was broken down into several teams, who contributed their skills on both the inside and outside of the shelter, including the area landscaping and the playground. The Weidner Cares teams also built and painted picnic tables, cleared and organized the office area.

Mary Cornelson, Director of Education, Outreach and Volunteer Services, was surprised by the team’s ability to complete so many projects in one day!

“YWCA OKC was very excited to host Weidner Cares Day this year. The team accomplished so much to jump start the refresh on our old shelter! Already our staff and clients are enjoying the freshly painted picnic tables and benches. Without the support and work completed on Weidner Cares Day, we would not be progressing as quickly as we are on renovating the space. Thank you for choosing YWCA Oklahoma City!”

Thank you, Mary! We appreciate the opportunity to give back to such a worthy and important organization!

Thank you to each and every volunteer that made this Weidner Cares event such a success. We’re so proud!

What Matters to You, Matters to Us!

-The Weidner Team

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