Weidner and CORT Partner in Food Drive

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Weidner Apartment Homes and CORT Furniture are collaborating on a food drive to benefit Mental Health Association Oklahoma. MHAOK is “an advocacy voice representing people impacted by mental illness and homelessness in communities throughout Oklahoma.” MHAOK focuses on housing, education, advocacy, support, recovery, youth, and service. “Our programs work because of the professional staff and the numerous caring and dedicated volunteers who provide insight and support to those seeking assistance. Every day we work to build and improve the lives of the people we serve, so that they may be one day closer to victory over mental illness.” Participating properties will be accepting food donations through May 10th. Some of the desired donations are: Peanut Butter / Chili / Soups / Canned Tuna & Chicken / Canned Veggies and Fruit  / Bags of Rice or Beans  / Canned Tomatoes / Any kind of pasta / Pasta Sauce / Cereal / Condiments / Cheese or Peanut Butter Crackers / Applesauce / Fruit Cups / Granola Bars / Cereal Bars / Ramen Noodles / Trail Mix / Tomato Juice / Fruit Snacks / Dried Fruits / Packaged Nuts / Beef Jerky / Macaroni and Cheese / Pretzels or Goldfish / Crackers / Oatmeal / Pop Tarts / Zip Lock Bags / Cat & Dog Food, Too! *Best if canned items have pull tabs Donations will go directly to individuals and families impacted by mental illness and homelessness who have moved off the streets and into one of the Association’s 1,500 units of housing across Tulsa. Donations can be made at the following participating properties:

Residents who donate 3 or more items to the food drive will be entered in to a drawing to receive $100 off their rent. New residents whose rental applications have been approved can also participate to receive $100 off their move-in deposits. Thank you to all those who volunteer, contribute, and help in any way possible to this important cause. What matters to you, matters to us. -The Weidner Team

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