Weidner and CORT Oklahoma Food Drive 2017

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Video Transcription: Michael Brose – CEO Mental Health Association of Oklahoma We are going to do some amazing things here. On behalf of the organization & the people we serve I just want to thank you all so much. We have been in business since 1991 helping people who have been homeless, living on the street, & living in shelters. We’ve been meeting with people who need affordable housing. We have 25 different apartment buildings in 20 different neighborhoods in Oklahoma communities. This particular property you are in is called Yale Apartments. If you remember a few years ago the downtown YMCA closed, about 140 people lived in that facility. Those 140 people were facing homelessness and some of our friends went out and helped raise money, we also got some money from the state & we built Yale Apartments. There are 76 apartment units here & a lot of people have lived here who at one-time were on the streets, but now they have their own home. We try to help people with physical healthcare, mental healthcare, and dental health. One of our new initiatives is to help people get the dental care that they desperately need to help them become self-sustainable. A lot of the people here are very very low to no income & this food right here will make all the difference in the world for them in terms of what they are doing. On behalf of the organization I just want to thank you all soo much. The Oklahoma Weidner Team would also like to thank our valued residents & vendor partners who made this gift possible

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