Interview with Anthony Howe

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Video Transcription: Sam: Hey everybody. We are here at the Woodin Creek Village Apartment Homes in Woodinville, WA. we are about to see them install a brand new piece by artist Anthony Howe, let's watch! Anthony: The reason we are here today is because we installed a sculpture for a new development that is going in here in Woodinville. This piece is called In Cloud Light 4. This was the result of many smaller pieces that led to its larger size and its shiny elements that reflect the light. The process for installing this sculpture was first getting it here. This sculpture was fabricated in Germany and traveled across the oceans to get here, went through customs, had to be x-rayed & then delivered to the site. My part of this was gathering the tools needed to install it, getting the proper equipment, the lifts & crane to lift the sculpture up. I like metal as a medium, especially stainless steel, because it does not get old & it has a lot of inherent strength. Anthony: I hope you enjoy the sculpture. – The Weidner Team

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