The Weidner Cares Team Partners with the YWCA

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Weidner Cares teams up with YWCA in Wenatchee, WA![/caption] The Weidner Team recently partnered with the YWCA in Wenatchee, WA in the first-ever Eastern Washington Weidner Cares event! The YWCA “focuses on the most relevant issues in our community. We strive to eliminate homelessness, end racism and discrimination, and provide life skills education and job training for women and women with children who are struggling with housing and getting a living-wage income.” Comprised of a mighty team of 19 volunteers, YWCA was able to realize a much-needed renovation of their facility. The Weidner Cares volunteers worked all day to revamp as many areas of the facility as possible, including cleaning, painting, and remodeling just about every room. In the temporary shelter area, the bathroom was completely remodeled and the team also replaced the kitchen countertop. Each room got a fresh coat of paint representing a bright, new start and a big welcome. Furniture was cleaned and rearranged, new curtains were hung, and inspirational artwork was put up throughout the facility to cheer on the women and children YWCA assists each day. In the downstairs family and living room, YWCA residents were using old bookshelves to section off smaller play areas for younger children. The Weidner Cares team jumped in to enhance the space and built a semi-permanent pony wall to block off a portion of the room and added a large chalkboard to create a sturdy playpen for the kids and parents to enjoy. Outside, the team repaired and reinforced an existing fence, painted and cleaned the outdoor furniture, and replaced parts of their security system. Doggie stations were also created for those residents with pets. The Eastern Washington Weidner Cares team was thrilled to make a difference for this deserving organization and wish to thank the YWCA for the dedicated and important work they do in their community. Bravo, YWCA! -The Weidner Team   What Matters to You, Matters to Us!

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