Weidner Apartment Homes Wins NAA Excellence Award for Career Promotion

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 Weidner Apartment Homes is pleased to announce receipt of the National Apartment Associations Anthony V. Pusateri Apartment Career Promotion Award in 2018. Received for our efforts towards raising awareness for and increasing career prospects in residential property management (RPM), this award symbolizes our commitment to this industry and the people in it. Weidner’s commitment to furthering careers in the property management space is particularly evident in our prolonged investment in college graduates. We have helped create and develop several RPM programsat universities across the country including the University of Alaska Anchorage, Stout University in Wisconsin & Ball State University in Indiana, and are also expanding our international footprint with a program currently under development at MacEwan University in Canada. These programs have seen an increase in participation and visibility over the years and have substantially contributed towards promoting the industry’s talent. Graduates are fully equipped with the skills and tools to launch a promising career in the RPM field, and several have risen through the ranks at Weidner alone. Comprehensive training programs and paid summer internships are the result of this continued emphasis on education. Weidner brings in the best and brightest to participate in its industry leading Manager-in-Training (MIT) and Service-Tech-in-Training (SIT) programs, which are designed to boost skills and confidence through real world experience. At the end of the training period, candidates are provided the opportunity to utilize their training in full-time positions, with many MITs given their own communities to manage. We at Weidner Apartment Homes are proud of our achievement inthe NAA Awards this year, and even more excited to continue on our journey towards building future leaders in property management. We look forward to watching and actively participating in the development of this thriving industry.

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