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In keeping with the Weidner Cares tradition of devoting a single day where the Weidner Cares Team assists a non-profit in helping them to provide services to the community, we’re pleased to share our latest project in California: Operation SafeHouse. The Operation SafeHouse mission is, “With Community Support, provides Emergency Shelter, Intervention and Outreach Services to Youth in Crisis.” “When families come to us, they’re usually at their wit’s end—parents are frustrated and children don’t know where to turn. Our 21-day Emergency Shelter provides a caring staff that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for youth and their families who need help negotiating the often challenging road from childhood to an independent adult life.” In addition to providing emergency shelter, Operation SafeHouse promotes mental well-being with their “Cup of Happy” program. “In partnership with Riverside County Department of Mental Health, the Cup of Happy program is a prevention and early intervention program focused on the destigmatizing mental health issues for youth 16-25 years of age. We focus on providing healthy lifestyles and emotional wellness through a number of different programs that include creative writing courses, open mic nights, youth leadership classes and LGBTQ support groups. We promote these activities through health fairs, school campuses, school clubs/organizations, Youth Opportunity Centers and local youth “hangouts.” The Weidner Cares Team was pleased to lend a helping hand to this incredible non-profit organization by revamping the facility that has been home to so many during the past 27 years. First, there was some organizing to do in the storage area. Maintenance Manager Adam Chadwick discovered that the area was overflowing and lacked a system, so the Weidner team led by Mandy Urfer, created that system so that it would be safe and efficient for supply storage. Next, the Weidner Cares Team took on the landscaping and irrigation system, replacing an antiquated sprinkler system with a drip system for optimum water conservation and efficiency. Doors, poles, and gates were painted, giving the facility a fresh and sleek new look. Resident apartments were deep cleaned, and carpets were replaced in the office. As always, what was most rewarding for the Weidner Cares team was the residents’ reaction to the new and improved facility that now looked so welcoming. In fact, residents were so excited about the positive changes, they came out to help the volunteers. Giving back to the community, coupled with the unforgettable experience of bonding with teammates to serve the community is what keeps the Weidner Cares Team at it again and again. There’s just nothing better than creating community through service. Congratulations to all of the volunteers that helped make Operation SafeHouse that much safer. Well done! -The Weidner Team “What matters to you, matters to us.”

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