How to Achieve Roommate Harmony

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Living with a roommate can significantly decrease living expenses. However, if things go wrong, the negatives can outweigh the positives. So, rather than dealing with an unhappy roommate relationship once it occurs, we recommend tackling all possible issues before they become a problem. This means be proactive rather than reactive. Check out the following tips to help you achieve roommate harmony in your Weidner Apartment.


Set Ground Rules

Once you and your roommate have moved into your new apartment, sit down and go over some reasonable ground rules. Of course, you don’t want to feel like an overbearing parent, but it's important to establish rules ahead of time rather than waiting for unpleasant issues to arise. Remember, these rules should be discussed, not dictated. Phrase them in ways such as “How would you feel about taking turns taking out the trash?” or “If you want to have a party, can you please let me know at least a week in advance and please don’t let anyone use my room or bathroom?” Also, keep in mind, your roommate may want to make rules that you may not see a need for or may not completely love, but if they are willing to abide by your rules, try to do the same for theirs. Finding common ground is key to establishing peaceful cohabitation.


Discuss Schedules

Even if you're comfortable with your hectic schedule or early hours, it may take your roommate a while to get used to it. So, if you have to be up early every day but your roommate works in the afternoon, try to be quiet as you get ready in the morning and don’t slam cupboards or listen to loud music. Be courteous and chances are, they'll do the same for you.


Don’t Leave Notes

If your roommate forgot to take out the trash or do the dishes, it may seem convenient to leave a note; but, notes can often get misconstrued or come across as passive-aggressive. Try talking things out with your roommate in person the next time you see them; this will give you the opportunity to adopt a friendly tone and send the right message, giving them the opportunity to converse with you rather than feel attacked. 


Now that you know some helpful ways to keep the peace with a roommate, try implementing the aforementioned tips in your household. Do you have any helpful roommate tips? Let us know in the comments below. 

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