Decorating Tips For First-time Renters

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Congratulations! You’re ready to move into your first apartment. This is such an exciting time in your life – branching out, choosing your own décor, living your best life.

When it comes to making your first place feel like your cozy and inviting home, here are a few tips to get you started:


Start small

You don’t have to decorate the entire apartment all at once. Instead, start by choosing just one or two rooms to focus on. Many people begin with the living room and/or their bedroom since that’s where they’ll spend the most time. Once you finish those first two rooms, expand from there.


Enhance with plants

Bringing plants to your apartment is the easiest way to bring life (literally) into your residence instantly. It will feel fresh, provide oxygen, and help reduce stress. Here’s a helpful list of the best houseplants to nurture in your new home.


Put up shelves

Furniture is excellent for filling in empty spaces. Shelves are a great way to keep things organized while adding personality to your home. And they’re not just for books. Use them to display some of your most treasured belongings like photos, candles and art. Here are some unique shelves that will make any wall look beautiful.


Add pops of color

Incorporate throws (blankets), rugs and picture frames into your décor scheme to add interesting focal points throughout your apartment. Colorful accessories for your bathroom can include your toothbrush holder, towels and shower curtain. How about a bright red toaster and bright butter dish for your kitchen? The trend for vibrancy and boldness is predicted to rise in 2020. Check out this article for inspiration on how to weave bright tones throughout your cool place.


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