4 Ways to Choose the Right Neighborhood

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There are so many wonderful Weidner communities to choose from when it comes to leasing an apartment! And, with high-quality amenities at each, the deciding factor may ultimately come down to the neighborhood. 

When deciding which neighborhood is right for you, here are four important considerations…

  1. Commute. No one wants to sit in traffic for hours on end each and every day. That’s why, when choosing an apartment, it’s important to factor in your commute. How close is the apartment community to your workplace or to major roadways? If you prefer to use public transportation, figure out to distance to bus stops and transit stations. Considering all these things before committing to an apartment is a smart way to think ahead. 
  2. Shopping. Whether you just need the basics, absolutely love to shop, or fall somewhere in between, you want to make sure your new apartment isn’t too far away from the stores you prefer. Check out if there’s a mall within a reasonable distance, and also look for your favorite stores for groceries, clothing, home decor, etc. to see if they’re close by, and don’t forget that having a convenience store nearby can also be nice for those quick stops.  
  3. Dining. If one of your favorite restaurants is close to one of our apartment communities, it might just be a sign! Having your favorite dining venues near where you live is a convenience, but it’s also an opportunity to treat yourself. Enjoying delicious food is one of the wonderful enjoyments in life, so factor that in as you choose your next home. 
  4. Entertainment. When you’re not at work, it’s a great time to learn and play and get the most out of life. If art and culture are important to you, you’ll want to live in a place that has museums, galleries and concert halls. If you enjoy live music and dancing, you’ll probably want to choose an area that offers a vibrant nightlife. If you have kids, look for an area with plenty of things to do such as local parks, theme parks, movie theaters, mini-golfing, etc. Want to spend time in the great outdoors? Choose an apartment community that’s surrounded by nature and opportunities to hike, bike, swim, ski and more.  

So, now that you know more about things to look for when choosing the right neighborhood, it’s time to get started. Head to our website and, when reading about the different communities, besides looking for great amenities, also remember to look at aspects including the commute, shopping, dining, and entertainment. 

What else is important to you when deciding on an apartment? Let us know in the comments below. 

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