Arrange Furniture in Your Apartment to Make the Best Use of Space

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One of the best things about having your own apartment is that you get to personalize it to make it feel like home. 

Before you choose your décor, you’ll definitely want to think about the furniture. 

Through your furnishings, you get to decide how best to arrange it to create living spaces and make the best use of your apartment space.

Living room
The living room is the social area of your apartment home. If you’d like to create an inviting environment, introduce a cozy feeling to your living room by creating a conversational area. Include a low coffee or center table and frame the space with an attractive rug for a wonderful, framed, intimate feeling. This furniture arrangement will also free up the walls if you’re planning on setting up some shelves or cabinets.

Dining areas
Use the method of “centering” for the dining area too: place the dining table and chairs in the center, not close to the corner or wall. This way, your family members, roommates, or guests an comfortably join and leave the dining area.  

Bedroom space
In order to encourage a sense of comfort and restfulness in the bedroom, consider having as little furniture in there as possible. If you need space for storage, the more you can put away inside the closet or arrange underneath your bed, the better. You can orient your bed in an area where it feels centered, creating a sense of grounding as you walk into the room. Placing your bed in front of a window will highlight it as the main focus of the bedroom. Arrange nightstands to be closer or lower in height to the bed. 

Which of these tips will you use to arrange your furniture in your apartment? Share your ideas with your Weidner Apartment Homes neighbors!

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