Ways to Go Green for Earth Day

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Tomorrow is Earth Day, and we can’t wait to celebrate our beautiful planet by going green. While every day is an excellent opportunity to be the change you want to see in the world, Earth Day is about going the extra mile and trying additional eco-friendly habits. Who knows, maybe you'll incorporate some of them into your daily routine! Keep reading to discover some great ways to go green tomorrow. 
Go green this Earth Day!

  • Unplug everything that you aren’t using. While you may leave your lamps and other cords plugged in while not in use, we recommend that you unplug them today since they will continue to pull electricity. 
  • Ride your bike to work! Wake up early and ride your bike to the office. While one less car on the road might not seem impactful, if hundreds of people take part in this, we can drastically decrease the carbon footprint utilized today; this even goes for electric vehicles since they also pull an abundance of power to charge. 
  • Take a colder, shorter shower. While we all love to unwind in a steaming hot shower, this is a huge waste of water and energy. Instead, use the cold water and only keep it running while rinsing. 
  • Take the stairs. When we see an elevator, we tend to take it since it makes life easier and forces us to use less energy, but don’t forget about the required energy and power that comes from the source. Instead of taking the elevator today, make it a point to use the stairs. 
  • Go paperless. While printing things out and writing down notes may be an easy solution to stay organized, it actually wastes paper and trees. Tomorrow, take your notes virtually and sign your papers and documents through an online signature software, like Adobe. You can even implement other paperless solutions like E-tickets for the long term. 

While there are many ways to go green every day, take the time this Earth Day to make a significant impact on the world around you. Do you have other go-green plans? Share them with us in the comments below.

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