How to Puppy Proof Your Apartment

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Are you getting a new puppy? Congratulations! However, before bringing your new furry family member into your apartment home, be sure to check off all of your must-do's and must-haves to create a welcoming and pet-friendly atmosphere. Keep reading to learn our tips and tricks to help train and assimilate the newcomer in your apartment. 

How to Puppy Proof Your Apartment

Amenities to Help

At Weidner Apartment Homes, our communities offer convenient and desirable amenities for our residents. But did you know we also offer pet-specific amenities for your four-legged friends? Visit your apartment's website and learn more about some potential pet amenities or pet-policy perks you may have missed. Many of our pet-friendly communities offer fresh landscapes, dog parks, pet washing/grooming stations, and so much more to make your pet-owning experience that much better.  

Be sure to take your new puppy for some training lessons outside and expose your pet to new elements. Taking your dog for a short stroll is an important part of their development. Going outside not only helps you both be more active, but it also tires them out, so they have less energy to cause havoc inside of your apartment. 

What Necessities Are Needed

Be aware of your surroundings and think of this newcomer as a new child in your home. Exposed outlets, jumbled cords, or anything else that may be harmful to a child can be just as detrimental to your pet. So be sure to store your charging cords out of their reach and buy outlet covers to reduce exposure to potential perils.

A puppy crate and a puppy playpen are must-haves for any apartment dweller with a pet. Investing in a playpen ensures that your puppy is still getting all of the exercises it needs while remaining indoors. Playpens range in sizes and can fit dogs as large as a Golden Retriever and as small as a five-pound Chihuahua. A treat dispenser is also an excellent addition to any crate or playpen, especially if you are not home for hours at a time. Set the dispenser on a timer and treat your puppy to a sweet reward every hour. 

Expect Things to Go Awry

Like with any new major addition, there will be room for adjustments and improvement. Your new furry family member may not always behave perfectly, so expect things to go wrong at times. However, don't let that discourage you. Puppies are like sponges and will eventually soak up all that you teach them. If you invest five minutes a day to engage in active training sessions, you'll be surprised at how effective they can be for instilling long-lasting results. To begin your sessions, try starting with simple tricks such as sit, lie down, and stay!

If you remember to use patience, practice our tips above, and treat your pet with love and respect, your new pet-owning experience will be nothing short of tail-wags and sloppy kisses. We hope you and your furry friend love your new life together in your Weidner apartment home!

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