Separation Anxiety and Your Pets

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Whether your pets have gotten used to having you home these past few years due to COVID, or you just got a new pet who is glued to your side, separation anxiety is something you two may experience. While we all want our pets to miss us when we’re not home, it’s essential to take certain steps to ensure that they do not experience anxiety in your absence. Keep reading for some helpful tips and tricks for your furry friends. 

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Give Them Treats or Special Toys When You Leave – Every time you head out the door, give your pet a special treat or toy to enjoy. When you leave, they will start to associate your absence with something pleasant and will ensure that they are ok on their own. If you give them a certain toy, be sure to take it back when you get home so that it becomes associated with their alone time. 

Don’t Make a Fuss When You Come or Go – Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemies when training pets. If we make a huge deal out of leaving or swoop them up into our arms as soon as we get home, they will pick up on these signals and start to mimic your behavior. When you get home, give your pets a few minutes to settle down before petting them and giving them attention. 

Normalize Signs of Leaving – If your pet is especially anxious when you show signs of leaving, take the time to normalize these signs and dis-associate them with your absence. Pick up your keys, then sit back down on the sofa for ten minutes. Put on your shoes and then continue your day at home. Once they start to see that the signs are not the enemy, they will relax a little and decrease the anxiety. 

Tire Them Out Before You Leave – Whether or not your pets have separation anxiety, it’s always a good idea to tire them out before you leave. If you take the time to play with them and walk them, they will be exhausted by the time you walk out the door and won’t have the energy to cause chaos. 

Separation anxiety can be hard to deal with, but by implementing the steps above, you can help your pets cope with your absence. Do you have any questions about helping your pets when you leave your Weidner Apartment Home? Then, ask away in the comments below!

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