Winter Cleaning Projects to Prepare Your Home for Spring

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We might still be in the midst of winter, but it’s hard not to dream about the warm, sunny days that await us in April and May. And even though that is a great time to refresh your home, once the weather warms up it can be hard to find the motivation to do your spring cleaning because you want to be outside enjoying the beautiful day. So why not take some time during the winter to get ahead on your spring cleaning?

Check out these great winter cleaning projects to keep you busy when it is too cold to go outside!

  1. Give your bed a deep clean

Even if you wash your sheets regularly, your bed could still benefit from a deep clean a few times a year. Take the time to wash your sheets, pillowcases, comforter or duvet, and any other blankets you might keep on your bed. You can also clean or replace your pillows, clean your headboard, and check your mattress for signs of being worn out.

You will sleep so well once your bed has had this full refresh, and this will allow you to continue your regular maintenance, like washing your sheets on a regular basis, once spring arrives.


  1. Dust everything

Dust has a way of landing in even the most remote locations of your home. Dedicate a cleaning session to tackling all the obvious and hidden dust particles throughout each room. Make sure to tackle your baseboards, ceiling fan blades, the top of your refrigerator, and any vents in your home. If you are feeling especially ambitious, have a friend or family member help you move your large appliances and furniture to dust underneath and behind those too.

If you want to further improve the air quality in your home, consider investing in an air purifier to reduce the amount of dust, dander, and pollen that make their way in.


  1. Declutter

This can be a super time-consuming task if you are not careful. So consider doing this room-by-room, rather than committing to doing your entire home all at once. It can be very hard to believe just how many things can accumulate even in a smaller apartment home. Start small with your bathroom or linen closet, and build your way up to more daunting rooms like your office or bedroom. This way you will not lose motivation from starting off too strong and getting overwhelmed by the amount of clutter you have to sort through and reorganize, relocate, or recycle.


  1. Deep clean your kitchen appliances

Your refrigerator and oven are probably used regularly and could benefit from a deep clean now that all the cooking associated with the holidays has passed. Wait until you need to go grocery shopping (when your refrigerator is at its most empty state) and pull out everything to make the entire space accessible. Clean the shelves, drawers, and walls of your fridge and then place everything back inside. Now your fridge will be ready for your next grocery haul!

If you have a self-cleaning oven, go ahead and use that setting and clean your microwave while it does its thing. If you do not, remove the racks from your oven, give the inside a clean with your favorite cleaning product, and then clean and replace the racks. Don’t stop there though; take the time to give your stove top a good cleaning too. You will be amazed at how great your oven will look when you are done!


  1. Walls

It is so easy to do your weekly cleaning and overlook your walls every time. Take a day to wash the walls throughout your home. You will especially want to focus on the walls in your kitchen around your stove, your bathroom walls, and any areas of your home that your children are often playing (or coloring!) around. All you need is a bucket of warm water and a sponge, and your walls will look like new in no time. You can also use warm soapy water if you have children that love to color, pets that have beds or play areas against a wall, or difficult smudges around your kitchen.


You are going to be so glad you took advantage of your cold, snowy days in January and February to get ahead on all of this cleaning. Now, when the forecast predicts the first warm, breezy day of the year, you will be free to do any fun activities that you can think of!


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